Aghreni Technologies, offshore provider of open source software solutions - Corporate Brochure


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Aghreni Technologies is an offshore provider of open source software, solutions, products and services to clients world-wide.

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Aghreni Technologies, offshore provider of open source software solutions - Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. BUS INE SS SO LUTIO N S Aghreni has a deep understanding of Open Source technologies’ applicability in emerging areas. Specifically addressing the Small/Medium business segment: • Aghreni enables rapid implementation of ERP at affordable cost by implementing a new breed of Open Source products including Openbravo ( Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Compiere ( ERP and CRM Business Solutions • Aghreni allows you to “own” their CRM software by implementing Commercial Open Source CRM platforms like SugarCRM ( Commercial Open Source CRM • Depending on the size and complexity of the client’s environment, Aghreni can implement either Mambo ( or Joomla ( Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for simple and quick deployment or Alfresco ( Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for complex, large scale deployment • Aghreni, with its, strong domain and technology experience in online (email) marketing provides best of breed open source marketing solutions. • Aghreni incorporates Pentaho-based Business Intelligence and Data Mining solutions - a full-featured and award-winning BI platform from the Open Source community to achieve BI success for clients. • Aghreni brings its global project management (PM) expertise and experience by offering license-free web- based open source project management tool Achievo to its client business needs. SKILL S E NH AN CEM E NT Aghreni offers skill enhancement programs in all its technology capability areas for: • Fresh students – finishing school model • Experienced professionals - Corporate training model G LO BAL E XEC UTIO N M O DEL Aghreni’s Global Execution Model (GEM) is a framework for distributed project management and execution through multi-location teams working on the project in a seamless way. Aghreni’s GEM provides the client to choose from a variety of Product, service and support offerings through various delivery, cost and organization models. It provides the client with a right fit model that is better aligned to their needs and objectives. Maximizing ROI through Open Source DELI VER Y M O DEL S An appropriate mix of Onsite, Offsite and Offshore Delivery Models. CO ST M O DEL S Engagement maturity cost models to choose from Time and Materials, Time and Materials with Cap, Fixed Price and Revenue Sharing. O RG ANIZ ATIO N M O D EL S Aghreni can assist you with choosing the organization model from Offshore Delivery Centers (Client Specific / Verticals / Segments / Business Units), and Competency Centers (Domain / Technology), Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Product Development Software Engineering Services 335, Double Road 246, Fifth Avenue, Ste 301 Portals and e-Commerce Indiranagar I Stage New York Infrastructure and Application Management Bangalore 560038 NY 10001 Business Solutions India USA Phone: +91 80 4204 2734 Phone: +1 646-340-3409 Skill Enhancement Email: Email:
  2. 2. Aghreni Technologies Aghreni Technologies Private Limited (“Aghreni”) was started in SO FTWAR E E NG IN EER I NG SE RVI CES early 2008 to provide technology and domains focus on open Aghreni has a large portfolio of Software engineering services to choose from over the life cycles of the project, pro- IMPROVING YOUR ROI BY viding the greater flexibility and a wider choice. The broad spectrum of services offered is: source software, products, solutions and services. Most of the LEVERAGING OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGIES & SOLUTIONS Aghreni team has worked in US for several years and working with • Application Development and Maintenance services in Open source technologies (Perl, PHP and Ruby) and clients across multiple geographies. Aghreni has mastered global Java/J2EE execution methodologies in managing and delivering projects and • Consulting services - Strategy and Roadmap consulting; and Architecture and Design supporting production environments remotely. Aghreni has sound • Migration of Legacy application services • Testing and quality assurance services project management, development, quality assurance and support • Application support services expertise for remote delivery. • Project and Program management services • End user education flexible solutions for PO RTAL S A ND E- CO M M ERCE your business needs Aghreni understands the need of the clients for delivering web-services, content management, publishing, workflow, collaboration, strong visual emphasis, personalized information, single sign-on and commerce over the web. Hence, Aghreni has built the services dedicated to delivering high quality portals and e-commerce solutions. WHY AG HR ENI? Aghreni can assist you: • E-Business portals • Leverage about 50+ person years of email technology devel- ∗ Self-service portals catering to Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Partners opment and remote delivery expertise ∗ Enterprise Information and Knowledge Management portals • Ready to go expertise on open source software and solutions • E-Commerce solutions O UR O FFE RING S • Work around the clock for faster delivery ∗ B2C solutions • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT • Harness the capabilities of a Trusted partner to deliver projects ∗ B2B solutions – e-procurement, e-distribution, e-marketplaces on time and within budget ∗ B2B2C solutions – collaborative commerce • SOFTWARE ENGINEERING SERVICES • Scale and adapt quickly with ready access to a wide selection • Enabling/Add-on solutions • PORTALS AND E-COMMERCE of services and skills ∗ Content Management ∗ Site Search implementation • INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT TECH NO LO G Y C AP ABI LITIES ∗ Single Sign-on integration • APPLICATION MANAGEMENT The technology capabilities of Aghreni are: • Strategy and Roadmap consulting • Open Source Technologies (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl, Py- • BUSINESS SOLUTIONS thon, Ruby) INFR AST RU CTU RE AN D A PPLI CATIO N M A NA G EM ENT • SKILL ENHANCEMENT • Java/J2EE Technologies • Adobe Tools (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash) Aghreni’s infrastructure team has several years of expertise in supporting applications, desktops, systems, servers, • HTML/DHTML, XML storage, network, databases and datacenters remotely for its clients across all geographies. Through this excellent • Frameworks (Ajax, Yahoo UI, ) expertise, Aghreni can provide you with you a wide selection of services: • Infrastructure and application management • Network, System and Server Management services PRO D UCT DE VELO PM E NT • Application packaging Aghreni’s team has several years of experience in building high • Image management performance and scalable enterprise software products across mul- • Package distribution tiple domains. It provides a large portfolio of Product development • Web site & Application Hosting and Management services. • Enterprise Microsoft Services (windows, Outlook, SharePoint, etc.) • Idea generation and incubation, Build product demos • 24x7x365 - Remote application monitoring, support and performance enhancement • Product architecture, development, maintenance and enhance- • Database hosting, backup, replication, maintenance and recovery ments • Solaris, AIX, Windows, HPUX and Linux System Administration services • Web services extensions • Security Audit • Internationalization • Mail services – Management, maintenance and support • Product QA and testing • End user support / Help desk