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AGES presentation of the Division of Public Health at Meeting with ECDC


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Besuch von ECDC-Direktor im Public Health-Zentrum der IMED Wien: Marc Sprenger, Direktor des European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), war am 11. April 2013 zu Gast im Zentrum für anthropogene Infektionen des AGES Geschäftsfeldes "Öffentliche Gesundheit" in in Wien. Im Rahmen seines "Country visit" suchte er den fachlichen Austausch mit den AGES-ExpertInnen, interessierte sich für die Zuständigkeiten und die Rolle der AGES im österreichischen Gesundheitswesen.

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AGES presentation of the Division of Public Health at Meeting with ECDC

  1. 1. Österreichische Agentur für Gesundheit und Ernährungssicherheit GmbHwww.ages.atAGES – Austrian Agency for Health and FoodSafetyHealth for Humans, Animals and Plants
  2. 2. 2Founded on June 1, 2002Fusion of 18 Federal Agencies and OfficesHealth and Food Safety Act (GESG)Legal basisRepublic of AustriaOwner and Main Contracting Authority> 1,400 Staffat its locations in Vienna, Graz,Innsbruck, Linz, Mödling and Salzburg900,000 samples tested with7.2 million individual analyses/yearData, Facts, Figures
  3. 3. 3AGES StructureFoodSecurityVeterinaryMedicineFoodSafetyPublicHealthAustrianMedicines&MedicalDevicesAgencyRadiation ProtectionData, Statistics & Integrative Risk AssessmentKnowledge Transfer & Applied ResearchDivisionDepartment1) 2)1) Austrian Federal Office for Food Safety2) Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care
  4. 4. 4Statutory TasksProtection of health for humans, animals and plants, in particular …• Analysis and assessment of agricultural equipment (seeds, pesticides, animal feed, …)• International Treaty (Plant Genetic Resources)• Analysis and assessment of products according to the Marketing Standards Act• Analysis and assessment of samples according to the Food Safety and Consumer ProtectionAct (LMSVG)• Contributing to the prevention of animal diseases and diseases that can be transmittedbetween species, monitoring animal health, testing animals for slaughter and meat• Prevention of infectious diseases (reference centre management, …)• Processing data of swimming areas• Analysis and assessment of medicinal products• Market surveillance of medical devices• Research, information and cooperation• Cooperation with national and international organisations• Statements on drafts of relevant legal norms, research projects and parliamentary inquiries
  5. 5. www.ages.atDivision of Public Health• Institutes• Centre for anthropogenic Infections Vienna• Centre for zoonotic Diseases Graz• Centre for watersaftey Linz• Tasks• Infectious disease diagnostics• Operation of several Reference laboratories• Development of diagnostic methods• National and international reporting5
  6. 6. www.ages.atAGES – Centre for anthropogenicInfections Vienna• Reference laboratories• Tuberculosis• Clostridium difficile• Legionellosis• Vibrio cholerae• WHO-Polio reference laboratory• Highly pathogenic bacteria• Yersinia pestis• Diphtheria• 24h Rabies consulting• Public health surveillance projects• Austrian Mosquito surveillance from 2011 ongoing• Starting 2013 Austrian tick surveillance6
  7. 7. www.ages.atAGES – Centre for anthropogenicInfections Vienna• Medical microbiology• EN 17025 laboratory accreditation• BSL2 and BSL3 facilities• Clinical molecular biology• EN 17025 laboratory accreditation• Open tender for a NG-System• Watersaftey and Hygiene• full EN 17025 laboratory accreditation• EPIET- host side7
  8. 8. 8Training programmes based at AGESParticipation of Austria since 2006-European Programme for Intervention EpidemiologyTraining (EPIET)Two tracks-EU-track: 1 alumni-MS-track: currently 1 fellow (since 2011) EAP: European associated programme/Taiwan CDC (since:2007)-2 alumni (cohort 13, 15)-currently 1 fellow
  9. 9. 9Training opportunitiesOutbreak investigation in- zoonotic, respiratory, vaccine preventablediseases,…ID Surveillance: Data analysis/ Data interpretation-IMD, IPD, TBC, zoonosis, InfluenzaResearch project in HCF-associated diseasesIntroduction to molecular microbiology at the diverseReference Laboratories
  10. 10. 10In cooperation with EPIET/EAPSuccessfullyinvestigatedoutbreaks!