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Master ppt v10 ulevitch-print

  1. 1. Redefining Security for the Nomadic Workforce November 28, 2012
  2. 2. Webcast Logistics To send us questions during the sessions: •  Type the question in the Q&A section provided in WebEx. We will answer questions at the end of the webcast. Any Technical Issues?   •  Email:ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  3. 3. Agenda Redefining Security for the Nomadic Worker Dan Hubbard, CTO, OpenDNS       Challenges Of Existing Technologies Dan Hubbard, CTO, OpenDNS       Introducing Umbrella David Ulevitch, CEO and Founder, OpenDNS       Lessons Learned & Deployment Experience   Randy Raw, Network Security Director, Veterans United Home Loans       Q&A Session#3ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  4. 4. Speakers Dan Hubbard David Ulevitch Randy Raw OpenDNS OpenDNS Veterans United Home Loans CTO Founder and CEO Network Security Director#4ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  5. 5. Redefining Security for the Nomadic Worker Dan Hubbard CTO, OpenDNS#5ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  6. 6. The way we work has changed… OLD-SCHOOL THE NEW REALITY#6ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  7. 7. And so have the threats… BYOD and nomadic workers have introduced new challengesŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  8. 8. #8ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  9. 9. #9ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  10. 10. …as a result, IT is losing visibility and control f10 28-Nov-12 UMBRELL
  11. 11. Challenges of Existing Technologies#11 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  12. 12. Current solutions fail to measure up Host-based IDS a. Host-based FW Netwo Acooss Control#12 • :28-Nov-12 U B EL MRL
  13. 13. Current approaches leave mobile devices unprotected Existing solutions are only designed to protect network perimeter…. Internet           Direct-to-Net   …Leaving mobile devices and nomadic users completely unprotected#13 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  14. 14. InfoSec is undergoing a major transition Device Diversity     We see hundreds of thousands of blocked requests that are connecting to malware, botnets, and phishing sites that are “mobile”.#14 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  15. 15. Existing technology issuesCompanies are struggling •  Loss of visibility Hardware Software Cost Cost •  Loss of control •  Increased costs Data Software •  A changing threat landscape Architecture FunctionalityIncumbents are struggling TCO Software Support and Architecture •  Cloud technology transition Maintenance and Scalability •  Legacy business and technology models User Training Time to Implementation#15 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  16. 16. #16 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  17. 17. #17 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  18. 18. Introducing Umbrella David Ulevitch CEO and Founder, OpenDNS#18 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  19. 19. Introducing Umbrella 11 U M B RW. A 9
  20. 20. UMBRELLA: Desktops, laptops, smart devices Do Not Distribute
  21. 21. UMBRELLA: Security that evolves with how we work Do Not Distribute
  22. 22. UMBRELLA is…       •  Device Agnostic: Aim for all smart networked devices. •  Simple and Easy: Making complex solutions is easy to deploy and manage is a core strength and pre-requisite to effective mobile security. •  Disruptive Delivery: 100% subscription, no hardware, priced per user, not per device. •  Instant Scalability: No sizing guides, unlimited data and bandwidth, low latency, broad breadth with specific and selective depth. “Cloud” from the ground-up, servicing more than 50 Billion requests per day globally with zero downtime. •  Big Data meets Security: Big Data systems combined with security research algorithms to keep ahead of threats. #22ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  23. 23. UMBRELLA: Security for nomadic workers and visibility for IT Any Device Any User Anywhere 14 Global Datacenters   Internet         •  Malware protection •  Botnet containment •  Phishing protection •  Policy enforcement#23ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  24. 24. UMBRELLA: Dashboard Do Not Distribute
  25. 25. UMBRELLA: Provision in minutes Do Not Distribute
  26. 26. UMBRELLA: Location aware policies  
  27. 27. UMBRELLA: Drill down activity search  
  28. 28. Lessons Learned and Deployment Experience Randy Raw Network Security Director#28ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  29. 29. About Veterans United Home Loans The nations largest dedicated provider of VA Loans Dedicated to making the American dream of homeownership a reality for those who so bravely served. 27 offices Distributed across 22 states 1,200 employees#29ŸŸ 28-Nov-12
  30. 30. What have we learned?#13:> • 2&Nov-1. 2 • U B EL M RL
  31. 31. Q&A and next steps Want to try it today? Limited offer: $20/year for a single-user license of Umbrella Mobility   Visit:       To request a product demo visit: David Ulevitch Dan Hubbard Randy Raw Email: Email: Twitter: @davidu Twitter: @dhubbard858#31 ŸŸ 28-Nov-12