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Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2018 – A List of Our Own©


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It's that time of year again. See wich amazing ladies we recognized in 2018.

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Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2018 – A List of Our Own©

  1. 1. In 2010 the Black Women in Europe™ Blog released its first Power List naming 58 women across Europe in 6 categories. This year we feature 9. The 2018 awardees are in the following categories: Activism, Education, Entrepreneurship, Media, Politics, Society and Writing. This list, presented in alphabetical order, is intended to acknowledge powerful black women in Europe and to inspire others to reach their full potential.
  2. 2. What constitutes power? Power is defined as the ability to act or produce an effect. Methodology: The Power List does not aim to assess rank but rather to showcase influential women who, in some cases well known and in others, are women who should be known.
  3. 3. Adwoa Aboah Activism: UK Gurls Talk Founder
  4. 4. Reni Eddo-Lodge Writer: UK Author of Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race
  5. 5. Assita Kanko Politics: Belgium Creator of Polin incubator
  6. 6. Marai Larasi Activism: UK Executive Director of Imkaan
  7. 7. Meghan Markle Society: UK Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex
  8. 8. Tobi Oredein Media:UK Co- founder of Black Ballad UK
  9. 9. Otegha Uwagba Writer: UK Author of Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women
  10. 10. Janine Van Throo Netherlands: Entrepreneur Pioneer in natural hair care in Europe
  11. 11. Nita Wiggins France: Educator Creator of the American Principles and Practices of Journalism (and Sports Journalism), the masters-level curriculum at L’Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris, France
  12. 12. View all of the Black Women in Europe™ Power Lists on http://blog.blackwomeni
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  14. 14. The Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2018 – A List of Our Own© was created by Adrianne George and launched 9 years ago.
  15. 15. This edition is dedicated to Derek McCullough. He was the creative genius who shared his talents by designing this power list. You will never be forgotten. [our 3rd list without you :( ]
  16. 16. A very special thank you to the generous Theresa Campbell who helped when I asked, and with her graphic design help, kept this power list alive. I am grateful.