Wikibrands YMCA World Urban Network Madrid, July 2012 Keynote


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A keynote at YMCA's World Urban Network on the role of digital engagement at the YMCA on a global basis.

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  • Guten tag. Ich bin froh hier zu sein.
  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • I think we’ve all been trained on marketing’s 4Psa for the last 50 years it is has been a marketing staple Whenever I talk to my colleague Don Tapscott, he believes brands are a much more complicated construct shared between company and users nowadays – we prefer the 13Es as a new model of wikibranding – with the key driver being Evangelism – a true litmus test of a healthy business and brand – would you recommend me to others?
  • Wikibrands YMCA World Urban Network Madrid, July 2012 Keynote

    1. 1. YMCA WUN Madrid-“Changing Lives, Moving Forward”The Future is Friendly,But Digital Needs to Become Your Friend World Urban Network Madrid July 21st, 2012 Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Organization in a Customer-Driven Marketplace
    2. 2. The Jason Bourne ofBusiness + Digital + Marketing + Innovation
    3. 3. Intergenerational YMCA Connections
    4. 4. The Dave Ball WUN Funnel
    5. 5. The Roadmap – 5 Core Messages• Change Happens – The World is a Blur• Collaboration - Together We Are Better• Culture Shift - Digital Values are YMCA Values• Leadership - CEOs Play a Large Role in Culture Shift• Courageous Steps – FLIRT, MILCC and Top 10 Ideas
    6. 6. I. Change Happens – The World is a Blur
    7. 7. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
    8. 8. We’ve scoured the world with this guy
    9. 9. “Paradigm shifts involve dislocation, conflict, confusion,uncertainty. New paradigms are nearly always received with coolness, even mockery or hostility . Those with vested interests fight the change. The shift demands such a different view of things thatestablished leaders are often last to be won over, if at all.” Don Tapscott, Macrowikinomics
    10. 10. Agent Wildfire/Wikibrands’ 3rd Annual Buzz Report Survey“My business may not survive over the next 10 years if we dont act swiftly to technology/digital culture” 69% agree/strongly agree
    11. 11. 1892 2010 1897 20082001 1996 2007 2007
    12. 12. The world is a blur I…social networks
    13. 13. The world is a blur II…products and cameras
    14. 14. The world is a blur III…politics.
    15. 15. The world is a blur IV…devices
    16. 16. The world is a blur V…mobile culture
    17. 17. The world is a blur VI…labour markets
    18. 18. The world is a blur VII…media.
    19. 19. The world is a blur VIII…internet time?
    20. 20. The world is a blur IX …socialization ofeverything
    21. 21. The world is a blur X …razors
    22. 22. CEO’s Biggest Challenges
    23. 23. CEO’s Biggest Challenges– External Forces Impact -
    24. 24. CEO’s Biggest Challenges– Sustained Economic Value -
    25. 25. CEO’s Biggest Challenges– The Customer Imperative -
    26. 26. CEO’s Biggest Challenges– Customer Interaction –
    27. 27. CEO’s Biggest Challenges – Leadership Traits
    28. 28. We don’t have the answers….yet
    29. 29. Warning Signs in the Mirror1. You are reading bad headlines about yourself or organizations like you.2. Your revenues, followers and customer satisfaction scores don’t line up.3. People are not willing to spend time with you.1. You are laughing at an innovative competitor/peer company.1. You can imagine a different world w/o much friction.
    30. 30. The Top 13 Trends That Will Drive Innovation inProducts, Culture, Digital, Media, Marketing and Sales
    31. 31. The Top 13 Trends That Will Drive Innovation inProducts, Culture, Digital, Media, Marketing and Sales
    32. 32. II. CollaborationTogether We Are Better
    33. 33. “In a connected world, power shifts to those best able to connect.” Dov Seidman
    34. 34. Engaged Wikibrands Win
    35. 35. Co-InnovationCollaboration &Crowdsourcing Word ofMouth andViral EffectsPeer to Peer Support
    36. 36. FlippingYMCA Connection Pyramid The the Pyramid - YMCA Customers 0.5% 2.0% 5.0% 367,000 engaged fans/42 billion+ connections
    37. 37. III. Culture ShiftDigital Values are YMCA Values
    38. 38. A Culture Change is Required MASS ERA DIRECT ERA INFLUENCE/WIKIBRANDS ERAControl CollaborationHype TransparencyDecisions DialogueFeatures Purpose
    39. 39. YMCA Should be a Natural at Digital EngagementCommunity Builder Customer Innovator experience-driven
    40. 40. ADOLESCENT – THE Y STANDS FOR EMPOWERING YOUTH Millennials Non-Millennials (18-29) “Interactions on social 129 Index 82 Index networks are as meaningful as real life” “Social networking is 126 Index 85 Index an important part of my everyday life” Heavily influenced by 70% 46% peers on purchases Members On 91% 70% Facebook Find out about 66% 23% noteworthy stuff via Facebook/text first Check smartphone 5+ 37% 24% Source: Gfk Mediamark/BCG/comScore/Abacus/iPass
    41. 41. YMCA Values are Digital Values  Collaborative (Wikipedia)  Proactive (Apple)  Inclusive (Mozilla)  Sustainable (Intel)  Accountable (Wikileaks)
    42. 42. The Rules and Tone of a Connected Engaged BrandReciprocalEthicalHumanAwesomeHelpfulAuthenticSocial
    43. 43. YMCA Needs to Produce Hero Employees
    44. 44. IV. LeadershipCEOs Play a Pivotal Role
    45. 45. The CEO Topspin –The Peters and Deborahs Get It • 82% of people trust a company more who has a CEO who is involved in social media • 94% believe it leads to a better brand image • 78% believe it leads to better communication Source: Brandfog
    46. 46. CEO Role Models– Peter Aceto/Doug Ulman
    47. 47. Survey Results
    48. 48. CEO Survey #1:How would you characterize your personalcomfort level with web/technology? I am an expert 0% I am an early adopter/enthusiast 18% I am a mainstream user 63% I am a laggard 18% I am a non-user 0%
    49. 49. Sizing It Up – YMCA GloballyDigital Advocacy & Optimism When asked about new and expanded forms of YMCA digital engagement/social media:  54% of you were big advocates  46% of you were big supporters with only some reservations
    50. 50. Sizing It Up – YMCADigital Level of Engagement Do you believe your YMCA is engaging your “fans, members, participants and donors” well enough online: 39% strong/18% weak Do you believe your YMCA is engaging your “employees, staff, volunteers” well enough online: 43% strong/25% weak
    51. 51. Sizing It Up – YMCA –Digital Talent & Resources Does your local YMCA these assets to field digital engagement/social media initiatives?
    52. 52. Top Networks – Facebook/YouTube Corporately, Mobile Personally Platform/Network Local YMCA Avid/Regular User Member/Occasional Presence User Facebook 97% 30% 40% YouTube 75% 43% 37% Twitter 62% 25% 23% Mobile 21% 47% 20% Blogging 45% 20% 33% Flickr 45% 13% 20% Wikis/Communities 38% 14% 30% LinkedIn 35% 26% 43% Forums/Rating Sites n/a 13% 40% Social Commerce n/a 13% 20% YMCAs also participated in Search engines (45%) and Digital Signage (35%)
    53. 53. Biggest Objectives for YMCA Digital Engagement: #1 Increase Fundraising (68%) #2 Drive Awareness/Buzz/Publicity (50%) #3 Better Member/Participant Experience (36%) #4 Advance Worthy Causes/CSR (29%) #5 Better YMCA Perception/credibility (25%) #6 Engage Youth (25%) #7 Enhance YMCA presence in Other Sectors (25%) #8 Accelerate Sales/Revenue (21%) #9 Recruit Talent (18%)
    54. 54. Biggest CEO Digital Training and Education Needs: #1 Understanding the CEO Role as Champion #1 Outreach to Key Influencers #3 Measurement/Metrics #4 Building Sustainable Presence #4 Digital Strategy/Planning #6 Getting Employees Enthused #6 Blogging #8 Social Networks
    55. 55. V. Courageous StepsFLIRT, MILCC and Ten Big Ideas
    56. 56. Wikibrands – Tale of The Tape • 100 organizations • 8 languages/15 Countries • Now 18 months later… • 12 Key Factors for Digital Health
    57. 57. THE WIKIBRAND 12 FACTORS – FLIRT/MILCC• Focus/Strategy • Measurement/Metrics• Language, Content, • Internalizing Success Outreach • Life Stage Management• Incentives/Motivations • Community• Rules, Guidelines, Rituals Management• Tools & Platform • Culture• Ideas That Spread • Listening
    58. 58. Get FLIRT y
    59. 59. Roadmap for Building a Wikibrand• Focus/Strategy• Language/Content• Incentives/Outreach• Rules/Guidelines/Training• Tools and Platforms
    60. 60. Top 10 Ranked Word of Mouth ElementsGreat ideas that spread are rare and valuable #1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a Company #6 Method in which it interacts w/ its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools/technology platforms built Source: Wikibrands Buzz Report
    61. 61. BALANCE FOUR FACTORSBusiness/ OrganizationSponsorship Objectives Incentives Vision Resources Revenue Talent Marketplace No Relevance Culture Partners Values Process No Execution No Direction Positioning Needs/Wants Benefits No Capability Experience Product/Service Advocacy Support Media Community Attention Brand Customer
    62. 62. Forget Marketing’s 4Ps… Embrace the Wikibrand 13Es Would you recommend my brand to a friend or colleague? Mission Drivers Well would you? Advanced Drivers Experience (product) Effiliation Premium Drivers Ennovative Equity Entertainment Entimate Basic Drivers Entegrity Exposed Education Esthetics Exchange (place) (price)Company-driven User-driven
    63. 63. Content Quality vs. Quantity vs. Variety
    64. 64. CONTENT–If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Activity per Great Good Minimum Month Blog Posts 30+ 12 5 Tweets 400 200 100 Video 12 4 1 Email 8 4 1
    65. 65. Three Reasons Why People Join Anything The Feel Goods – The Look Goods - The Get Somethings “How do I identify with, “How do I appear to - “What is my direct, help the community?” others?” tangible reward?”Fun & enjoyment (#1) Recognition by company (#1) Invitation to Events (#1)Creativity Access to exclusive resources 3rd party incentivesGroup effort/achievement Ability to join VIP circle Customized/personalize d treatment
    66. 66. OUTREACH – The Community Richter Scale
    67. 67. YMCA Digital Engagement Survival Guide - Rules, Guidelines & Survival Guide -- 94 Pages of Digital Goodness- Guidelines- Online Brand Values- Dos and Don’ts- Best Practices- Decision Tree and Q&A- Top 150 Supporting Websites YMCA Intranet Resources & Presentations
    68. 68. WHAT CAUSES BIG DIGITAL BLOWUPS… Source: Altimeter, August 2011
    69. 69. Have a Home, Neutral and Away Game Home: Neutral: Away: Website Brand Pages Social Networks Blog Personal Profiles Sharing Sites Community RSS Feed Other Blogs Forums Facebook Connect Influencers
    70. 70. MILCC is Good
    71. 71. Roadmap - Maintaining a Wikibrand• Measurement/Monitoring/Insight• Internalizing Success• Life Stage Management• Community Management• Culture Change
    72. 72. There is no silver bullet to measurement
    73. 73. The Jeremy Lin ROI Measurement Axiom- The more you use it, the more you prove it
    74. 74. Internally,Get Employees on the Bus…
    75. 75. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT“who will lead the conversation?”
    76. 76. You Can Keep Anybody Happy Initially, How Do You Get Them To Stay in Love
    77. 77. Top Tasks of Community Managers1. Communication2. Content Creation3. Company/brand evangelism4. Member/Customer support5. Ongoing Facilitation6. Metrics Reporting7. Event Host8. Community Evolution/Feature Development9. Internal Rallying Cry10. Community Administration11. Member Recruitment/Crowdsourcing Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
    78. 78. The 11 Cs of Creating Community101 Broadcast - Communication/Content i.e. photo/video/albums/news - Competition i.e. rewards, contests, status - Customization i.e. widgets, avatars, profiles - Conversation i.e. blogs, forums, comments201 Interaction - Connection i.e. messaging, integration, feeds - Community i.e. social networks, groups, teams - Categorization i.e. tagging, sections, levels, lists - Collective Wisdom i.e. rating, ranking, voting, polls301 Collaboration/Core Altering - Co-Creation i.e. CGM, ideas, reviews - Contextual Extensions i.e. mobile, offline, online, IM - Culture building i.e. recruitment, engagement, causes
    79. 79. The Biggest Wikibranding Sins- Social Deafness, Muteness and Directionless - Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Buzz Report
    80. 80. Three Tests• Are You Digitally Buff? (11 skills) – Appendix• Are You an Engaged Organization? (100 pts.) /• Is Your Website Effective? (100 pts.) – Appendix
    81. 81. Takeaways The World is a Blur – Risk and Opportunity for YMCA, Get Past the Danger Zone Brands that engage and collaborate win, those that don’t don’t This is not a new tool, it is a culture shift – nothing in YMCA’s DNA suggest they shouldn’t be a leader here Your role is critical both in local and global digital success FLIRT a little to build, MILCC a little to maintain a Wikibrand
    82. 82. Q&A, Debate, Confessions?
    83. 83. Because 894 goals and 310 sweat-soaked pages can’t be wrong "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is."
    84. 84. Q&A Contact me:Twitter: @seanmoffitt
    85. 85. Are you digitally buff?
    86. 86. Are You Digitally Buff? Offence • Content/Campaigns • Social media/networks • Influencer outreach/paid media Midfield • SEO/search marketing • Community management/moderation • Mobile/Apps Defence • Metrics/Analytics • Org. Integration/Culture • User experience/design • CRM/eCommerce • Hosting/platform software
    87. 87. The Engagement Quotient Test A) Executive – Does the CEO champion digital engagement? (10 pts.) B) Priority – Does digital engagement show up prominently in your annual strategy and what you track? (10 pts.) C) Rewards – Do you celebrate digital engagement milestones company-wide? (10 pts.) D) Openness – Do you feel empowered to express support for your company in public, social media freely? (10 pts.) E) Education – Do you feel the required rules, guidelines and training have been provided to support digital engagement? (10 pts.)
    88. 88. The Engagement Quotient Test F) Transparency – Do you have a free flowing exchange of information and insight, enabled by technology? (10 pts.) G) Culture – Does support for digital engagement pervade what you do everyday, from the boardroom to the frontlines? (10 pts.) H) Incentive - Do you feel like my manager supports me in time, reward, risks and resources for digital engagement efforts? (10 pts.) I) Values – Do you have an ethos that every staff person can believe in and get excited about? (10 pts.) J) Participation – is participation in digital media widely adopted and coordinated across the organization? (10 pts.)
    89. 89. The 100 Point Website Test
    90. 90. Website Criteria – 100 pt. Scale Criteria Importance Overall Impact 25 points Content 15 points Navigation 15 points User Experience 15 points Findability 15 points Sociabiility 15 points Total 100 points
    91. 91. Website Criteria – Overall ImpactOverall Impact Criteria Pts.First Creates immediate wow, looks contemporary, causes to /10Impressions sign up, engages for significant timeSimplicity Uncluttered, readable, graphic/colourful, strong calls to /5 action, infographics/flowcharts, above the foldUniqueness Distinctively branded, unique graphics, brand consistency, /5 look and feel diff. from competitors, TypographyDynamic Slider windows, Dynamic news feeds, Rollover prompts, /3 Real-time response and feedbackMultimedia Varied and interesting use of animation, pictures, video, /2 music, mashups
    92. 92. Website Criteria - ContentContent Criteria Pts.Usefulness Helps users, up-to-date, interactive, provides real value, /3 customized, well-presented, breadth, has a point of viewTransparency Real people/employees, mission statement/manifesto, /3 policies and rulesCredentials Evidence of popularity, third party or customer /3 testimonials, Organizational authorityHuman/Fun Conversational language, Humour, Consistency with /3 audience, enthusiasm, Stories, leaves you wanting moreIncentives/News Dynamic stream of news, Campaigns, Offers, /3 Competitions, External links, Opportunity for fame
    93. 93. Website Criteria - NavigationNavigation Criteria Pts.Search ability Internal search engines, menus, support, mental model /3 on what to expect when you clickLinks Graphic links, internal links, return to home menu easy, /3 links open in new windowsIntuitive Top options for clicking dependent on user and place /3 on site, priority of informationMenus Consistency of presence, descriptiveness /3Types of user New vs. returning user, Country and language of user, /3reaction Tiered user access
    94. 94. Website Criteria – User ExperienceUser Experience Criteria Pts.Usability Limited click to completion, no need to upload new /3 software, browser and monitor capability, Download speed, Cross platformKnowledge of users Adaptive, flexible taxonomies, know history, analytics /3 inform experience, customizable environmentSecurity Safe for users to use, not flagged by filters, password /3 protectionTroubleshooting Strong Q&As, How-tos, Tracking orders/process, Virtual /3 live customer serviceEasy to Contact Availability of forms, contact us page, triage to the right /3 person in the organization
    95. 95. Website Criteria - FindabilityFindability Criteria Pts.Smart URL Short, intuitive, .com, Multiple vanity urls /3Metatags and Own the best relevant words, each page /3Keywords sufficiently tagged and namedLinks Good level of working inbound and outbound /3 links, seamlessly linked micrositesPartners and Network of partners, community of ambassadors, /3Affiliates employee extensionsFunnel Social networks and content drive back to website /3
    96. 96. Website Criteria - SociabilitySociability Criteria Pts.Blog Content Frequent, well-tagged, relevant, engaging posts, Smart /3 headlines, Strong user engagementSocial Top social network integrated apps, easy to register /3Integration through social profiles, activity linked to social network feedsCommunity Provides forums, crowdsourcing and microcommunities for /3 participation, community moderationEasy to link Compatible with all the key social networks, automated /3 actions/emails, widgetsParticipation Ability to participate, to give and receive, hear and respond, /3 real-time feedback, peer to peer capability, leaderboards