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Social Selling with LinkedIn - English presentation


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Social Selling - LinkedIn - Storytelling

Published in: Marketing
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Social Selling with LinkedIn - English presentation

  1. 1. Michael Kausch 22th of June 2016 Social Selling Do the hot new thing and forget cold calls
  2. 2. 01 What is social selling? 03 LinkedIn as a social selling platform 05 Challenges facing social sellers 02 Why social selling? 04 A social selling campaign © vibrio 2016 2
  3. 3. 01 What is social selling? © vibrio 2016 3
  4. 4. “Social selling is a sales strategy using the social media marketing mantra of directly connecting with potential customers and partners, their expressed needs and interests. It focuses on sustainable customer relationships, not quick one-off purchases.” © vibrio 2016 4 What is social selling? Definition
  5. 5. Basics of social selling Social media CRM Content marketing Functions of social selling Lead generation Cross selling Avoiding cold calls B2B and B2C The more complex and high-end a product, the more relevant social selling becomes © vibrio 2016 5 How does social selling work? Lead identification Lead monitoring Content creation Lead contacting Relation management
  6. 6. 02 Why social selling? © vibrio 2016 6
  7. 7. In an age of informational overload and increasing sales pressure, potential customers actively seek to avoid offers for dialogue. Cold calling gets harder. Needs are less often clearly defined, but developed during communication. Sales success depends increasingly on relationships of trust, which means establishing sustainable customer relationships. In the age of referral marketing, open dialogue has to start with personal lead generation for 1-to-1-relations. © vibrio 2016 7 Why use social selling?
  8. 8. Titelmasterformat durch Klicken bearbeiten We are being barraged by more and more branded messages. ? brands daily Up to ? acts of communication per day We become over-saturated. We hate and avoid advertisements. We react poorly to arrogance, ignorance and bad service. We react emotionally. We place our trust in peer groups. We are online and socially networked. We are „Customer 2.0“ © vibrio 2016 8 The foundation: referral marketing 1,000 10,000
  9. 9. Internet and social media are becoming dominant sources of information. Everybody is talking to each other, all the time and everywhere.! Around 50 percent rely on personal recommendations when making purchasing decisions. This is why „Experience“ and „Stories“ are playing such a large role today. All this is true for B2B as well. © vibrio 2016 9 The foundation: storytelling Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.
  10. 10. Our communication structures itself according to the media © vibrio 2016 10 The „good old days “ By the fireside Modern, pre-internet Broadcasting Web 1.0 The websites Web 2.0 Social media
  11. 11. From customer communication to customer experience © vibrio 2016 11 Customer communication Customer satisfaction Customer lifecycle Customer experience
  12. 12. 03 LinkedIn as a social selling platform © vibrio 2016 12
  13. 13. Global: 408 million members Europe: 102 million members Germany: 5.280 million Switzerland: 1.845 million Austria: 0.776 million UK: 21 million France: 11 million USA: 117 million © vibrio 2016 13 LinkedIn is the leading global business network
  14. 14. Germany LinkedIn: 5.3 million Xing: 8.2 million Switzerland LinkedIn: 1.8 million Xing: 0.7 million Austria LinkedIn: 0.8 million Xing: 0.7 million © vibrio 2016 14 LinkedIn is firmly established alongside XING in DACH
  15. 15. LinkedIn usage leads in 26 out of 30 enterprises Exceptions: Commerzbank Daimler Deutsche Post Fresenius © vibrio 2016 15 LinkedIn dominates among large German corporations
  16. 16. Owners: 186 thousand Vice presidents: 155 thousand Executive board: 69 thousand Directors: 129 thousand ---------------------------------- All leadership positions: 1.46 million © vibrio 2016 16 LinkedIn dominates among German CxO-level
  17. 17. LinkedIn is integrated into numerous independent tools Slideshare Hootsuite Outlook Soon: Microsoft Dynamics (?) Superior social selling Sales Navigator Pulse Multilingual personal and company profiles © vibrio 2016 17 LinkedIn has the better social selling tools
  18. 18. Recruiting and employer branding (Employee) branding Advertisement (targeting) Corporate publishing (incl. blog) Lead generation and -nurturing Lead identification Lead generation Opinion leader identification 1:1-communication with Leads Customers Partners Opinion leaders © vibrio 2016 18 LinkedIn is a multifunctional tool
  19. 19. Pull Communications Employee profiles Multi-lingual company profiles Showcase pages Look up personal profiles Request referrals Publish Pulse articles Push Communications Groups: dialogue oriented Post news to specific target audiences No edge rank LinkedIn campaigns © vibrio 2016 19 Options in lead management
  20. 20. 04 A social selling campaign © vibrio 2016 20
  21. 21. Lead identification Lead generation Opinion leader identification 1:1 communication with Leads Customers Partners Opinion leaders © vibrio 2016 21 Goals of a social selling campaign
  22. 22. Business or casual Focused profile picture in front of a neutral or out-of-focus background Smiling won‘t hurt Head tilted to the left (center screen) Looking at camera or imaginary communication partner Optional: vivid gesture Optional: truncated Steer clear of green background © vibrio 2016 22 Step 1: Optimize personal portraits
  23. 23. Header image Create multi-lingual profile Create Pulse entries Add work examples (ideally: Slideshare) Generate attention with private interests Include contact data and publications Create team projects Confirm skills and expertise, get acknowledged. © vibrio 2016 23 Step 2: optimize personal profile pages
  24. 24. Search options depend on account type Name Keywords Company Location --------------------------------------- Industry Experience Function Carrier level Interests Company size © vibrio 2016 24 Step 3: find potential leads
  25. 25. Premium search: Search incl. CRM Create accounts for target enterprises Create lead profile for target contact Benefit from lead recommendations Evaluate news and updates for triggering contact Use new job notifications Analyze profile visitors © vibrio 2016 25 Searching with Sales Navigator
  26. 26. Keep track of LinkedIn activity of leads or their companies For identifying the topics relevant to target audiences For determining the best moment for contacting Tools: Top updates on „home page“ Top accounts on HP Social index Last viewed © vibrio 2016 26 Step 4: Monitoring
  27. 27. Based on potential leads‘ researched topics Platforms: Own LinkedIn updates Own LinkedIn Pulse entries Own Slideshare publications Company profile and updates Showcase pages External links © vibrio 2016 27 Step 5: Publish original content
  28. 28. Central tool for initial lead contact News to non-contacts Number of inMails depending on accounts Refer to original content “I liked your update about xy. This might be of interest to you: I myself published this about the issue…” © vibrio 2016 28 Step 6: contact through InMail
  29. 29. Pulse = the LinkedIn blog system Option 1 Publish long-form entries through profile page Target audiences Own contacts Pulse topic subscribers Option 2 Using the company page as a publication platform Integrate InShare Widget in website Apply for publisher status in LinkedIn © vibrio 2016 29 Tool 1: LinkedIn Pulse
  30. 30. Slideshare is LinkedIn‘s publishing plattform Powerpoint files Pdf files Video files Integration In LinkedIn profile In Pulse entries In websites and blogs Advantages High Google visibility Native search High LinkedIn visibility Integrated lead generation Good statistical analysis © vibrio 2016 30 Tool 2: LinkedIn Slideshare
  31. 31. Own LinkedIn groups can keep track of activated leads. LinkedIn groups can be an asset for lead identification. German LinkedIn groups are not among the most active. © vibrio 2016 31 Tool 3: LinkedIn groups
  32. 32. “Contact auctions“ similar to Google Ads Advantages Adresses up to date Targeting Safe from litigation Recommended price CPM 2.50 € - 3.65 € CPC 2.34 € - 3.15 € © vibrio 2016 32 Tool 4: LinkedIn campaigns
  33. 33. A multi-platform publishing tool Using content on and beyond LinkedIn without additional effort LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube … Automated and optimized scheduled distribution Team process Incl. monitoring tools © vibrio 2016 33 Tool 5: Hootsuite
  34. 34. Workings of a social selling campaign with LinkedIn Overview © vibrio 2016 34 Company profile Pull Mktg Showcase pages Pull Mktg Personal profiles Pull MV LinkedIn Pulse Pull Sales Lead identification Push Sales Lead management Push Sales Company Potential customerGroup mgmt. Push Mktg Publishing LinkedInAds Mktg Push LinkedIn Slideshare Pull Mktg
  35. 35. 05 Challenges facing social sellers © vibrio 2016 35
  36. 36. Sales must generate leads for itself Marketing must prepare content for sales Customers and partners define issues and topics Topics become more diverse High demands on emotionalization and personalization Storytelling is more complex than egocentric marketing Boundaries between sales- and brand-oriented communications dissolve © vibrio 2016 36 Social selling is communication 4.0
  37. 37. Social selling is storytelling and demands “issues sophistication” From egocentric to issues leader © vibrio 2016 37 Autistic PR Products Companies Trade fairs/events/ awards Partner oriented PR Customer Win Reference stories Co-operations Employer Branding CSR Issues oriented PR Industry issues Industry trends Technological trends
  38. 38. It is about The corporate identity The corporate story The story needs to fit like a tailor-made suit Whoever designs the story acts as style consultant for the corporation © vibrio 2016 38 Social selling requires emotion
  39. 39. Brands gain credibility As a measure of credibility in the age of informational overload As a vehicle of emotion As amplifiers in a multi-tiered (sales-) decision process Employees become brands They own the most valuable channels They own the “contacts” © vibrio 2016 39 Social selling makes brands out of employees
  40. 40. A new approach to communication New competences for employees New internal business processes A new distribution of tasks among sales and marketing New tools © vibrio 2016 40 The requirements for social selling are high
  41. 41. © vibrio 2016 41
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