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Social Branding for Students and Entrepreneurs Presentation - Jasmine Sandler


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Jasmine Sandler, Social Branding expert and global keynote speaker and corporate trainer shares tips and advice to students and entrepreneurs on how to create and build a powerful career via Social Branding. To learn more or hire Jasmine as a speaker, visit

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Social Branding for Students and Entrepreneurs Presentation - Jasmine Sandler

  1. 1. + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler in/onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 HOW TO BUILD A PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL FOOTPRINT
  2. 2. • Internet Marketing Professional since 1999 • Awarded in Top 40 Global Digital Marketing Strategists(OMI) • Have led 1000’s of web projects • Social Media Trainer and Author • Digital Marketing Consultant: • Specializations in SEO, B2B Social Media, Online PR, Branding, Online Reputation Management • CEO : Agent-cy Online Marketing. : • Corporate LinkedIn Marketing Trainer, LinkedIn Author: “Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way” (Amazon) • Lead Instructor on Social Media & SEO: Online Marketing Institute, Search Engine Strategies, Association of Strategic Marketing, PRNEWS, Lorman Education, Marketing Executive Networking Group, DMA, B2B Social Media Content Writer, Monthly Contributor :,,, The New York Enterprise Report, PRNEWS Guidebooks + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 About Me
  3. 3. Your chance for success in your career today is 100% a Digital Decision • Universities are increasingly competitive • 93% of all Recruiters use LinkedIn to Hire • Hiring Managers are highly critical • Consistency of your personal, professional brand is mandatory • Your timeline and history are always being calculated and followed • I.T. Jobs , Social Media Jobs are the now and the future • Computer, Writing and Web Skills in are crucial to your success • Who you have in your Social Ecosystem will influence hiring decisions + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Social Brand-Building: Career Requirement
  4. 4. • Assess who are your Facebook friends • Assess how you are using Social to communicate AND how you are communicating • Start to consider a LinkedIn Profile • Assess you who will be in your ecosystem • Like , Follow, Connect and Engage with Targeted Schools • Use Social sites like LinkedIn to understand who makes the acceptance decision • Make categories for professional images | videos on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest • Think of Social as a secondary education: Learn and interact • Illustrate your writing skills via a Blog or by commenting + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Act NOW on Social for College
  5. 5. • Google is always tracking conversations, comments and posts • Start to review what professionals say online and how they say it • Social etiquette at a professional level is all about supporting your social network • In Social communication, think in terms of face-to-face • Keep your personal communication private on Social channels • Create G+ private family, friends circles • Maintain privacy settings on Facebook • Do NOT use LinkedIn for personal conversations • Have a plan for using Twitter to follow and engage professionally • Refrain from poor comments or criticisms on images and videos on YouTube , Pinterest, and G+ + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Proper Social Communication
  6. 6. + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Make your Social Presence Professional • Replace any personal photos with professional ones • Consider separate FB profiles – personal and the future professional YOU • Get rid of any offensive photos on all current Social pages • Maintain a professional, smiling picture on all Social headers • Delete or hide any offensive content on all Social pages • Good Posts on Social: • Good grades • Part-time job photos • Acceptance of job • School awards • Volunteerism Photos
  7. 7. • Use rich content to engage prospective schools and employers • A proper headshot will be useful in the short and near term • A one minute video of why you are a great candidate is useful • Start to categorize your Instagram, Flickr, Facebook photos into Profile Job-related • Showcase your creative portfolios for future Internet Marketing & I.T. Positions • Think of all future imagery to support a professional YOU • Use caution on any images that could be damaging later + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Using Images and Video Professionally
  8. 8. + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Importance of LinkedIn for Your Future • The LinkedIn Personal Profile completed 100% gives you that step up • Research over 23,000 universities via the LinkedIn Education section • Connect directly with current students and recent alumni • Gain a direct understanding of best career paths by School • LinkedIn is where decision makers are from school to jobs to careers • LinkedIn University Groups are where you can find peers who can connect you • LinkedIn Subscription Model can help you gain visibility to those that matter • A professional LinkedIn Profile now means a great career later
  9. 9. + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Twitter as a Positive • Be the opposite of the controversial rap star/athletes on Twitter • Consider separate accounts • Follow and engage with your target universities • Follow and engage with those on your career track • Consistently spell-check posts and watch for links, even on Mobile • Seek a solid balance between Following and Followers – avoid over following • Avoid engaging in any negative remarks, arguments • Avoid impersonating or following impersonators • Protect Tweets that you want Private • Block offensive users that send you bad tweets
  10. 10. • Use as a professional medium • Google+ posts and community discussions signals results in Search • G+ integration with YouTube carries video content to Search • Engaging with professional Hangouts great way to learn • G+ primarily tech and academia audience – good for connecting with leaders • G+ excellent for engaging through discussions that lead to email exchange • Communities in G+ have real activity + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Intro to Google+
  11. 11. • Clean up any offensive materials in your current Social Presence • Arrange and categorize professional photos and videos for Profiles and supportive imagery • Review your current Facebook and other Social friends, separate friends from professionals • Begin to follow and engage appropriately with targeted universities • Learn in online communities from peers and future class mates • Follow and learn from targeted career path thought-leaders • Start to draft a LinkedIn profile with a solid summary of why you are qualified • Start to create an online portfolio – creative imagery, video edits, web site, blog • Consider separate Twitter Profiles and follow the rules of engagement + Jasmine Sandler Jasmine_Sandler onlinebranding Jasmine.Sandler1 agentcy1 Digital Footprint Homework