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Online PR Presentation. Discusses Social Media and SEO as elements of Online PR. Delivered by Jasmine Sandler, President, Agent-cy Online Marketing. Delivered at the 2009 NYXPO in NYC.

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  2. 2. Example of a National Online PR Campaign Twitter - 2,449,381 followers Facebook - 6,861,156 supporters MySpace -1857883 friends. Linked In -500+ connections Youtube - : 1792 videos uploaded since Nov 2006, Subscribers: 114,559 President Barack Obama to Jasmine Sandler “A call to Action Newsletter” "Rally with Barack in Denver this Sunday!" along with address, and 2 reminder that it was "Free & open to public" www.agent-cy.com
  3. 3. Speaker: Jasmine Sandler Experience •President and Founder of Agent-cy, an established Online PR and Marketing strategies agency •Online Community development consultant since 1995 Online PR/ Online Community projects City Lights Cruises (2009); Vfitness (2008/2009); Loews Hotels (2006); Artist Direct (2005); xXtreme Connections (2001-2003); ESRB (2006-2008); Diamonds International (2006-2007); Dada Mobile (2006); IvanExpert (2008); Best Movies By Farr (2007); STDateline (2007); Mind Over Matter (2008); Prime Strategies (2008) Lectures • Online Marketing Summit (Online PR/Social Media 2008) • Commerce Bank (Online Marketing Strategy 2008) • Northwest Mutual Insurance (Generating B2B Leads Online 2008) • Small Biz Technology/Taste of Technology (Social Media 2008) • NYXPO 2008 (Publicity) 3 www.agent-cy.com
  4. 4. WHAT IS ONLINE PR? 4 www.agent-cy.com
  5. 5. CONTENT PR Stunts Social Media Viral Marketing Industry Publisher Campaigns Sites E-Mail Multi-Media Press Releases Newsletters Blogs SEO Wikis Online RSS Feeds Podcasts PR WebCasts/Webinars Videos 5 www.agent-cy.com
  6. 6. Online PR Benefits • An instantly measurable medium • Opportunities to reach multiple influencers at once • Reduced time for placements • Drives significant visibility to web site • Action-able : Click, share, comment • Become an expert quickly: pod casts and video • Social responsibility platform: Crisis management • Free or inexpensive 6 www.agent-cy.com
  7. 7. Types of Online Content 7 www.agent-cy.com
  8. 8. Types of Online Placements 8 www.agent-cy.com
  9. 9. HOW DO I USE ONLINE PR? 9 www.agent-cy.com
  10. 10. Develop a Story • Online PR allows you to blend video, audio, text, logos, photos, hyperlinks and related documents into an attractive HTML format. • Must be newsworthy • Be sure to highlight key attributes of brand • Media exists to entertain and inform • You want to be remembered positively • Stories out pull ads • Seek to make a connection • Entertain/inform = newsworthy 10 www.agent-cy.com
  11. 11. Know Media – Create Angle 11 www.agent-cy.com
  12. 12. Apply SEO to all PR Materials 12 www.agent-cy.com
  13. 13. Create Ongoing Content 13 www.agent-cy.com
  14. 14. Test Different Placements 14 www.agent-cy.com
  15. 15. Have a Tracking System in Place 15 www.agent-cy.com
  16. 16. Agent-cy Client Online PR Case Study 16
  17. 17. Challenge To create awareness and usage of the video game rating system amongst three parental audiences Solution Part I: Developed online content •Targeted messaging by audience •Introductory information •Parental Controls •Online Gaming •Game Search Widget and Press Release •ParentTools Newsletter •Facebook applications Solution Part II: Developed Editorial Relationships/Placed and Tracked Content Online PR relationships with Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Working Mother, GRAND and more. www.agent-cy.com 17
  18. 18. Results 1.5M views of interactive game search widget across partner sites 25M aware parents brand visibility of ongoing EPR Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on E+ games for their audience (monthly) Doubled E-Mail open and Click-through rate increase month to month . Creation of ParenTools Newsletter and Gamer Alerts.
  19. 19. “Agent-cy has been instrumental in helping the ESRB expand its presence online through the development of various partnerships and Online PR initiatives. Their client-focused approach and diligent execution of effective strategies have made Agent-cy a valuable asset to our organization.” —Randy Walker, VP of Marketing, ESRB
  20. 20. Summary • Online PR has multiple benefits: Visibility, Instant, Actionable • Social Media is an element of Online PR • SEO is an element of Online PR • Traditional PR campaigns are the crux of the development • Online PR starts with a story • Online PR requires ongoing content creation • Online PR requires ongoing strategy, management and tracking
  21. 21. Agent-cy Q&A www.agent-cy.com www.agentcy.wordpress.com (Ask your Online PR questions here)
  22. 22. Company Information Agent-cy Online Marketing, Inc. www.agent-cy.com 708 3rd Avenue, 6th Floor New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212-209-3975 Fax: (407) 210-4613 Any specific questions: info@agent-cy.com Agent-cy Blog: www.agentcy.wordpress.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/agentcy77 Twitter: http://twitter.com/jasminesandler Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Sandler/1588298302