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Jasmine Sandler of Agent cy case studies


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Client case work delivered by Jasmine Sandler, Digital Marketing Consultant and CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing. Case studies as of June 7, 2013. Jasmine Sandler case studies include SEO work, Social Media work

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Jasmine Sandler of Agent cy case studies

  1. 1. CLIENT CASE STUDIES Jasmine Sandler The following client case studies were all led by Jasmine Sandler. Lead Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant |
  2. 2. Client Example : Challenges • Website penalized by Google • Site has 100,000’s pages • Page rank dropped • Google visibility disappeared Solution • Extensive SEO Audit • SEO Training and Consulting • Content Plan Delivered Results • Domain back in good rank with Google • Rid all duplicate content • Blog Development • Editorial & Keyword Plan driving top market position |
  3. 3. Client Example : Challenges • Need to reach business clients • Little understanding of opportunities to gain market share for MAC consulting business • No understanding of direct nor indirect online competition • Confused brand identity : consultants or technicians? • Frustrated with inefficient online marketing efforts Solution • Strategic plan and marketing action • SEO • Online PR Results • Growth of business clientele 25% • Regular guest contributor placement at – high CTO readership • Traffic spikes 50-85% "I have been working with Jasmine for a number of months on marketing for IvanExpert Consulting. She analyzed our website and suggested key changes, she improved our SEO traffic, she got our Senior Technology Expert a monthly article at, and she's currently working on advertising or a partnership with a major online art resource. In sum, Jasmine knows the ins and outs of marketing, especially online marketing." -Caroline Green, Partner, IvanExpert Consulting |
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  5. 5. Client Example : Challenges • Strong Duty-free brand off-line, but weak online • Misunderstood targets • Saturated online marketplace, lack of visibility • Lack of internal marketing resources Solution • Strategic plan and marketing action • SEO • Online PR • Online Promotions/Affinity Programs • Lifestyle Newsletter TM Content Management “Jasmine Sandler has been instrumental in increasing our overall online audience through press releases, sweepstakes and various online marketing opportunities. I would highly recommend anyone looking to increase traffic and sales to contact Jasmine [Sandler, CMO of Agent-cy]. Revenue at our website has increased 20% since we started working with Agent-cy.” Results Isaac Klugmann, former VP Online Sales • 20% online sales increase from 2006-2008 • Placements in major media – Robb Report The Knot, NYC Fashion Week, Seventeen… • Page Rank increase from 3 to 5 • Strong Visibility for “Duty Free” and “Tanzanite” |
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  7. 7. Client Example : Challenges • Strong Sales from off-line program, but weak online brand • Poor user experience • Positioning of a new brand not “dinner cruise”, but as “Party Cruise” • Need to enhance brand online and gain visibility Solution • Strategic online and action marketing plan • New logo, new web site • Paid Search Optimization: 5 cities • SEO & Online PR • Social Media – Facebook fans, Passenger videos and sharing Results • 25% growth in New York and over 50% in Chicago (2008) • #1 Position in Google for “Party Cruise” in all cities • Sold Out July 4th cruises and NYE cruises “Jasmine and Agent-cy know Online Marketing. They enhanced our brand online, found our key online partners and continue to help us grow online by managing our Google campaign in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles and now in SF and Houston. More local party-goers are booking online now at .” Bruce Goveia, President, CityLightsCruises |
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  9. 9. Client Example : Challenges • To create awareness and usage of the video game rating system amongst three parental audiences Solution • SEO and Online PR program Results • Relationships with Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Working Mother, GRAND and more. • 1.5M views of interactive game search widget across partner sites • 25M aware parents brand visibility of ongoing EPR • Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on E+ games for their audience (monthly) • Doubled E-Mail open and Click-through rate increase month to month . Creation of ParenTools Newsletter and Gamer Alerts. I had the opportunity to work with Jasmine on a number of high level digital strategy campaigns. She is extremely knowledgeable in the digital space and understands the needs of the company she is working with. Jasmine provides inventive out-of-the-box ideas to help drive traffic to websites, connect with consumers, and create social media and search engine marketing campaigns. Jasmine is a pleasure to work with, is very reliable and trustworthy and will be an asset to any team. —Christine Seddon, former Marketing Manager,, ESRB |
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  11. 11. Client Example : Challenges • 8 Year Old Training Business with No Online Visibility • Struggling against a saturated marketplace Solution • Strategic online and action marketing plan • New logo, new web site • Paid Search Work • SEO Results • #1 Position in Google for “Boxing Classes NYC” • New Client Acquisition: 16 new clients in 3 months “Jasmine Sandler has done what we had thought impossible – get us market position online versus all the boxing gyms in NYC. Because of her work, we are now ranked first in Google for boxing gyms in NYC and have tripled out client base.” -Victor Rojas , Lead Instructor |
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  13. 13. OTHER CLIENTS (CASE STUDIES IN DEVELOPMENT) 1. Work: Social Media Strategy Client Contact: Cambria Vacarro, 2. Work : U/X, Online Marketing Plan, Site Copy, SEO Strategy 3. Work: Online Marketing Plan, Social Plan, SEO Strategy Client Contact: Christopher Shand, 4. Work: U/X, Online Marketing Plan, Social Media Plan, SEO Strategy Client Contact: Musammil Soorma, 5. Work: On-site SEO, Blogging Guidelines, LinkedIn Training, Social Strategy Client Contact: Brett Patten, Client Contact: James Woomer.
  14. 14. SEO & SOCIAL TRAINING DELIVERED Besides SEO & Social Strategy and Management work, Jasmine Sandler has delivered, as a lead instructor on Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Workshops to multiple organizations. See list below. All references to this work are available on Miss Sandler’s LinkedIn page at:
  15. 15. CONTACT INFORMATION JASMINE SANDLER Lead SEO & Digital Strategist 1180 Avenue of the Americas 8th floor NY, NY 10036 Phone: (212)-843-4111 E-mail: Skype: |