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Agent cy Online Marketing new capabilities deck february 2017


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Agent-cy Online Marketing, a full service Digital Marketing Agency and Training business, has been helping B2B SMB companies drive better online brand awareness and lead generation since 2006. Agent-cy provides the following services:
Digital Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Personal Branding
Online PR
Video Marketing

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Agent cy Online Marketing new capabilities deck february 2017

  2. 2. Stop guessing around what may work in Website marketing, Search Marketing, Paid Online Media and Social Marketing. An Agent-cy Digital Strategy ensures B2B web marketing success. HOW YOU BENEFIT Our Core Business is Digital Marketing. We have been managing Websites, Search Marketing and Social Media for over 10 years. If you want to see ongoing online B2B lead generation, market share, Online Brand penetration and lack resources, let us get it done for you. Unlike other Digital Marketing agencies we truly believe in educating our clients. We have in-house experts and our own training programs to get your Marketing and Sales teams up to speed in everything from Social Branding to Social Selling to SEO. HOW YOU BENEFIT
  3. 3. JASMINE SANDLER CEO & Founder Lead Digital & Social Strategist Industry Awarded Influencer VICTOR ROJAS Campaign Manager MARK MATATOV Web Design SOPHIE TRAN Social Coordinator CLARE JOHNSON Project Manager JOHN POINTER ONLINE MEDIA ED STRUM SEO Lead TED BAUER Content Writer SOPHIE LOVE Social Media Coordinator
  5. 5. JASMINE SANDLER - CEO Global Speaker & Trainer: 250+ Keynote Speeches and Workshops Delivered Top 40 B2B Digital Marketers in World Digital Strategy | LinkedIn | Social Branding Published Social Media & SEO Author : Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO Guidebook for Writing for the Web The Truth About SEO for SMB Agencies
  7. 7. Requires SEO Strategy, Implementation and Continual Optimization ✓ Website MUST BE OPTIMIZED FOR SEARCH AND USER EXPERIENCE ✓ Off-Page ✓ Social Signaling
  9. 9. SERVICE: DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN • Get a full diagnosis of your current Search, Social , Online Media, Online PR and Website programs. • Receive immediate program recommendations for optimization and engagement. • Find out how and where to engage your audience online. • Gain competitive web marketing insight. • Receive a detailed, manageable content plan. • Have a detailed, step-by-step action plan for driving consistent & qualified online lead generation. Agent-cy has delivered over 100 Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plans to companies to assist their brand development, audience development and sales expansion.
  10. 10. SERVICE: SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY • Companies need a Solid SMM Strategy to gain audience engagement. • Understand your targets’ Social content consumption needs and how to engage. • Gain a detailed, manageable Content Strategy and Plan. • Learn how to use Blogging to drive consistent thought-leadership and market position • Understand your Social Ecosystem. • Understand how Social Branding can impact audience development • Find your optimal channel, frequency, engagement and effort mix in SMM WWW.AGENT-CY.COM Agent-cy’s SMM Strategy Program enables a long-term plan for online branding and audience growth in Social.
  11. 11. SERVICE: SEO AUDIT & STRATEGY • Get a detailed review of any Google Panda and Penguin issues and gain immediate resolutions. • SEO Audit reviews 22 points of interference, including: • Code | Content |Structure • Broken Links| 404s| Sitemap Error • Back-linking trust ratio • Permeations in Site Development • Gain competitive Search insight and a proper keyword analysis • Understand how Blogging & Original Content plays a role in your SEO long-term program Agent-cy’s SEO Audit & Strategy Service has helped many B2B companies drive consistent Google Page 1 Rank
  12. 12. SERVICE: CONTENT PLANNING • Development and Delivery of a Plan for Content that will drive thought leadership and target engagement • Analysis and Integration with Company Market Position • Review of Content Types, Plan for Appropriate Content for Web Conversion • Plan for Content Expansion • Ties into effective Social Media Strategy • Involves optimization of current or planned SEO Strategy Agent-cy’s Content Planning program drives thought-leadership, increases viral factor of online branding and enables Online PR opportunities.
  13. 13. SERVICE: ONLINE PR PLANNING WWW.AGENT-CY.COM Agent-cy’s Online PR plan drive thought- leadership, Online Branding, Qualified Sales opportunities and Online community development.. • Step by Step Online PR Plan to meet your Online Branding Objectives • Delivers creative insight into how to leverage your content assets to gain online media attention • Review of current SEO Program and plan for embed into proper Online PR program • Plan for enabling your executive as an Online thought-leader • Analysis and Recommendations of current Social Media Marketing Program as a tie into driving Online Brand Awareness
  15. 15. SERVICE: SEO MANAGEMENT Agent-cy’s team are SEO veterans , contributing keys to the industry. Our SEO Management program drives rank and market position SEO results, for both the short and long-term • Immediate On-Site changes to start rank development. Include appropriate Funnels/Goals/Analytics set up. • Keyword Maintenance and close provisional changes to maintain SEO market position. • All white-hat techniques. • Transparent activity and weekly reporting. • Aggressive programs driven by professionals in SEO , writing for the web and Social Media Managers.
  16. 16. SERVICE: PAID SEARCH MANAGEMENT WWW.AGENT-CY.COM Agent-cy’s PPC Management program drives immediate leads, supports SEO program, delivers campaign insight weekly to your Marketing team • Professional Analysis of current campaign and real opportunities deliver immediate insight for qualified lead generation • Google Certified Agency – all team members • Agent-cy Team brings you the best of web banner design, copywriting, analytical insight and SEM management • Use of contextual, targeted placement, retargeting, calling, geo-location included
  17. 17. SERVICE: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Agent-cy’s SMM Team saves you time, money and drives real business results. Agent-cy delivers ongoing audience development. • Includes appropriate set up and graphics for all determined channels. • Daily professional SMM management in appropriate channels - drives solid awareness and engagement. • SMM done with SEO in mind for optimal online marketing results. • Agent-cy Content creators can deliver all forms – blogging, video/animation, imagery & Graphics. • SMM service includes all management: E-Mail Marketing, Blog Outreach, Campaigning, Status Updates, Commenting, Content & Sharing.
  18. 18. SERVICE: LINKEDIN MARKETING Agent-cy has helped many global executives and teams use LinkedIn as their #1 Sales and Marketing Social Media Tool. • Comprehensive Analysis & Recommendations: • LinkedIn Group • LinkedIn Company Page • LinkedIn Showcase Pages • LinkedIn Ads and History • Individual LinkedIn Executive Profiles • Individual LinkedIn Marketing Plans & LinkedIn Executive Profile Development • Ideation of LinkedIn Ad Campaigns • LinkedIn Company Page and Showcase Page Design & Set Up • Group LinkedIn Training – Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, Ops
  19. 19. SERVICE: B2B FACEBOOK MARKETING WWW.AGENT-CY.COM Agent-cy’s FB program increases fan-building consistently, online brand awareness, drives share ability of content & engages FB fans in all events • Comprehensive Analysis & Recommendations • Facebook Page Set Up • Facebook Daily Content • Facebook Insights • Facebook Fan Engagement • Facebook Marketing Plan including Content Planning • Ideation of Quarterly Campaigns • Facebook Marketing Training • Facebook Marketing Management • Facebook Page Design and App set Up • Facebook LP Set Up • Facebook Ad Design & Management • Facebook Daily Community Engagement • Facebook Insights Reporting & Review
  20. 20. SERVICE: E-MAIL MARKETING Agent-cy’s E-Mail Marketing Programs help global organizations increase Open Rates, Opt-Ins & Sharing • Comprehensive Analysis of current program: • Creative • Frequency • Engagement • Audience • Technology • Content Elements • Sharing • Review & Plan for Driving E-Mail Opt-In & Open Rate Increase • Analysis & Pairing of E-Mail Program with other Member/Subscriber Programs • Delivery of Full E-Mail Marketing Plan & Specific Guidelines
  21. 21. SERVICE: WEB DESIGN WW.AGENT-CY.COM Agent-cy’s Web Design Services are Professional, intended for custom corporate sites requiring strong Branding and ensured user engagement. • Professional Web Design includes comprehensive: • User Profiling • User Path Diagrams • Creative Branding Review • Design Proficiencies in B2B, Corporate, Institutional, Healthcare, Social Media, Ecommerce • Professional web design with (3) revisions on all pages • Development Team: Custom, Corporate; Magento; WP; Drupal; Joomla • Total QOS through 5-step process
  22. 22. SERVICE: WEBSITE CONVERSION Agent-cy’s CRO Program helps B2B sites reduce Bounce Rates, drive more time on page & drive total conversion. • Page by page and full site analysis to recommend the best user experience. • Starts with detailed business review. • Recommendations on web copy, layout & design, content elements based on U/X best practices and user review. • Aid in defining users by types and needs to create optimal paths. • Optimize user funnels towards conversion. • Run and manage A/B tests on all prominent Landing Pages. .
  23. 23. SERVICE: GRAPHIC DESIGN Agent-cy’s Graphic Design team supports our clients Online Branding goals. • We have Branding professionals design corporate look and feel. Your identity is crucial to target perception of a credible brand • Professionally Designed images support a strong Online Branding Program: o Info graphics Design o Presentation Design o Online Ad Design o Web Banner Design o Graphical Images for Article support o Computer Graphics • Proper Graphics are Crucial to Social Media Engagement and Community Development
  24. 24. SERVICE: IOS & APP DEVELOPMENT Agent-cy’s Tech & Development teams have led App strategy and development for the most discerning organizations. • On sites, Responsive Design Mobile- Friendly Design development with user in mind • Internal Application development useful for driving operational efficiencies • Sales & Marketing Internal , IOS and Android Apps extend communications and improve sales processes with remote sales personnel • Business Apps to Public/Member/Customer IOS and Android friendly Apps can help to retain customers and deliver added value
  25. 25. SERVICE: CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION WWW.AGENT-CY.COM • Custom Illustrations can be used to drive brand position and target engagement • Professionally Designed images support a strong Online Branding Program: • Ad Illustration • Storyboard Design • Custom Illustrated Web Banners • Custom Illustrated Web Icons • Custom Illustrated Graphics to support Blog Posts , Online Ads and Articles • E-book covers • Caricatures • Pro Custom Illustration provides unique opportunities for original content strength Agent-cy’s In house Professional Illustrator has helped Agent-cy individual executives stand out online to drive better engagement.
  26. 26. SERVICE: MOTION GRAPHICS Agent-cy’s In house Motion Graphics Pro works from our Illustrators Storyboard creates from a design & marketing standpoint to drive target engagement for B2B clientele. • Storytelling with animation sells • Can be used to drive an online demo • Can be used to build anticipation • Can be used to highlight a process • Our Motion Graphics process is comprehensive:
  27. 27. SERVICE: PRO VIDEO PRODUCTION Agent-cy’s Online Video Team has created hundreds of corporate videos and has capabilities in scripting, HD work, on location and moving videos. Pro Online Videos from Agent-cy can take your company to the next level online. • Use of professional video with high-quality cameras to bring company and organizational environment to life • Quality of video becoming more important in proper Content Marketing • Executive Branding requires proper online video capture and scripting • Video supports driving: • Investments • Qualified Leads • Engagement • Sharing/Viral Activities JEFF WITTENBERG- CEO – SUPREME JUDICIALCLICK TO WATCH VIDEO
  29. 29. SERVICE: ONLINE PR Agent-cy is an Online PR agency. Our focus is utilizing effective PR strategy and execution online to deliver significant Online Branding for our clients. • Social Media Channel Development and daily management. • Channel Updates, Commenting. • Targeted Blogger Outreach and Management. • Content Development and Distribution, including Multi-media Press Releases, Online Videos, Webcasts. Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Blogging & Graphics. • Targeted outreach to reporters via Social, E-Mail, Phone and reporting. • Get Your Online Brand discovered faster and with real credibility for leads and sales.
  31. 31. DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY TRAINING Intended for Senior-Level Marketing Teams & Large Marketing Association Member Teams • Uncover the key aspects to an effective Digital Marketing Strategy • Review How Your Market Position & Audience Aligns with Proactive Digital Marketing • Gain Insight on Key Metrics for Driving Ongoing Measured Digital Results • See Examples of Digital Blueprints that have propelled Online Brand Success • See How A Nurtured Digital Ecosystem Drives Qualified Lead Generation • Learn the Tools, Tactics, Channels & Resources that Matter
  32. 32. SEO TRAINING Intended for Corporate Marketing Teams & Large Marketing Association Member Teams • Discover the 5 Key Components of Organic Search Rank • Learn How to Analyze and Optimize your corporate website • Understand how to leverage Social Media Marketing for Better SEO Results • Learn the Keys to Creating a Market Driving Content Marketing Strategy to Support Organic Search • Understand the tools to measure Search effectiveness • Get Your Online Brand discovered faster and with real credibility for leads and sales.
  33. 33. Intended for CEOs. CMOs, HR Teams, Senior-level Marketing Directors and Sales Teams • Learn How to Choose Appropriate Social Channels • Understand the Keys for Building a Powerful Social Brand • Learn to Create a Social Strategy to Drive Branding and Social Selling Success • Understand How the Social Channels Differ • Learn to Find Your Target In Social Media • Gain Practical Tips for Social Target Engagement SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY TRAINING
  34. 34. WWW.AGENT-CY.COM Intended for HR Directors, Recruiters and Large B2B Sales Groups • Learn How to Use LinkedIn as a B2B Sales Tool • Get a Deep Review of all Functions of LinkedIn from Organic to Paid Targeted Marketing Opportunities • Find the Keys for Developing Thought-Leadership on LinkedIn • Improve and Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile for Target Engagement • Learn how to Drive LinkedIn Search Visibility • Understand How to Network to Drive Qualified Leads LINKEDIN SALES & MARKETING TRAINING
  36. 36. CASE STUDY: ACA - Payroll Distribution Jasmine is one of the best digital marketing professionals in the business. Jasmine and her Agent-cy team consistently met and exceeded our expectations in our website redesign. Jasmine is exceptionally knowledgeable and creative. In addition, all of her deliverables were completed on time and within budget. Moreover, Jasmine is the consummate professional whose expertise is only surpassed by her first-class demeanor.." -Mark Benson, CMO Challenges • Poor website User Experience • Little knowledge of online audience behaviors • Need for secure process of delivering partner documentation • Limited Traffic Solution • U/X • Conversion Optimization • Website Redesign management • SEO Strategy & On-Site • Web Copy Editing • Guided Online Focus Groups • Functional Plan Results • Primary and Secondary audience delivered optimal User Experience • Conversion Increase *5 • Marketing Team made more efficient
  37. 37. CASE STUDY: Intercall - Fortune 100 B2B Telecom Jasmine and her team are passionate about social media, its business value and best practices. Jasmine takes the time to understand your business and goals, maps your unique landscape and delivers outcomes that IMPACT SUCCESS. She is all about engagement, involvement and results. She made every meeting and dollar count and I can’t recommend her & Agent-cy more highly. Cambria Vacarro, Brand Manager, Intercall Challenges • Need to prove to Parent (West) Online sales of audio and video conferencing • No clear understanding of SMB online market • No unified social voice • 10 Disparate Divisions with no Social guidelines, governance or behavior Solution • B2B Social Media Strategy • Content Planning • Unified Messaging Results • Key Stakeholders from Sales & Marketing working together towards a common SMM goal • Intercall SMM Manager utilizing blueprint for success • SMB Market definitions for optimized Sales outreach
  38. 38. CASE STUDY: I.E. - B2B Software Manufacturer WWW.AGENT-CY.COM “Jasmine and her team at Agent-cy completely turned around Interactive Edge. As a result of their work, we now have a strong online brand and consistent leads." -Zel Bianco. Challenges • Ineffective Online Marketing Program • Marketing Team not working together • Poor Website User Experience • Low E-Mail Open Rates • No Social Following • Company Branding almost none Solution • Strategic plan and marketing action • E-Mail Marketing Strategy • SEO Strategy & On-site work • Web Site Redesign • LinkedIn Marketing & Training • B2B Social Media Strategy Results • Landed Nestle client during our program • New Site launched – all traffic up • Open rates up to 25% • LinkedIn Leads Daily for CEO • Google Top Rank 2 main keywords
  39. 39. CASE STUDY: IvanExpert - I.T. CONSULTING WWW.AGENT-CY.COM "I have been working with Jasmine and Agent-cy for a number of months on marketing for IvanExpert Consulting. She analyzed our website and suggested key changes, she improved our SEO traffic, she got our Senior Technology Expert a monthly article at In sum, Jasmine knows the ins and outs of marketing, especially online marketing." IvanExpert Consulting. Challenges • Need to reach business clients • Little understanding of opportunities to • gain market share for MAC consulting business • No understanding of direct nor indirect online competition • Confused brand identity : consultants or technicians? • Frustrated with inefficient online marketing efforts Solution • Strategic plan and marketing action • SEO Audit & Management • Online PR Results • Growth of business clientele 25% • Regular guest contributor placement at – high CTO readership • Traffic spikes 50-85%
  40. 40. CASE STUDY: Spark - PHARMA CONSULTING WWW.AGENT-CY.COM “Jasmine and her team at Agent-cy are amazing digital experts. In her Social Branding work, Jasmine provides every tool at her disposable regarding the effectiveness of your website and current programs, Jasmine communicates in a clear, concise and strategic way. I have already recommended her to clients and colleagues. She is a winner! – Rachel Braun Scherl, Managing Partner Challenges The Spark executive team came to Agent-cy for Digital Marketing expertise in support of their clients as well as to gain social brand thought-leadership for its own lead partner. Solution 1. Website UX 2. Website Design 2. Online User Testing Services 3. SEO Client Strategy 4. Ongoing Social Branding Work Results • Re-growth of an online product. • Spark’s Managing Partner has gained interviews in online industry media and become a contributing writer to key online business publications. • Gained influencer status as a Speaker in the female executive category, earning her presentation work around the globe.
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