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Speaking tips in the public


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speaking tips in the public

Published in: Education, Business
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Speaking tips in the public

  1. 1. SPEAKING TIPS IN THE PUBLIC Ageng Sartika Dewi 031108066 VII b
  2. 2. What are you doing if you are asked to speak in the public? But you are unaccustomed to do it.It is almost certain that You feel afraid and your body is tremble.
  3. 3. Based on the American survey that most ofpeople in the world are afraid to speak in the public In this opportunity I have some speaking tips in the public Check this out
  4. 4. PrayingYou can pray withBismillah or MusaProphet when hewanted to strovewith Fira’un (Q.SThaaha 25-28)
  5. 5. Knowing the audience needed Firm that your audience get they want to know and they don’t know
  6. 6. Paying attention to your Intonation, voice, and articulation
  7. 7. Body languageTake care your body language, how tomoving your hands and your hade and don’t forget your eye contact
  8. 8. Interactive with your audience
  9. 9. Building your confidence and calmI know that if you speak in front of people youfeel taut, but you must be still confidence and calm. Don’t forget to insert the joke. It can make your audiences are enjoy.
  10. 10. I hope that tips can be useful. Thank you