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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Measure Your Upfront/NewFront ROI


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Consider two critical avenues to measure your success and think beyond the traditional definition of ROI. Establish metrics to reflect the return on investment AND the return on innovation in order to effectively demonstrate the value gained from your upfront participation.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Measure Your Upfront/NewFront ROI

  1. 1. Are You Considering Return on Investment AND Return on Innovation? Did you know the value of s3Li<: :<: :e: ss3ful Upfront & IIewFront event ca n be meassu red in two ways’? Both are extremely important! LEADING INDICATORS The nu in her of people p hysgictally in atten-: :Inr: :e during in U pt ro n t«" N W Fro nt v nt. Are you d o min atin g the r: :or‘rverssation during Upfr'ont-"'NewFront sea. ~3<: >n'? SOV m the per‘r: :er‘itages of online content and CO n ver'r3atiQ n :3 about you and Cor‘npetItoi'r3. to the Upfront-I"NewFr'ont RETURN ON INNOVATION (ROlnnovation) The value of brand's reinventing h°"_" the audience experiences content to actively engage in a meaningful way across ever)’ available touChp0int- LEADING INDICATORS Engagement The number of people highly engaged during the Upfront. «"NewFront: people re-:1 uesting in’i'-or'r‘nati<: >n, visiting a key both, sh .3 rin g your brand rnessssage on ssocial media, etc. Memorability How well did u d ien r: :e mem I: -err; rnernI: >er‘ your I: :- rand lc: >llowirig the event? Did you rna l<e an im p r‘es3:3i<: : n that son over r: :or‘np-etitors? Did your strategy engage audiences before, during and alterthe event’? Brand Perception How well did you develop .3 n ernotional con nectio n with the . audienr: e? Did they truly believe { a rid love) w h at your b rand h a d to say’? This IS the ultimate goal of n Upfr'c: >nt. -“NewFront KEY TAKEAWAY Today's audiences don't just passively consume your content. Instead, they actively receive it and interact with it. ROInvestment and RO| nnovation must be in balance to achieve outstanding results from an Upfront/ NewFront event. Be creative! Push the boundaries! :5 ogenoyEA ented by agenq, E./ A, a brand experience Mia‘ htheir target audiences-tIV0U9 expe"e ' This infographic was rare? agency uniting brands wit digital and traditional ertgagemem‘ nt White Paper. "Uplro "ts 8* N9Wi'°”‘5: - e For more insight. 35k i0’ 0”’ rec -» ant event you throw all Year- How to maximize the most import