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EventTech 2016 Takeaways


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Power up your next brand experience with the top takeaways from EventTech 2016. Explore top-of-mind questions and opportunities brands face in today's digital climate, including:
- Why will cognitive experiences transform audience engagement strategies?
- What does this tech-enabled world mean for a non-techie audience engagement?
- How is your brand leveraging the maker movement to build a brand community?

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EventTech 2016 Takeaways

  2. 2. [ENTER] Calling all EventTech geeks! Event Tech 2016 just wrapped — let’s revisit the key takeaways that will help launch your brand experiences into the new year. Discover The Top Techie Takeaways
  3. 3. 01 First stop? Measure the audience’stech- savvy quotient before even opening the conversation on your digital integration. Technologywas built for humansand exists to inform and connect us, but serves no use to any brand if the audience won’t adopt. THE TECH-SAVVY QUOTIENT
  4. 4. AN GE LI N A SPAN I OLO C R E A T I V E S T R A T E G I S T , A G E N C Y E A At the annualCity Electric Supply conferencewe deployed an audience engagementstrategythatresulted in over 81% of attendee participation.Taking a non-techie audience intothe future. We introduced Near Field Communicationsand showed the audience why NFC technology isvaluable,teaching them how easy it is to use. Encouraging adoption through valuable contentoffers,incentivesand networkingopportunities. 01 THE TECH-SAVVY QUOTIENT
  5. 5. Build powerful human connections through data that speaks to, educates and helps the audience see your brand in a new light. Stories are powerful. 02 DATA-DRIVEN STORYTELLING
  6. 6. 02B E CCA LYON M A R K E T I N G M A N A G E R , A G E N C Y E A The SpotifyHouse told a memorable data story using a combination of music, light, projection mapping, design and technology. The projection mapping featured a blank wall filled with objects that were painted white. When attendees selected a specific item, such as a steering wheel, it would activate the corresponding brand data — like how many millions of cars have built-in Spotify. Thousands of data points reinforced key brand messages and engaged attendees through the power of information. DATA-DRIVEN STORYTELLING
  7. 7. 03 The year of 2016 gave us a reality check when it turned into the year of virtual reality. Industry experts and analysts alike are forecasting the disruption that ahead—some estimates are projecting it could reach an $80 billion market by 2025. THE NEXT REALM OF REALITY
  8. 8. CARI WAFFORD D I G I T A L P R O D U C E R , A G E N C Y E A We are beingpulled into new realmsof reality that brands shouldnot ignore!From virtualreality, augmentedreality,even mixed reality,and let’s not forget360 video too – all of which are openingnew opportunitiesforbrands to build immersive experiencesthat resonate.The “cool”factorhas very littleinfluencewhenit comesto yourbrands bottom line and the digital integrationsyouinvest in should be worthit. Don’t fall victim to thebright shiny objectsyndrome!Thetechnology isevolvingand becomingmoreaccessible,butbrandsare evolving as well, developinga deeperunderstanding of how to maximizetheir impact,and theirdollars. 03 THE NEXT REALM OF REALITY
  9. 9. When it comes to the brand experience, a maker mindset makes all the difference. 04 THE MAKER MINDSET
  10. 10. 04CAROL CH AP MAN A C C O U N T M A N A G E R , A G E N C Y E A ComEd’s annual Icebox Derby educates and empowers young women to explore opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The event engaged the audience through a hands-on learning experience., challenging six teams of girls to build electric race cars out of recycled refrigerators. The goal was to engage participants in a DIY experience that explores their interests, while also providing structure to foster innovation and collaboration between the brand and its audience. Ultimately, a brand community can be a very powerful thing. THE MAKER MINDSET
  11. 11. IT is not about the hardware, or the software, or the next BIG thing. IT is about crafting strategically integrated experiences that move our brands forward. These four pillars shed light on this, reflecting the techie takeaways of Event Tech 2016. THE RECAP 1. DATA-DRIVEN STORYTELLING 2. THE TECH-SAVVY QUOTIENT 3. THE NEXT REALM OF REALITY 4. THE MAKER MINDSET
  12. 12. How is your brand experience making the most of digital integrations? Connect with us to talk tech and uncover new ways you can power up your future brand experience. LUCY STRATTON DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT