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20 Steps To Take After Your B2B Event


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Published in: Marketing
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20 Steps To Take After Your B2B Event

  1. 1. STEP 1 THANK YOUR SPONSORS — PROFUSELY Appreciation goes a long way, and there’s a $1 billion pool per year spent on event sponsorships. STEP 3 DEBRIEF THE STAFF Get opinions and evaluations from those who attended. STEP 6 ANALYZE AND RECORD BASIC DATA The number of attendees, leads generated, etc. can quantifiably measure the success of your event. STEP 9 ANALYZE THE BUDGET Look for shortcomings, missed projections and holes that can be fixed. STEP 15 TRACK RELATED NEW REVENUE Calculate sales generated specifically by event attendees over the next several months. STEP 18 CREATE QUALITY FOLLOW-UP CONTENT White papers and blogs can frame your brand as a thought leader, while also continuing the discussion. 20 STEPS TO TAKE AFTER YOUR B2B EVENT STEP 2 THANK EVERYONE ELSE This includes attendees, staff, volunteers, speakers, performers and vendors. STEP 5 SEEK FEEDBACK FROM ATTENDEES Use surveys and email questionnaires to anecdotally measure the event’s success. STEP 8 DO A TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Did event apps and registration platforms work as expected? STEP 11 REACH OUT TO TRADITIONAL MEDIA Provide photos, video and key takeaways. STEP 14 CREATE AN ATTENDEE PROFILES FOLDER Know your customers! Leverage information collected at registration, via event activity tracking, post-event social media monitoring, etc. STEP 17 KEEP ATTENDEES ENGAGED Plan additional online events, such as webinars. STEP 20 ROUND UP RETURNEES Send invites or “save the date” notices for the next event. STEP 12 HAVE THE SALES TEAM FOLLOW UP Someone was collecting visitors’ business cards, right? BLOG THANK YOU! STEP 4 EVALUATE THE “WRINKLES” Which special sessions and gimmicks worked, and which didn’t? STEP 13 BUT AVOID THE HARD SELL With new prospects, focus first on developing a relationship. SALE STEP 10 POST THE HIGHLIGHTS Any videos or notes from speeches and discussions should be posted on social media and the event web page. STEP 7 ANALYZE ATTENDANCE BY SESSION For future reference, what was popular? What were the busiest times? STEP 19 MEASURE INTEREST BY EMAIL Ask attendees to be added to email distribution lists, then track the open and click-through rates. STEP 16 MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA Unsolicited feedback could be more honest and useful. Track event-related tweets, posts and likes, too.