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Top 5 tips for social commerce


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This agency:2 article provides the Top 5 tips on how to maximise the potential of social commerce and ensure you turn conversations into conversions. Read on for recommendations on how to create a truly integrated social commerce solution for your business.

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Top 5 tips for social commerce

  1. 1. Top 5 tips for social commerceWill Facebook commerce be the game changer in 2011? There’s a real feeling among a lot of peoplein the industry that social commerce is the second online commerce revolution. Many brands havealready started to utilize Facebook as an e-commerce platform and it will become increasinglyimportant for businesses to use Facebook to deliver a truly social shopping experience.Here are five tips to make the most from Facebook Commerce: 1. Make the User Journey as Easy as PossibleGiven that Facebook commerce is still in relative infancy, businesses need to clearly demonstratethat buying from Facebook stores is easy and beneficial.For Facebook commerce to maximize its potential Facebook needs to mirror traditional e-commercein terms of proving its usability, customer service, security and privacy – as well as its ability togenerate revenue. Businesses also need to clearly demonstrate the unique value proposition of aFacebook store compared to a brand’s website by providing instant rewards and uniquepersonalized relationships as well as providing a clear call to action.Greater transparency in terms of user experience, along with improvements and innovations whichwill simplify the process such as accepting Facebook Credits – Facebook’s own currency – forpayment, can also only help to make the Facebook commerce proposition even more popular.It shouldn’t be difficult to get Facebook users on board: the ability to have a complete brandexperience – from engagement and product browsing right through to checkout – without having tonavigate anywhere else is an extremely appealing one. 2. Remember it’s SOCIAL CommerceFor Facebook Commerce to be successful brands need to remember that this is social media. Thatmeans the Facebook Store shouldn’t simply be a bolt on to your Facebook Page, it should be a fullyintegrated part of the user’s social experience.It might sound strange to not only talk about selling when it comes to social commerce but the ideais to use e-commerce to enhance the social aspects of your Facebook presence. There must be asmooth transition between engagement on the Wall and the user making a purchase – everythingmust connect. Brands must foster meaningful and personalized engagement with their fans beforethey focus on selling them anything.The point is that you need to remain genuinely social by giving consumers the ability to engage inconversations about the brand and product with you and their peers. Your Facebook Page has to beyour shop window, your customer service centre and your store. 3. Monitor to PersonaliseOne of the great benefits of Facebook commerce is the opportunity to understand what yourcustomers buy and what they want and use this to provide a personalized user experience.May 2011 0207 775 5608
  2. 2. Facebook has developed a range of tools that allows brands to gain further insights about theircustomers. Facebook Insights allow you to track the performance of your e-commerce platform –this includes metrics for specific features such as ‘Likes’ and shares as well as demographicinformation and user behaviour. This information can then be used to understand what messages,deals and rewards will be most effective in gaining customers and maximizing sales.This ability to understand your audience and tailor how and when you communicate with them iswhat makes social e-commerce such a compelling solution for brands. 4. Provide Exclusive ContentIf customers are unsure whether to purchase through Facebook then one way to encourage them toengage and buy is to use social commerce to offer your customers a unique buying experience.Be innovative. Make your brand stand out. Facebook provides all the tools you need to create apersonalized relationship with customers and make them feel unique by offering exclusive Facebookdeals and offers.There are many examples of brands providing a special value proposition such as products ‘onlyavailable on Facebook’, one-time-only availability and offers limited to Fans of the Page to makeproducts compelling. You can also reward loyalty by providing incentives for customers buyingthrough Facebook.Other innovative features have seen brands create Pop-Up Shops and integrate a wish-list into theirFacebook store. You can also use ‘fan-gating’ so that content becomes exclusively available only toFans of your brand or who ‘Like’ your posts. 5. More than the Facebook storeWe’ve talked here about Facebook commerce as the Facebook store. However, you can also takeFacebook to your e-commerce site by using the Facebook Open Graph Protocol and social plug-ins.These tools integrate Facebook into a business’ website enabling them to use Facebook memberdata to display information, goods and services tailored specifically to that user’s interests.For users this means a personalized web experience based on their tastes, interests andrelationships. For brands, by implementing a few lines of code, it means they can provide highlycustomized engagement experiences for their consumers. For example, retailers can utilizeFacebook member data in their e-commerce sites to recommend certain products and allow peopleto easily share things they like.Some of the biggest brands in the world such as Amazon, Levis and Trip Advisor have done this verysuccessfully – integrating with Facebook to offer instant personalization and allowing people toshare what they like with their friends on Facebook.The Future for Social CommerceWhy is Facebook Commerce such an enticing prospect for marketers and businesses? Well, it offersa unique amalgamation of sales and marketing, where you can seamlessly turn a Fan into aMay 2011 0207 775 5608
  3. 3. customer. It also makes complete sense – it allows you to take your company to where yourcustomers are. With 600 million users that place is Facebook.May 2011 0207 775 5608