Seo bible - all you have ever wanted to know about SEO


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In this presentation, you’ll find our best practices from our several experiences. This bible does not reflect official guidelines
but gives you good tips to know about SEO

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Seo bible - all you have ever wanted to know about SEO

  1. 1. SEO  Bible  v1.0  All  you  have  ever  wanted  to  know  about  SEO   40  key  facts  
  2. 2. Before  reading  this  Bible   In  this  presenta9on,  you ll  find  our  best  prac9ces  from  our   several  experiences.     This  bible  does  not  reflect  official  guidelines     but  gives  you  good  9ps  to  know  about  SEO  
  3. 3. Reminder  :  good  ways  to  increase  traffic  from  search  engines  
  4. 4. Content  
  5. 5. Concerning  content  Is  the  strong  or  bold  tag  relevant?  
  6. 6. Concerning  content  Is  the  strong  or  bold  tag  relevant?   Yes!  
  7. 7. Concerning  content  Is  the  size  of  the  meta  descripHon  unlimited?  
  8. 8. Concerning  content  Is  the  size  of  the  meta  descripHon  unlimited?   No!  
  9. 9. Concerning  content  So,  what’s  the  limit?  
  10. 10. Concerning  content  So,  what’s  the  limit?   160   characters    
  11. 11. Concerning  content  Is  the  density  of  keywords  important?  
  12. 12. Concerning  content  Is  the  density  of  keywords  important?   Yes!    
  13. 13. Concerning  content  What’s  the  size  limit  for  meta  Htles?  
  14. 14. Concerning  content  What’s  the  size  limit  for  meta  Htles?   70   characters        
  15. 15. Concerning  content  Are  the  meta  Htles  already  used  by  Search  Engines?  
  16. 16. Concerning  content  Are  the  meta  Htles  already  used  by  Search  Engines?   Yes!  
  17. 17. Concerning  content  Is  it  good  to  share  content  for  SEO?  
  18. 18. Concerning  content  Is  it  good  to  share  content  for  SEO?   No!  
  19. 19. Concerning  content   BUT  
  20. 20. Concerning  content   Using  this  tag  on  partners’  pages  is   a  good  way  to  proceed  to  idenHfy   source  of  content     <meta  name=’original-­‐source’   content=’hIp://www.url-­‐de-­‐votre-­‐page-­‐ source.html’>  
  21. 21. Concerning  content  Are  the  Hn  Htles  good?  
  22. 22. Concerning  content  Are  the  Hn  Htles  good?   Yes!  
  23. 23. Concerning  content  Is  it  a  good  thing  to  index  lisHng  pages?  
  24. 24. Concerning  content  Is  it  a  good  thing  to  index  lisHng  pages?   No!  
  25. 25. Concerning  content  How  can  you  correct  this  problem?  
  26. 26. Concerning  content  How  can  you  correct  this  problem?   Using  canonical  tag!  
  27. 27. Concerning  content  Is  the  number  of  links  in  a  same  page  unlimited?  
  28. 28. Concerning  content  Is  the  number  of  links  in  a  same  page  unlimited?   No!  
  29. 29. Concerning  content  What’s  the  limit?  
  30. 30. Concerning  content  What’s  the  limit?   100   links        
  31. 31. Technical  
  32. 32. Concerning  the  technical  Is  there  a  limit  to  size  of  Url?  
  33. 33. Concerning  the  technical  Is  there  a  limit  to  size  of  Url?   Yes  
  34. 34. Concerning  the  technical  What’s  the  limit?  
  35. 35. Concerning  the  technical  What’s  the  limit?   <  115   characters  
  36. 36. Concerning  the  technical  Are  4XX  (client  error)  &  5XX  (server  error)  penalizing  ?  
  37. 37. Concerning  the  technical  Are  4XX  (client  error)  &  5XX  (server  error)  penalizing  ?   Yes!  
  38. 38. Concerning  the  technical  Are  duplicate  Htles  penalizing  ?  
  39. 39. Concerning  the  technical  Are  duplicate  Htles  penalizing  ?   Yes!  
  40. 40. Concerning  the  technical  Is  the  Url  rewriHng  a  main  issue?  
  41. 41. Concerning  the  technical  Is  the  Url  rewriHng  a  main  issue?   Yes!  
  42. 42. Concerning  the  technical  Shoud  I  use  repertories  in  my  Url?  
  43. 43. Concerning  the  technical  Shoud  I  use  repertories  in  my  Url?   Yes!   Place  keywords  into  your  URLs  
  44. 44. Concerning  the  technical  Can  I  use  dynamic  URL?    
  45. 45. Concerning  the  technical  Can  I  use  dynamic  URL?     No!  
  46. 46. Concerning  the  technical  Should  I  take  care  of  the  loding  Hme  of  my  website?    
  47. 47. Concerning  the  technical  Should  I  take  care  of  the  loding  Hme  of  my  website?     Yes!  
  48. 48. Concerning  the  technical  Can  Search  Engine  detect  what  is  hidden  by  CSS  ?    
  49. 49. Concerning  the  technical  Can  Search  Engine  detect  what  is  hidden  by  CSS  ?     Not  Yet!  
  50. 50. Concerning  the  technical  Is  it  possible  to  index  correctly  a  flash  website?  
  51. 51. Concerning  the  technical  Is  it  possible  to  index  correctly  a  flash  website?   Newbie!  
  52. 52. Concerning  the  technical  Can  I  index  correctly  my  website  if  all  pages  are  created  from  my  root  domain?  
  53. 53. Concerning  the  technical  Can  I  index  correctly  my  website  if  all  pages  are  created  from  my  root  domain?   No  way!  
  54. 54. Concerning  the  technical  Is  it  a  good  idea  to  index  all  my  search  results?  
  55. 55. Concerning  the  technical  Is  it  a  good  idea  to  index  all  my  search  results?   No!   PenalHes  on  your  domain  are  coming  …  
  56. 56. ReputaHon  
  57. 57. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Is  the  number  of  incoming  links  important?  
  58. 58. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Is  the  number  of  incoming  links  important?   Yes!   but  …  
  59. 59. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Is  the  quality  of  incoming  links  vital?    
  60. 60. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Is  the  quality  of  incoming  links  vital?     Yes!  
  61. 61. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Is  the  Trustrank  exisHng?  
  62. 62. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Is  the  Trustrank  exisHng?   Yes!   ScepHc?  What  about  the  Christ?  
  63. 63. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Are  the  link  exchange  interesHng  for  your  SEO?  
  64. 64. Concerning  the  reputaHon  Are  the  link  exchange  interesHng  for  your  SEO?   No!   Too  easy  to  detect…  
  65. 65. Concerning  the  reputaHon  What’s  the  best  way  to  display  your  link  on  another  website?  
  66. 66. Concerning  the  reputaHon  What’s  the  best  way  to  display  your  link  on  another  website?   Picture  with  alt  parameter,   anchor  and  real  text!  
  67. 67. PosiHoning  
  68. 68. Concerning  the  posiHoning  Shoud  I  select  all  high  traffic  keywords  ?  
  69. 69. Concerning  the  posiHoning  Shoud  I  select  all  high  traffic  keywords  ?   No!   Long  tail  is  the  way  
  70. 70. Concerning  the  posiHoning  How  analyze  the  compeHtors?  
  71. 71. Concerning  the  posiHoning  How  analyze  the  compeHtors?   1.  The  nomber  of  incoming  links   2.  The  quality  of  theses  links   3.  Anchors   4.  Density  of  keywords   5.  Their  ranking  
  72. 72. Concerning  the  posiHoning  Is  it  a  good  idea  to  start  a  backlink  campaign?  
  73. 73. Concerning  the  posiHoning  Is  it  a  good  idea  to  start  a  backlink  campaign?   Yes!   But…  
  74. 74. Concerning  the  posiHoning  How  many  links  should  I  have  per  day  at  the  beginning?  
  75. 75. Concerning  the  posiHoning  How  many  links  should  I  have  per  day  at  the  beginning?   10   More  is  fantasHc!  
  76. 76. Concerning  the  posiHoning  How  can  I  increase  my  ranking  on  a  keyword  selecHon?  
  77. 77. Concerning  the  posiHoning  How  can  I  increase  my  ranking  on  a  keyword  selecHon?   WriHng  original  content  with  a   high  density  of  keywords  you’ve   selected  
  78. 78. Concerning  the  posiHoning  Is  Google  considering  links  from  social  media  plateforms?  
  79. 79. Concerning  the  posiHoning  Is  Google  considering  links  from  social  media  plateforms?   Yes  !  
  80. 80. User  experience  
  81. 81. User  experience  Is  it  important  to  consider  the  bounce  rate?  
  82. 82. User  experience  Is  it  important  to  consider  the  bounce  rate?   Yes  !  
  83. 83. User  experience  Why  ?  
  84. 84. User  experience  Why  ?   If  it  is  high,  the  user  don’t  find   the  content  he’s  looking  for  and   you  can  be  penalized!  
  85. 85. User  experience  Does  a  human  program  to  qualify  content  exist?  
  86. 86. User  experience  Does  a  human  program  to  qualify  content  exist?   Yes  !  
  87. 87. User  experience  Is  Google  storing  your  behaviours  on  its  search  engine?  
  88. 88. User  experience  Is  Google  storing  your  behaviours  on  its  search  engine?   Yes!   And  more  with  the  google  toolbar  
  89. 89. To  go  further…   Damien  Anfroy  –  29  years  old  /  DAWA  Agency   MA  Usability  and  webdesign  2003    -­‐  CANADA   World  Wide  Product  Manager  Tom’s  Guide  &  Tom’s  Hardware  (2006-­‐2009)   Founder  of  DAWA  (since    Februar  2010)     Blog  :  hIp://     TwiIer  :  @DamienAnfroy