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Here is a presentation of the basic rules for search engines optimizations

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Seo 101

  1. 1. 101
  2. 2. Introduction Foreword
  3. 3. Damien Anfroy – 29 years old / DAWA Agency MA Usability and webdesign 2003 - CANADA World Wide Product Manager Tom’s Guide & Tom’s Hardware (2006-2009) Founder of DAWA (since Februar 2010) Blog : Twitter : @DamienAnfroy PRÉSENTATIONS
  4. 4. SEO, SEM, SEA… ??
  5. 5. SEO, SEM, SEA…? SEM = SEO + SEA Search Engine Marketing = Search Engine Optimization + Search Engine Advertising
  6. 6. SEO, SEM, SEA…?
  7. 7. QU ’EST-CE GOOGLE ? Definition (official) «  Google is a search engine and its mission is to organize the worldwide informations and to make it universally accessible and useful  »
  8. 8. QU ’EST-CE GOOGLE ? Our definition Don ’ t give to Google an intelligence he did not! We prefer consider Google as a child, sometimes temperamental, who must be well-addressed continuously and well-fed.
  9. 9. QU ’EST-CE GOOGLE ? Don’t provoke a crisis ! If it is annoyed, it ’ s the crisis: the collapse of traffic is guaranteed! It has not the memory of a goldfish. He will remember your mistakes.
  10. 10. QU ’EST-CE GOOGLE ? One slogan Balance
  11. 11. QU ’EST-CE GOOGLE ? Balance? Whether in your URLs or in your content, the density of keywords in the number of links per page ... Google gives a weighting to each element contained in the page: We have to choose the right keyword regarding the content you want to index.
  13. 13. QUELLE APPROCHE ? 5 spheres of Search Engine Optimization
  14. 14. Positionnement Positioning Relevant keywords? High traffic keywords? The choice of keywords!
  15. 15. Positionnement Positioning There are a multitude of tools to search for keywords and competition for each ones. Awareness Approach Select a list of keywords related to your company or your brand Acquisition Approach Select keywords whoch have a high traffic but not too competitive In any case, our recommendation would be to target keywords moderately competitive and in line with the theme of your site rather than spending time on queries too competitive The choice of keywords!
  16. 16. Positionnement Benchmark the competition Positioning Like any marketing study, it is interesting to look at the positioning of the competition on your list of keywords selected. You can easily identify the best practices in your field.
  17. 17. Le contenu Basic rules to optimize your content Meta in HTML code Title (60 characters max) Keywords (10 max) Description (160 characters max) Hn title H1 H2 H3 In the content Put important keywords in bold Favour long text (300 characters minimum per page) to avoid duplicate content Check the density of important keywords Content The content is the raw material of your indexing. For media portals, it’s one of the main spending. In creating original content, you have more chances to be well-referenced. However, other factors can optimize the indexing of your content.
  18. 18. La technique The site structure is essential! Inefficient structure Optimized structure Technical The site structure and more precisely the structure of your content is very important and represents about 80% of our clients' problems. Indeed, taken upstream of a project, this does not represent any major difficulties. Apart from a redesign, structural changes quickly become very expensive.
  19. 19. La technique The loading time of your website + the site is loading faster, better positioned it will be Technical Google and other search engines trying to approach theuser behavior. If a site is too long to load, a user will visit another website. The engines have roughly the same behavior by penalizing sites that are too long to display the content
  20. 20. La notoriété Who’s linking your website and how? Reputation
  21. 21. La notoriété Who’s linking your website and how? Reputation Your site is linked from a lot of websites ... very good! But how are embedded your links? With text? With an image?
  22. 22. La notoriété Who’s linking your website and how? Reputation
  23. 23. L ’expérience utilisateur Be relevant! We know that Google stores your behaviour when you ’ re using its search engine, through your Google toolbar or through cookies. If a user clicks on a result and go back, Google knows this and may penalize your website! Thus, there are programs to qualify contents. People tests specific requests and regarding results they point out the most relevant content. On a long tail, if contents of your site are not relevant with respect to queries you rich to rank on, your domain may be penalized! User experience
  24. 24. L ’expérience utilisateur To go further… SEO is a complex subject that is constantly evolving. We tried, through this presentation to explain and popularize our vision of SEO. If you want to go further, please: Visit our blog Like our FanPage Follow us on Twitter