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THE WOODEN PEN-STICK: turning creative ideas into real life products


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Educational program on Entrepreneurship

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THE WOODEN PEN-STICK: turning creative ideas into real life products

  1. 1. WOODPEN STICK Not Jus a Pen Educational entrepreneurial program of Junior Achievement Greece 1st Gymnasium of Rhodes Greece Aggeliki Nikolaou Architect Teacher
  2. 2. The team of (13-14 yo) students
  3. 3. The first idea The students decided to produce a wooden pen with a build-in USB 8GB stick in its wooden cover. The wooden pen-stick satisfies the need to have a pen and USB stick in the same object and additionally helps to avoid the loss of stick.
  4. 4. Changing and improving the prototype
  5. 5. The Woodpen Stick
  6. 6. We used different kind of wood
  7. 7. The hacked lathe
  8. 8. The cases of the Woodpen Stick made out of fabric
  9. 9. The “woodpen stick” cases were stamped with handmade stamps. The patterns of the stamps are inspired by the decoration of ancient Greek pottery.
  10. 10. Completing the fabric cases
  11. 11. The woodpen stick can be a unique pen-gift or a business gift, or a souvenir, as we can engrave or stamp either a company logo or a local symbol on.
  12. 12. Participation in commercial exhibition HORECA 2016 at Coco-Mat booth
  13. 13. At COCO-MAT booth
  14. 14. Participation in “The Athens Mall” commercial exhibition
  15. 15. Our booth at the exhibition in April 2016
  16. 16. We displayed the hacked lathe
  17. 17. We gained commercial interest
  18. 18. We were awarded with the “Creativity Prize” 2016