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Culture by doing: Young people and the shaping of public space


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Educational project

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Culture by doing: Young people and the shaping of public space

  1. 1. Connecting school subjects with the real life and the local community
  2. 2. Aggeliki Nikolaou Architect - Educator Students from 1st Junior High School of Rhodes and their proposals for public space
  3. 3. Students (13-14) of the 1st Junior High School of Rhodes, were assigned to suggest their best ideas for the development and shaping of the public space of their town. The place of intervention was the under construction recreational zone of Rhodes tourist port. Students were asked to submit proposals of shaping the space
  4. 4. Students visited the site and they examined the uses of public space for purposes of play, welcoming place, street work, consumerism, and for art-related activities.
  5. 5. Students gathered information about the rich local history and the port
  6. 6. •After they investigated the character of the place, they brainstormed to find a lot of ideas for the development of the tourist port. •The class chose the criteria for the proposals. • Due to the historical dimensions of urban spaces, students focused on the local identity as the main criterion for the intervention in the public space.
  7. 7. Students decided to select the: •Colossus •Medieval symbols •Landmarks as sources of inspiration
  8. 8. Students: •Focused on local identity •Created artworks •Designed solutions for the development of the public space •Planned •Built models
  9. 9. Art was the vehicle of creativity
  10. 10. Art was the motivational factor for engagement
  11. 11. Team working on models was the challenge
  12. 12. They took pictures of their artworks
  13. 13. Pictures were processed with free editing tools
  14. 14. Students placed them in the tourist port and got a plethora of solutions
  15. 15. They created the models of the “Colossus fun park” with slides, hammocks, and trampolines for the youngsters.
  16. 16. They placed them in the public space
  17. 17. A group of students worked on landmarks. Windmills and deers were used as inspirational source
  18. 18. Team working with windmills
  19. 19. Kiosks at the tourist port
  20. 20. Kiosks and art exhibition for the local architecture
  21. 21. The medieval architecture as well as the medieval castle sparked students interest
  22. 22. Tourists welcome-corners
  23. 23. Information corners for tourists near the archeological site of the port.
  24. 24. One group of students decided to propose 3D projections mapping on the buildings
  25. 25. The students proposals were presented to the local authorities, during an event, organized by the school community.