Day 2: dr carol tan ceo panel discussion


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Day 2: dr carol tan ceo panel discussion

  1. 1. Panel Discussion
  2. 2. CONCERNS - MATURE, OLDER EMPLOYEES Issues and Challenges organisations faced in relation to managing mature employees As average age of employees rises, health and 67% insurance costs go up # 1 concern physical abilities beyond mature Jobs may require 43% and older employees’ abilities As average age of employees rise,Issues & Challenges Mature and older employees are often unwilling to 38% health change or learn newinsurance costs will go up and health things/technology Jobs are not currently structured and re-designed 38% #2 for part-time and/or flexible schedules concern Jobs may require and olderwill notabilities beyond mature Concerned that younger manager physical be able 38% to supervise mature employees and older workers abilities ( productivity) 26% Flexible schedules are not often available 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% % responses Source: Leading Practices for managing mature employees. 2 Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices 2010
  3. 3. WHAT HEALTH RISKS ARE YOU SEEING IN YOUREMPLOYEES, WORKPLACE TO CAUSE CONCERN? High stress Unhealthy level employee 69% lifestyle Overweight 43% 18% Sedentary jobs Physical 27% occupational health risks 20%
  4. 4. I AM CONCERNED BECAUSE POOR EMPLOYEE HEALTH…High medical,insurance costs Impacts productivity
  6. 6. All workers, regardless of ageTechnology People- Training Health Productivity, Profit, Growth, GDP
  7. 7. Grow productivity, not just GDP PM Lee Hsien Loong 26 Jan 2010 “Singapore is to adopt a new economic growth strategy focused more on improving productivity than pursuing growth at all costs. The reason boils down to the countrys land and labour constraints”Min. Manpower Gan KY DPM Tharman20th Jan 2011 Chairman , National Productivity and“Investing in safety andhealth can benefit your Continuing Educationbusiness- productivity & Council 10th June 2011business performance. Workplace health- Making a business case •“We will simplifyFailure to devote resourcesin safety and health can lead CDC USA processes to improve theto significant business costs •The workplace is an important setting for health accessibility and outreachdownstream, such as protection, health promotion & disease prevention of our schemes. …employee compensation, programs.absentee turnover, lost •Workers on average spend more than one-third of theirproductivity and damage to •Look into effective waysreputation.” day, five days per week at the workplace. of engaging the public to foster a culture of •While employers have a responsibility to provide a safe & hazard-free workplace, they also have abundant continuous improvements opportunities to promote individual health and foster a as a way to benefit both healthy work environment workers and companies. ..Min. Health Gan K Y •Work closely with21Sep 2011 •The use of effective workplace programs, policies, maintaining healthy workforce can businesses and workers to • Reduce health risks , raise productivity on aMore young people hit bychronic disease • Lower direct costs such as insurance sustainable basis, so that premiums , worker’s compensation all Singaporeans can share claims. in the nations progress.”2 in 5 Singaporeans aged 20years and above are already • Positively impact many indirect costssuffering from at least one such as absenteeism and workerchronic ailment productivity
  8. 8. Productivity and People- An Age friendly workplace Together we will succeed! Technology People-Health Training 8
  9. 9. National Productivity Fund .. Technology and Training.. How about the people themselves who are being trained and using the technology ?• Purposes of Fund 4. —(1) The moneys in the Fund may be withdrawn and applied for all or any of the following purposes only:• (a) the provision of financing (but not loans) or incentives (including grants and scholarships) to any public authority, enterprise, educational institution or other person (whether in Singapore or elsewhere) undertaking or facilitating any programme on matters relating to productivity enhancement and continuing education;• (b) the payment of expenses incurred by the Board in the performance of its functions and the discharge of its duties under this Act, including any remuneration or allowances payable to the members of the Board who are not public officers;• (c) the payment of all expenses incidental to or arising from the administration, investment and management of moneys in the Fund.
  10. 10. THE SIMPLE ACT OF PAYING POSITIVE ATTENTION TO PEOPLE HAS A GREAT DEAL TO DO WITH PRODUCTIVITY. Tom PetersIf you want 1 year of prosperity, … Grow grain.If you want 10 years of prosperity, … Grow trees.If you want 100 years of prosperity,… Grow People. 10