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Neil Churchill - Driving change in the NHS for older people


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Neil Churchill, National Director for Patient Experience, NHS England - presentation from For Later Life conference, 25th April
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Neil Churchill - Driving change in the NHS for older people

  1. 1. Delivering Change in the New NHSGiving older patients apositive experience of care
  2. 2. Compassion in PracticeReducing health inequalitiesThe strategic framework
  3. 3. The new system
  4. 4. 4Overarching indicatorsEnsuring that people have a positive experience of care4a Patient experience of primary carei GP servicesii GP Out of Hours servicesiii NHS Dental Services4b Patient experience of hospital care4c Friends and family testImprovement areasImproving people’s experience of outpatient care4.1 Patient experience of outpatient servicesImproving hospitals’ responsiveness to personal needs4.2 Responsiveness to in-patients’ personal needsImproving access to primary care services4.4 Access to i GP services and ii NHS dental servicesImproving women and their families’ experience of maternity services4.5 Women’s experience of maternity servicesImproving the experience of care for people at the end of their lives4.6 Bereaved carers’ views on the quality of care in the last 3 months of lifeImproving experience of healthcare for people with mental illness4.7 Patient experience of community mental health servicesImproving children and young people’s experience of healthcare4.8 An indicator is under developmentImproving people’s experience of accident and emergency services4.3 Patient experience of A&E servicesImproving people’s experience of integrated care4.9 An indicator is under development *** (ASCOF 3E)Outcomes to improve
  5. 5. 79724935448365 6272887756463827 2659344457 6043020406080100AUS CAN FR GER NETH NZ NOR SWE SWIZ UK USMedical home No medical homeScale of challenge
  6. 6. Friends & Family TestFull coverage across all NHS services by March 2015Everyone over theage of 16, at or within48 hours of dischargeFrom April 2013-A&E & inpatientsWho? When?Where?Women (age to beconfirmed) From October 2013-Maternity services“as rapidly as possible thereafter for all those using NHS services “ (The Mandate,Nov 2012)Reported and published monthlyMonthly Friends and Family Question for Staff
  7. 7. Themes for improvementAge AgendaPeople living with frailtyOutcomes in key diseaseareasPatient involvementAvoidable harmShift to preventativeservicesDomain StrategyPeople living with frailtyDiagnosis and interventionPatient involvementAvoidable harmPreventative care
  8. 8. Patient ExperienceResponse to FrancisRelational Care* Shared decision-making* Communication* Emotional supportIntegration* Information* Co-ordinationInvolvementStandardsCapacity buildingImprovementMeasurement
  9. 9. Progress brings challenges
  10. 10. Working