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Darker than black


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A short story

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Darker than black

  1. 1. DARKER THAN BLACK By Jeremy Patterson
  2. 2. DARKER THAN BLACK Micah leaned his back on the willow tree wincing in pain. He tried lifting his strong side arm but itwouldn’t budge, it would not move. It hung there lifeless and dripping blood. He had never broke any ofhis limbs before but he surely thought that it was broken. He remembered his father would say, “If it isbroken you’ll know it", and he thought how true those words were. Father...., he thought. Shakingmemories before they could fill his mind he surveyed the rest of his situation. He had many bruises fromhead to toe, he felt the majority of them hidden beneath his clothes. His eyes stung from blood andsweat and no matter how he felt he knew that he could not give up, he could not let IT win.....A coldshudder ran up the back of his neck, the MONSTER was moving closer to where he was. He lookedover his shoulder and saw the glowing red eyes in the distance. Even though it was too dark to see itsface, he knew that it was smiling, sharp teeth exposed in a vicious smile. As he clutched the sword withhis weak hand he began to let the memories take him this time. It was hard to imagine that just a shorttime ago, he was with his family and his world was at peace.
  3. 3. DARKER THAN BLACK The Greenrun Village was a simple yet beautiful place in the middle country. The war was over andthe land was safe and free of turmoil. The villagers were hardworking and all contributed to the wellbeing of Greenrun. In the morning farmers minded the fields, women were at the stream washing theclothing from the day before. Children were at the village school learning about parts of the world thathad only been seen by the eyes of few of the eldest villagers. Men did their respected jobs, blacksmith,doctor, guard, baker and much more. By evening the roar of the village was quieter but not silenced sincemany could be seen at the center square by the fire. Songs were sung of the wars of the past and theheroes that won them. Micah and his family were a small part of the village. They lived toward the northend of the village wall in a modest hut. There was Amaris, Mica’s mother, Donovan, Micah’s father.Samara Micah’s elder sibling and the runt of the family, Micah himself. Amaris was a olive skinnedwoman who was beautiful by any mans eyes. She was not glamorous but any person could see that shehad true beauty that surpassed any made-up woman.
  4. 4. DARKER THAN BLACK She had piercing light eyes that seemed to search a gazers soul and a smile that would warm theirheart. She loved her family very much and was the glue that held them all together. Donovan herhusband was a stoic man of proud stature. He was rustic, strong and was easy to tell that he was once awarrior. He was a jack of all trades in Green Run and respected by most of the villagers. There weresome though that avoided him due to stories of his role in the war. He was nevertheless a skilledswordsman as well. Samara was the oldest child of the two. She was beautiful like her mother and stronglike her father. She was quiet young lady in public and a terror to her younger brother Micah at home.She teased him relentlessly daily but loved him dearly. She was very protective of Micah because of hisfrail nature, something that her parents instilled in her when Micah was born. Micah was a small child.He was a handsome boy but it was masked under his meek nature. He was frequently sick and quick toavoid physical activity. While the village children he lived near his hut would play boulder dash, he wouldbe in the dirt with gems and stones recreating the galaxy’s planets from memory. Studies were his game.
  5. 5. DARKER THAN BLACK Though Micah was more of a scholar than a warrior, he would jump to practice sword fighting withhis father. He enjoyed it because his father would share tales of the war and history in between thesparring. Micah enjoyed the bonding that he shared with his father. He also knew that his father wenteasy on him during their bouts. The four of them moved in different directions in their daily lives but all came together at the endof the day. It became a ritual to exchange their individual stories of the day. Each looked at one anotherwith love. Before bed Donovan would rest while reading with Samara and Micah would sit with hismother as she sang to him. Micah loved her beautiful voice and his favorite song was “Amura Te’Adorah”, a lullaby song that was about brave elves that lived years ago when the land was supposedlyroamed by magical creatures. True or not he didn’t care. He loved the ancient words that his mothersung. Occasionally, when his family slept, Micah would wake up in the middle of the night and stare athis parents and sister. He would smile knowing that he loved them and that he was loved.
  6. 6. DARKER THAN BLACK The next day at Green Run was like all the others before it. The farmers in the field, the women atthe lake, the men with their work and Micah’s father doing his numerous tasks. At school during breakMicah went to the dirt area while his school mates played. He heard something in the distance,something he had not heard before. It was cries for help. From the dirt mound he could see a man on ahorse coming toward the main wall. Micah climbed a post to get a better look. The man was badlytattered, bloody and beaten. He was slumped on the horse yelling for help as he came to the front gate.Micah did not know why but he felt a strange since of dread at the sight of the man. After word camefrom the head village Duke, the guards let the man in to he village. He thanked them as he drank thewater given to him and was helped by two guards to the closets hut to talk to the council of why he wasrunning for his life. Micah’s classmates were quickly called in but Micah was strangely drawn to the manand his situation. He ducked the instructor and made a dash to the hut were the man was taken. Hissmall stature made him able to not be seen as he observed the scene from the back. The council, a fewguards and other important people of the village surrounded the man as he told his story.
  7. 7. DARKER THAN BLACK Micah could also see his father, who he assumed was called due to his background. The man spokeof a terrible evil that struck his village in Sevesta, not to far from Green run. He said that during thenight, a force of unimaginable power killed all that slept. He said that there was a resistance put up by theremaining villagers, but they were quickly wiped out by the thing. The “thing” was a monster withglowing red eyes and teeth of as sharp as daggers. The beast was tall and had a long sword that wasdarker than any black ever seen. He was asked by members of the council on how he survived and whileweeping he shamefully said that he hid underneath his wife’s body while the beast rampaged the land.While others consoled the man and asked him questions, Micah saw his father quickly leave. Micah madehis way home as quickly as he could.
  8. 8. DARKER THAN BLACK Micah and his family sat at the supper table but they did not exchange stories or smiles. A moreserious matter was discussed. Earlier that day a plan was made by the council to send armed men to thedirection of the beast before it could make it to the village. The group would be led by Donovan, Micah’sfather. Amaris and Samara hugged Donovan and wept while Micah stood in the corner watching. Atnight while the woman slept, Donovan spoke with his son and told him to be brave. He left himinstruction if he was to not return. They spoke a while longer until they fell asleep. When Micah awokehis father was gone.
  9. 9. DARKER THAN BLACK Donovan and the other men held their torches high in the night as they followed the man fromSevesta, who was their scout. Unknown to Donovan was that Micah had snuck out and was trailing hisfather nearby. Micah was afraid but he had a strong feeling that he needed to be near his father. The manfrom Sevesta was in front, Donovan close behind and the rest of the men in back. Micah watched as hisfather asked the man to slow down a little with his horse. The man, spoke to Donovan but his back wasturned to Donovan and was hard to hear. Micah bounded from tree to tree to see what was happening.As he made around to the Sevesta man his mouth gaped in horror. Unseen to the Micah’s father and therest were the man’s glowing red eyes. He smiled with sharp razor like teeth and plunge his hand into hishorse’s side. The horse eerily did not move or jump in pain but began to dissolve and form into theshape of a black sword. Micah tried to scream to his father to alert him but no sound escaped his mouth.The beast turned around and quickly stabbed Donovan in his side. Donovan, mortally wounded calledout to the men. He drew his sword and clashed with the beast but the monster was too powerful
  10. 10. DARKER THAN BLACK . The men ran to Donovan to help but were quickly cut down. The beast walked to each body andseemed to suck their essence into his sword. Micah watched all of this in horror. The beast walked toDonovan and stabbed him again giving a fatal and final blow. He then continued to take Donovan’sessence. The monster threw his sword in front of him and it quickly tuned back into the black stallion.Micah knew that he was headed for the village. He stepped from behind the tree and with a shrill voiceand eyes full of tears he let out a mighty yell at the beast. The thing screeched as it halted and turnedtoward the boy who had came out of the woods and revealed himself. The thing smiled and stepped offthe horse. He again plunged his fist into the horse and it more quickly became the black sword. Micahwalked to his father’s body and grabbed his sword. The beast laughed a evil cackle as it walked to Micah.It towered over him and spoke no words. Smiling it took the sword and swiped to Micah’s direction. Likea reflex Micah blocked but the force of the strike quickly broke his arm. Terrible pain flooded Micah ashe grabbed the sword with his other hand. More quickly the beast approached and Micah fought withevery skill he was ever taught. The beast was surprised and grew tired of the boy and angry.
  11. 11. DARKER THAN BLACK Micah parried and stabbed the beast and the thing let out a painful shrill. It grabbed Micah and was quickly stabbedagain by the boy, his small stature was perfect for fast attacks. The beast threw Micah in pain and Micah tumbled down asteep hill falling trough the forest. The fall and blow to his arm had weaken him tremendously. His entire body quivered inpain. The beast jumped down to where the boy was to finish him off. Micah weakly stood up and ran into the thick of thewoods. His father told him of warriors of the past and how they led adversaries out of their comfort zone. He hid behind atree and could feel the beast approaching, could feel the black skin on it’s face pull back to reveal the mouth of daggers. Heheard foot steps approaching slowly then all of a sudden heard them pick up to a terrifying speed. Micah jumped out andrevealed himself to the beast as it made a strike to the boy. The black blade swung as Micah rolled under. It stuck into a tree asMicah stabbed the things heart. It screamed so loud it pierced Micah’s ears terribly. He stood his ground and stuck the bladedeeper. The beast fell to its knees and when it slammed the forest floor it burst into nothing. Micah stood there crying forsome time for the loss of his father. He then made his way to the village.