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Revised defence products list for mandatory Industrial licensing

The DIPP (Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion) has released a revised list of defence products for which an Industrial License is mandatory.An item that is not a part of this list, will not require an Industrial license. It has been further clarified that 'dual use' items do not require a license.

This is the second iteration that has been made by the DIPP to rationalize the defence products list. The revised list has been drawn from the ITC-HS coding list which is used by the DGFT to track; register India's foreign trade.

We sincerely hope that this revised list makes defence participation, at least at the component and sub-system level, easier and faster. Also there should now be no ambiguity on the fact that 'dual use' items do not require a License and neither do 'services' as it is not a part of the revised list.

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