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Beyond the PDF 2, 2013


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Beyond the PDF 2, 2013

  1. 1. Embedding  underpinning  mechanisms   for  data  reuse  and     reproducibility  in  bioscience   The  ISA  Exemplar     (Inves=ga=on/Study/Assay)   -­‐behind  the  PDF-­‐     Alejandra  González-­‐Beltrán,  PhD   Oxford  e-­‐Research  Centre,  University  of  Oxford,  UK   Beyond  the  PDF  2,  Amsterdam,  Netherlands,  March  20th  2013  
  2. 2. Source  of  the  figure:  EBI  website   Bioscience      Mul=ple  domains      Mul=ple  communi=es      Mul=ple  technologies      Mul=ple  data  types      Mul=ple  data  formats      Mul=ple  data  repositories      …   Community  engagement   ISA     infrastructure  Generic  format  for     Open  source  rich  experimental   soVware  tools    descrip=ons  
  3. 3. Minimise  the  burden    and  provide  tools  and  incen=ves  for     repor=ng,  cura=ng,  sharing   data  and  metadata  of  bioscience     experiments     to  enable  the     comprehension,  re-­‐use  of  data   in  subsequent  inves=ga=ons   and  reproducibility  of  bioscience    
  4. 4. Community  engagement   community  standards   use  cases  
  5. 5. Community  engagement   community  standards   use  cases  
  6. 6. Community  engagement   community  standards   use  cases  
  7. 7. Community  engagement   community  standards   use  cases  
  8. 8. Experimental  descrip=on   provenance/aZribu=on    tracking   aggrega=on:   workflow   publica=ons,  data   samples    characteris=cs   community     standards   experimental    design   +  sta=s=cal     ontology   methods    annota=ons   …   cura=on  at  source   incremental  across  the  research  cycle   (from  planning/grant  wri=ng  up  to  manuscripts   publica=on  and  beyond)  
  9. 9. collaborate   query   visualize   store   filter   share   create   analyse  curate   submit   research   objects   nanopub   share   query   integrate   link   infer  
  10. 10. research   objects  
  11. 11. g   n  u nderlyin links  betwee ds  and   ho d ata/met   pub lica=onsresearch   objects  
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