USDmkt805 - Social Media Marketing Lecture 1 & 2 Slides


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Slides for Social Media Marketing class MKT805 taught in the University of San Diego's Continuing and Professional Education program. More info:

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USDmkt805 - Social Media Marketing Lecture 1 & 2 Slides

  1. 1. MKT805 Social MediaAndrew BeginApril 4, 2013#USDmkt805
  2. 2. MKT805 Social MediaIntroduction
  3. 3. About meDirector of Marketing - PINT, IncCT Born and RaisedMarketing & Advertising BackgroundBass for The Accidentals Bandtwitter: @agbegin
  4. 4. About youNameWhat you doWhy youre hereSomething fun
  5. 5. About this class
  6. 6. About this classOnly four classes!1) Thinking differently about social media "marketing"2) Hands-on social media (workshop - computer lab)3) Developing a social media strategy4) PresentationsNOTE: #USDmkt805 will be our hashtag!
  7. 7. About this classClass deliverables:1) Social media strategy document2) Profiles/pages for at least two social networks3) POSTS! Tweets, status updates, photos, videos, etc.4) Presentation - strategy, execution and metrics@agbegin | #USDmkt805
  8. 8. Step 1: Be aware [look outside]source:
  9. 9. MKT805 Social MediaWhat is Social Media?
  10. 10. What is social media?Let’s ask wikipedia:“Social media refers to the means of interactionsamong people in which they create, share, andexchange information and ideas in virtual communitiesand networks...”wikipedia“Social media marketing refers to the process ofgaining website traffic or attention through socialmedia sites.” - wikipedia
  11. 11. What is social media?35:27
  12. 12. Social media is...a telephonea magnifying glassa two-way conversationa commitmentdangerous
  13. 13. Social media is a telephoneSocial media is a medium we can use communicate tocustomers for support, for sales, for marketing, andmuch more. Its not just a marketing tool.What department controls the telephone at yourcompany?Dont let it ring! Participation requires listening &responding.
  14. 14. Social media is a telephone
  15. 15. Social media is a magnifying glassSocial media can magnify both the good and the bad.Before you engage, make sure you arent at risk for thelatter.ZingChart in 2010 (~60 visits per day to 2,700)
  16. 16. Social media is a magnifying glass
  17. 17. Social media is a two-way conversation
  18. 18. Social media is a commitmentsource: | @unmarketing
  19. 19. Social media is dangerous
  20. 20. Social media is a givenConversation is happening with or without you, and youcant control it, you can only participateWith appropriate participation you can tilt theconversation in the right directionInappropriate conversation can make it worse than noneat all
  21. 21. Takeaway?“Strategy without tactics is the slowest routeto victory. Tactics without strategy is thenoise before defeat.”- Sun Tzu... this class will be a balance betweenstrategy and tactics.
  22. 22. MKT805 Social MediaSocial Media NetworksThe toolbox
  23. 23. Social media networksHow do we categorize social media sites?Audience?Purpose?Functionality?... all of the above
  24. 24. Social media networks
  25. 25. Social media networks
  26. 26. Social media networks
  27. 27. Social media networksCommon functionality:Sharing and re-sharing of contentMessaging/mentioning other individualsLocation-based taggingCross-network posting/integration**sometimes gets territorial re: content ownership.
  28. 28. Social media networks - Facebook
  29. 29. Social media networks - FacebookWhat is it?Audience: Everybody (near saturation)Purpose: Connect with friends and family, distribute/share contentFunctionality: photos, videos, events,public/private/group messages, brand pages
  30. 30. Step 1: Be aware [look outside]source:
  31. 31. Social media networks - FacebookBrands should set up a "page," not a user profile. Thisallows admin rights, page insights, and user-initiated"likes."
  32. 32. Social media networks - FacebookWhats it good for?Lifestyle, entertainment, and other B2C-type companiesFacebook spans across all ages and demographics now,but the content has to be relevant and timely to bewelcome.Theres a fine line between too muchand not enough
  33. 33. Step 1: Be aware [look outside]
  34. 34. Step 1: Be aware [look outside]
  35. 35. Step 1: Be aware [look outside]
  36. 36. Social media networks - FacebookWhats the latest?Graph search: incorporating the online review/localbusiness recommendationNew layout: coming soon!Hashtags!
  37. 37. Social media networks - Twitter
  38. 38. Social media networks - TwitterWhat is it?Content distribution. Information (text/photo/ video)sharing RE: news, sports, politics, fun and more.Functionality: text posts < 140characters, photos, shortenedlinks, Vine video app
  39. 39. Social media networks - TwitterWhats it good for?Active niches across wide range of industries anddemographics (adoption is still growing)Open communication with nearly anybody (mostaccounts are public)Great distribution mechanism if nurtured
  40. 40. ... but will they adopt using Twitter?Social media networks - Twitter
  41. 41. Whats the latest?Twitter Advertising: Promote your account or tweets togain followersVine app: short, 6-second video clips"Pay by Tweet" - American Express partnership to payvia a tweet (coming soon)Social media networks - Twitter
  42. 42. Social media networks - LinkedIn
  43. 43. Social media networks - LinkedInWhat is it?Audience: More specifically adopted by career-focusedindividuals with more formal educationPurpose: Professional networking, hiring, recruiting,referrals, content distribution (somewhat), groupsFunctionality: robust profile editor,networking/connection tools, company pagesfeaturing service descriptions, status updates,recommendations
  44. 44. Social media networks - LinkedInWhats it good for?More formal networking onlineLead generation: targeted search mechanism(especially for paid accounts)"Whos viewed your profile" may open doors
  45. 45. Social media networks - LinkedInWhats the latest?Content push: Richard Branson, Tim OReilly, and othercontent contributersDifferent paid models for specific functionality (sales,recruitment)We shall see when the dust settles
  46. 46. Social media networks - YouTube
  47. 47. Social media networks - YouTubeWhat is it?Most popular video upload site (Others include Vimeo,Dailymotion)Content publishing primarily (distribution often happenselsewhere via embed)A search engine
  48. 48. Social media networks - YouTubeWhats it good for?Content sharing - tutorials & how-tos, product demos,company culture
  49. 49. Social media networks - YouTubeWhats the latest?Bought by Google in 2006; is becoming increasinglyintegrated over time with other Gmail productsYoutube advertising allows hyper-targeted adsPartnering for live video (Presidential debate)Live Google Hangout streaming
  50. 50. Social media networks - Google+
  51. 51. Social media networks - Google+What is it?The social "layer" of Googles platform (Gmail,Calendar, YouTube, Now, etc.)Competitor to Facebook
  52. 52. Social media networks - Google+Whats it good for?To be determined; it has yet to secure the marketdespite claims of widespread usage ("platform" logins)SEO implications of posting updates/content throughGoogle"+1" - Similar to Facebook "Like" but gets incorporatedinto search engine results
  53. 53. Social media networks - Google+Whats the latest?Google+ for Enterprise? Now - automated recommendations, reviews,notifications and more
  54. 54. Social media networks - Pinterest
  55. 55. Social media networks - PinterestWhat is it?Social photo bookmarking siteVast majority of users are women (90%)Traffic generator (for the right business/purpose)
  56. 56. Social media networks - PinterestWhats it good for?Enabling sharing and bookmarking (you dont have todo all the work)Highly visual products & servicesReferral traffic & reaching new audiences that may notnecessarily be "looking" for your productBuild a following
  57. 57. Social media networks - (new) Myspace
  58. 58. Social media networks - (new) MyspaceWhat is it?Social network targeted at younger, creative/music-oriented audienceJustin Timberlake as Creative DirectorMusic player
  59. 59. Social media networks - (new) MyspaceWhats it good for?Still early to tellSelling/purchasing music?Entertainment/lifestyle brand engagement?
  60. 60. Social media networks - Foursquare
  61. 61. Social media networks - FoursquareFoursquarePrimarily for location-based businessesRelies heavily on gamification, rewardsPeople have likely already checked in at your business(customers or employees)You may "claim" your location
  62. 62. Social media networks - Yelp
  63. 63. Social media networks - YelpYelpOnline reviews for local businesses and services(including chains/franchises)Like Foursquare, primarily for location-basedbusinessesThere may be comments about your businesson the site alreadyNEW: "ROI Calculator"
  64. 64. Social media networks - InstagramWhat is it?Photo sharing app (originally for iPhone)Part of the simplification wave of networks andapplications (do one thing well)
  65. 65. Social media networks - Daily deals sitesWhat is it?Agree to significantly discount (50%) your product/service for being promoted to a large audienceBlessing and a curse - deal shoppers often have little tono brand affinity
  66. 66. MKT805 Social MediaSocial Media Terminology
  67. 67. Social media terminologyHandle (Username)A "handle" is a username that uniquely identifiesusers on a given social network.
  68. 68. Social media terminologyAvatarThe image or photograph used for identification onsocial media networks. Nearly all social media networksuse avatars.
  69. 69. Social media terminologyBioNetworks provide varying levels of space for "About Us"type information. The important thing across networks isto be clear about who you are and what you will beposting (or not). Keep SEO in mind!
  70. 70. Social media terminologyMentionWhen you insert another users handle into a messageof your own, that user is typically notified that they were"mentioned," or tagged, in a post.
  71. 71. Social media terminologyMention (continued)
  72. 72. Social media terminologyHashtagHashtags are a way of "tagging" or categorizinginformation and discussions in social media. "Hash"implies that a pound sign (#) precedes the keyword(s).
  73. 73. Social media terminologyHashtag (continued)● Discussing events: #grammys, #superbowl, #SOTU● Causes: #occupy, #sopa, #relayforlife● Describing a tweet: #sarcasm #NSFW #LOL● Marketing: #McDStories, #justdoit
  74. 74. Social media terminologyRetweet (RT)Retweeting is when you share another personsmessage to your own followers.OriginalRetweeted by @uofsandiego (non-modified, pass through)
  75. 75. Social media terminologyRetweet (continued)Many Twitter apps enable users to modify the text of aretweet to add comments, an answer or otherwise (insome cases, changing to MT is appropriate etiquette).OriginalRetweeted and modified by @flea333 (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  76. 76. Follow, Friend, Like, Connect, SubscribeMost social networks allow users to connect or followone another (privacy restrictions aside). For brandaccounts, approval is usually not necessary.Social media terminology
  77. 77. InfluencerAn influencer is somebody (usually within a specific targetaudience) who has a strong social media following.Social media terminology
  78. 78. Short URLSites often automatically shorten links for lower charactercount and tracking abilities media terminology
  79. 79. MKT805 Social MediaSocial Media InfluencersPeople to Follow
  80. 80. People to follow - social media/marketingJay Baer - @jaybaerScott Stratten - @unmarketingTom Webster - @webby2001John Jantsch - @ducttapeHubspot - @hubspot
  81. 81. People to follow - san diegoSan Diego Magazine - @SanDiegoMagCity Beat - @SDCityBeatSan Diego County - @SanDiegoCountyKPBS - @KPBSProtip: many reporters live on twitter.
  82. 82. People to follow - industry xMany B2B and B2C industries have apresence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook orother more specific networks.Lets try exploring one...
  83. 83. MKT805 Social MediaCrafting a Strategy Part IResearch
  84. 84. How social media fits into your ecosystem
  85. 85. Step 1: Be aware [look inside]Who is our company?● personality/brand● structure (personnel)● structure (services/products/departments/locations/business lines)● industry (*legal implications*)
  86. 86. Step 1: Be aware [look inside]Who is our audience?● demographic● psychographic● social media participation? (where, how,when)
  87. 87. Step 1: Be aware [look outside]Whats already being said about yourcompany?Search Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp*Pro-tip: set up Google alerts
  88. 88. What are your competitors doing?Step 1: Be aware [look outside]
  89. 89. What are your audiences doing online?Target Audiences (customers, partners)Industry PublicationsInfluencersStep 1: Be aware [look outside]
  90. 90. Social media gives you access toinformation you wouldnt have easy accessto in the past:What do your customers think of you?What do they think of the competition?What are they looking for?Step 1: Be aware [look outside]
  91. 91. Understanding your social media landscapecan be done without sharing a single thing.Listen first. Assess and strategize, and thenexecute.Step 1: Be aware [look outside]
  92. 92. Break into groups of three and complete thediscovery worksheet.Breakout session: information gathering
  93. 93. MKT805 Social MediaCrafting a Strategy Part II
  94. 94. Step 2: Plan for useful engagement
  95. 95. Objectives: what does success look like?● Raise awareness● Increase number of leads● Increase customer satisfactionStep 2: Plan for useful engagement
  96. 96. Social metrics and measurement● How important is follower count?● Engagement metrics (RT, mentions)● Tracking social media successesStep 2: Plan for useful engagement
  97. 97. Do we need multiple accounts forlocations? business lines? content?People?Examples:●●● 2: Plan for useful engagement
  98. 98. What will be the voice of theaccounts?Fun, whimsy?Official and stern?Step 2: Plan for useful engagement
  99. 99. Pick your networks wisely.Will you integrate accounts to post to one-another? (a time-saver, but will duplicateposting turn-off your audience?)Step 2: Plan for useful engagement
  100. 100. Creating usernames - consistency is king● What accounts are available?● Be descriptive and guessable● Keywords matterStep 2: Plan for useful engagement
  101. 101. Develop a strategy (content strategy)● Who will be responsible to post?● How often?● What topics/content guidelines?Step 2: Plan for useful engagement
  102. 102. SEO in Social?● All your Search Engine Marketingknowledge DOES apply on social● Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, othershave search functionality● Tweets get indexed!Step 2: Plan for useful engagement
  103. 103. How will you promote your accounts?● Link or embed onto your website?● Print on offline materials? (use URL!)● Run promotions/contests?● Buy?Setting up your accounts
  104. 104. Create a social media policy: who posts,how, when, in what voice (Jay Baer)Step 2: Plan for useful engagement