iPad: The Most Valuable Screen Ever for TV & Film Producers


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iPad: The Most Valuable Screen Ever for TV & Film Producers

  1. 1. iPad:The most valuable screen ever. Alex Gault Vice president, product development, Mobovivo alex@mobovivo.com
  2. 2. So who is it going to be?Who is going to be the next Ted Turner?  Netflix  Hulu  YouTube  Tim Cook  Samsung  Facebook  Cisco  Ryan Seacrest
  3. 3. TV vs. Apps vs. Web Prime time TV still the winner Apps a close 2nd Web lagging
  4. 4. Native Apps Trump HTML5 1,000 x websites as apps competing for less & less time Apps make $$
  5. 5. Discovery Channel: Website losing to AppDuring Prime Time, page views for App exceed those for website http://corporate.discovery.com/media/uploads/pdf/video-perceptions-study.pdf
  6. 6. Samsung vs. Apple  Samsung: Global leader in TV sales  Apple: Most valuable company in the world  Combined: Expected take 90% of 2012 smartphone profits (Maynard Um, UBS Analyst)  Samsung: Distant 2nd in the tablet market  Apple: Expected to launch TV  IP: Heavy patent battles between two
  7. 7. Smart TV?Or Smart Remote Control?  Computing power is in the cloud, but not 100%  Smartphone apps are better  Better yet on tablet  Browser-based navigation on TV is not user friendly ─ Typing & search work on computers, but not well on mobile devices ─ Voice is unprovenTablets and smartphones make great remote controls
  8. 8. Growing sources of original programming Ad agencies are becoming producers Actors are becoming producers (Kim Kardashian, Oprah, etc) Producers are producers Studios are producers Networks are producers Operators are producers (Comcast/NBC) Netflix & YouTube are producers
  9. 9. TV Shows: Apps can serve entire life cycle Pre-release: Advanced marketing Broadcast: Second Screen – 86% of mobile internet users engage with mobile devices simultaneously with TV (Nielsen/Yahoo) – 31% of internet use is in front of TV – 30% of tablet use is in front of TV – In 2012, commuters will watch 5B hours of TV on their mobile devices Home Entertainment: TV apps: iPad becomes primary screen
  10. 10. DVD  Currently represent 70% of the OTT revenue  Predictions ─ DVD extras become App extras ─ Many DVDs become dedicated Apps by 2013 ─ Apple launches video “Newsstand” – API that aggregates video apps ─ Single title Apps become points of aggregation for other shows & movies (in app purchases, etc)
  11. 11. Film  Tweet Seats in 2012  What role does social play in 2015?  Life Cycle – Pre-Release marketing – Theatrical release – Broadcast – Home entertainment  Apps are more secure than DVD and broadcast  Actors can drive sales at all stages
  12. 12. Apps serve the life cycle of shows & filmsEnable audiences to stay tuned from pre-release to homeentertainment Pre-release: Social & expressive medium for writers, actors & fans Broadcast: Companion to film & TV viewing Home entertainment: Primary screen viewing experience
  13. 13. Capture audiences early Pre-Release:  Actors go social  Producers & writers deliver production stills, dailies & locations Just prior to release:  Actors & producers going again with in-app posts to Facebook & Twitter During release:  Sell theater tickets to theatrical  Drive audience to broadcast Home Entertainment:  Sell movies & shows as dedicated Apps
  14. 14. Directly connect with audiencesProducers can build audiences during the entire life cycle: Engage Drive theater ticket sales Drive home entertainment sales Drive merchandise sales Fund their next productions
  15. 15. Power of the second screenAudiences: Looking for deeper engagement with TV shows & films Information discovery: Cast, characters, players plot (Wikipedia, IMDB, sports stats, etc) Connecting socially: Facebook & Twitter integration Remote control: Personalized programming guide & controller Interactive: Game mechanics, quizzes, contests, rewards Shopping: Purchase something from either screen – from within an ad or product placement
  16. 16. Apps that engage audiences while watching the big screen Second Screen App
  17. 17. 2012 - 2020 Playbook  Televisions get dumb  Content gets smart  Users get hooked on control  Netflix, YouTube, Conde Naste, NY Times, etc. become channels  Everybody makes original programming  Celebrities become channels, producers – then studios & networks  Advertising is great for reality & sports  Pay-per-view & subscriptions rule scripted programming  Netflix tries ads
  18. 18. iPad: Most valuable screen real estate Why?  Airplay  Video newsstand to help with discovery  Remote control  Second screen  First screen  Resolution suitable for television programming  No need for Smart TV  Unlimited shelf space  The iOS and apps get upgraded regularly & automatically
  19. 19. The most valuable screen ever. Alex Gault Vice president, product development & client services, Mobovivo alex@mobovivo.com