Facebook: A Platform for Social Activism


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iThink is a powerful advocacy and campaign resource on Facebook that nonprofits use to engage new supporters and activists. With iThink, nonprofits can post opinions which declare their positions on specific causes. IThink users then agree or disagree on those opinions, share them with friends, and debate and comment upon them in open forums.

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Facebook: A Platform for Social Activism

  1. 1. iThink on Facebook iThink is a powerful advocacy tool on Facebook that nonprofits can use to engage thousands of new supporters and activists. With iThink nonprofits can declare their positions on specific causes to the Facebook community. iThink members then agree or disagree on those positions, share them with friends, and debate their merits in Alex Gault open forums. Marketing Director alex@minekey.com
  2. 2. Engaging Community on Facebook A meeting place on Facebook for sharing opinions and conversation  iThink members vote, comment upon and send opinions to friends Powerful measurement tool for campaign messaging Deep user engagement  102,000 votes/day on opinions  7,600 comments/day on opinions  57,000 opinions/day shared with friends Global, diverse demographic  Top 10 nationalities: US, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, India, Australia, Finland, Turkey  Dominant age group: 25-40 (followed by 19-25)  Gender: 55% woman
  3. 3. Facebook | Platform for Virtual Activism The boom in social media websites such Virtual activism is on the rise thanks to as Facebook is making it easier for Facebook and other social networks. individuals to collaborate in groups and to -- Haaretz spread their message outside their community. With Facebook, it's very easy for people to -- London Times organize races for cures and alert their 547 nearest and dearest to articles on under- A high-technology, focused blood drive is covered international tragedies. the latest indication that Facebook has -- The New Republic become a place for people to link up for practically any reason, with civic-minded Many nonprofit organizations are counting pursuits now playing a larger role. on online social networks to expand their -- New York Times universe of donors. And a number of foundations are testing the potential by More than 4,000 of SaveDarfur's 800,000 underwriting the launch of quot;social Facebook members wrote personal emails networking for social goodquot; Web sites, and to local representatives in a matter of sponsoring online contests to encourage hours after the group sent an appeal to its donations. group list. -- Slate -- Business Week
  4. 4. Online Advocacy Tool Bolster your campaigns online with iThink  Reach and educate audiences  Spread your messages virally  Recruit online activists  Build community  Fundraise
  5. 5. Rich Engagement & Measurable Feedback All opinions on iThink are updated in real-time with accurate data reflecting votes and the demographics of those who have voted or commented Join the conversation Send the opinion with a comment to a friend
  6. 6. How to Use IThink 1. Create a Facebook Page for your organization 2. Post opinions on iThink from your Page, and engage in conversation with others as they comment 3. Invite your membership to participate in conversations about those opinions (voting, commenting and sharing)  Post the invitation as a Note and Discussion Topic on your Page  If you host a Facebook Group, post the invitation as a News Item and Discussion Topic  If your organization is supported by a Cause on Facebook, alert the administrator to invite supporters to participate on iThink, and to make announcements on the Media and Discussion Boards
  7. 7. Conversation | Human Cloning
  8. 8. Conversation | Free Music
  9. 9. Conversation | Illegal Immigration
  10. 10. Conversation | Politics of Food
  11. 11. Conversation | Ban Pornography
  12. 12. Testimonials Easily the most engaging and genuinely quot;interactivequot; I love iThink; it challenges some of my weaker beliefs application on Facebook, iThink is one of the few that and strengthens some of my stronger beliefs. I've met encourages intelligent discourse and debate about a so many wonderful people through iThink. wide variety of subjects while remaining surprisingly -- Katie Noël fun. I've met more friends and intellectual companions in a few weeks of using iThink than I had in all the time By far the best app on Facebook. It's a way for me to I used Facebook without it. communicate with people all over the world and to -- Chris Storm send and receive new information. I got an “A” on a news quiz at school because of this app. I'm learning The app of my dreams! Finally, a place to have real new things from people and sharing my ideas with conversations with real people. So easy to chat about them on serious issues or even just trivial things. If this anything at all. Not only a great social tool, but app catches on and is more widely used, it could be fascinating. The breakdown of opinions by age and revolutionary. It could vastly change the way people gender are great, and it's so cool to see what's going around the world share their knowledge and on in the minds of your friends and the world at large. opinions about things, that's for sure! -- Polly Logan-Banks -- Kaitlin Smith The only application on Facebook with substance. This is a place where you can express your views and That says it all. Provoking, endearing, angering, learn of other people’s views on any topic. At the uplifting, ever changing, but always moving on and same time you meet some great and smart friends. ahead. A pool of diversity and secularity. Great Best application by long shot. Nothing comes close!!! creation. -- Miguel A Toro -- Soona Hoon