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Rugby Canada Sponsorship Profile


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Rugby Canada Sponsorship Profile

  1. 1. EFFECTIVE APRIL 2012
  2. 2. Thank you for your interest in Rugby Canada. CONTENTSAs a National Sport Organization, we have grown considerably over the past few Rugby Canada Overviewyears. The Canadian Rugby Centre of Excellence, opened in January 2012 continues Our Mission, Vision & Valuesto provide a platform from which our programs can grow both on and off the field. Our ObjectivesWith new resources and support for our elite athletes and professional staff, Rugby Rugby Canada OrganizationalCanada will strive to become excellent in every way. It is with the support of the StructureCanadian Rugby community this will be made possible. Demographic Profile PreferencesRugby Canada has worked hard to become sponsor friendly – strategically International Competitionsdeveloping our various assets and events to work with your company and/or brand. • Rugby World CupWe have the flexibility to achieve any of your marketing objectives across a number • Women’s Rugby World Cupof media. 2016 Olympic Summer Games National Team ProgramsRugby Canada has the ability to create events and promotions that deliver National Leaguesquantifiable results. From VIP hosting to television commercials to in-club sampling • National Women’s Leagueprograms, we can deliver compelling grassroots marketing opportunities, • Canadian Rugby Championshipmeaningful consumer brand experiences and significant sales occasions. National Championships Festival DevelopmentWe look forward to meeting with you in the near future. • Minor Rugby • Long Term Rugby Development • Coaching ProgramsSincerely, • Referee Programs Communication Sponsorship Media & PromotionsGraham Brown Rugby Canada SponsorsCEO Community • Canadian Rugby Foundation • Fundraising Events
  3. 3. RUGBY CANADA OVERVIEW• Canadian Rugby is one of the fastest growing participant sports in North America. In Canada, rugby is QUICK NUMBERS played from coast to coast, 12 months of the year. • Through our partnership• Canadian Rugby has captured a strong marketplace with men, women and children of all ages playing, with our online registration watching and enjoying the high-profile competitive sport. provider, Rugby Canada identified a database• While looking to continuously improve and build on the impressive Canadian Rugby Youth program, consisting of over 40,000 Canadian Rugby is amongst the best in the world with Canada holding 13th spot in the mens 15s world registered contacts from rankings of the 120 nations competing internationally and 6th in the womens 15s world rankings. across the country in 2012.• As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Rugby is played by over 5.5 million participants in • In the 2012 season over 100 countries – a sport based on the cornerstone of teamwork sportsmanship, ethical behaviour Rugby Canada had and fair play. 25,000 registered adult participants across Canada.• Rugby provides players of different physiques, skills, genders and ages with the opportunity to • Based on Provincial data in participate at their levels of ability in a controlled, competitive and enjoyable environment. 2012, there are 60,000 high school players across• Rugby emphasizes discipline, control, mutual respect, sportsmanship and teamwork, and participation Canada. is from all parts of the world and all ethnic backgrounds.• The sport of rugby has deep roots with many traditions that have carried on through the ages. The respect of these traditions by all participants contributes to the ethos of rugby that creates a culture of belonging and camaraderie.*Rankings accurate as of June 2012
  4. 4. OUR VISIONCanadians unified AS ONE to challengethe World through Rugby.OUR MISSIONTo inspire, develop, promote, govern,and lead Rugby in Canada.
  5. 5. OUR OBJECTIVES• A World Leader in on-field & off-field Rugby development and performance.• To maximize the performance level of all national teams on the international stage.• To maximize the development & performance level of coaches & match officials.• A World Leader in Organizational & Collaborative Excellence with Global and Domestic Partners.• To support & add value to all external partnerships to which we are accountable.• To ignite a shared passion for the sport of Rugby by Canadians.• To leverage our recognized status as a leader in Canadian sport.• To continually advance our position as a positive contributor to international Rugby and sport.• To improve the marketability of Rugby Canada.• To establish and continue to grow an endowment for long term revenue generation.• To consolidate our advanced-level administrative policies and procedures and to execute responsible fiscal management.
  6. 6. OVERVIEW OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE NATIONAL OFFICES Rugby Canadas operations are based out of two offices. Our head office, which houses our Leadership and Infrastructure Department (comprised of the Commercial Operations and Administration & Finance departments) is based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario and our Rugby Department (comprised of the Domestic and International High Performance departments) is located in Langford, British Columbia.
  7. 7. OCCUPATION GENDER AGE*Majority of this data collected in 2012 Community Survey
  9. 9. INTERNATIONAL MEN’S RUGBY WORLD CUP WOMEN’S RUGBY WORLD CUP The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is the premier The Womens Rugby World Cup (WRWC) is international rugby union competition. The an event organized by the sports governing event is organized by the sport’s governing body, the International Rugby Board (IRB), body, the International Rugby Board (IRB), and is contested by womens national and is contested by the men’s national teams. The inaugural tournament was held teams. The inaugural tournament was held in 1991 in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. in 1987, hosted by both Australia and New The event was held in Scotland in 1994, Zealand, and is now contested every four and in 1998 the tournament was held in years. Amsterdam and was officially recognized by the IRB for the first time. The tournament is considered to be one of the largest international sporting events in The event was hosted in North America for the world, with the FIFA World Cup of the first time in 2006 when Canada hosted Soccer and the Summer Olympics being the the tournament in Edmonton, Alberta. events paramount to it. The 2011 tournament had a cumulative World The Canadian National Senior Women’s Television audience of 3.9 Billion viewers. Team placed 6th at the 2010 Women’s Rugby The tournament was broadcast to 207 World Cup. This tournament saw record territories worldwide. The live audience coverage to over 130 countries, and had an spectators were estimated at 1.6 Million estimated audience of over 400 million people. which is double the 2006 coverage. Canada’s only losses at the 2011 RWC were The Canadian team looks forward to more to the eventual finalists (New Zealand and success at the next WRWC tournament in France). The team earned tremendous 2014 which will be hosted by France. respect for their gritty “Canadian” performance from the IRB, competing unions and fans around the world. England will host the 2015 RWC, this event promises to be the biggest commercial success in rugby’s history. *1991 and 1994 WRWC tournaments were not officially sanctioned by the IRB, and therefore there are no official IRB logos
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL 2011 RWC Results Canada 25, Tonga 20 Canada 19, France 46 Canada 23, Japan 23 Canada 15, New Zealand 79 2010 WRWC Results Canada 37, Scotland 10 Canada 40, Sweden 10 Canada 8, France 23 Canada 41, Scotland 0“The opportunity to represent your country by participating in a Rugby World Cup is the highlight of any player’scareer.” - Gareth Rees
  11. 11. 2016 OLYMPIC SUMMER GAMESRugby was featured in the Olympics from 1900-1924, but due to the constraints of the 15s gameRugby was removed from the Olympics. On October 9th, 2009 the IOC presented overwhelmingsupport for Rugby when they voted Rugby 7s into the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil. With this acceptance of the 7s discipline into the Olympic Programme, Rugby Canadais now a proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.Rugby 7s is a unique game that has sparked much public interest; due to this interest the IRB createda World Series Circuit with 8 events. Canadian teams have seen much success on the IRB 7s WorldSeries circuit; in 2011-2012 the Canadian mens team became a core team for the 2013 circuit andthe Canadian womens team went undefeated achieving a 1st place ranking. In 2011 the Canadianwomens team received funding from Own the Podium, which played a large role in their success onthe 2011-2012 World Series Circuit.Due to its inclusion in the 2016 Summer Games, it is expected that tremendous commercial growthwill take place within the Sevens discipline around the world. This commercial growth will present anew platform for sponsors to utilize to reach a new market of Rugby fans.
  12. 12. 7S WORLD SERIES In 2011/2012 the Series reached a record 147 countries, with an estimated audience of over 760million people. A record 547,500 fans came out to take in the 9 events played across 5 continents. These 9 tournaments are hosted in: Australia, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Scotland and England. The Olympic inclusion has yet to heavily influence Rugby 7s, therefore the popularity of the game and the 7s tournament is expected to grow significantly within the next quadrennial until the Games debut in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.
  13. 13. NATIONAL PROGRAMS ACADEMY PROGRAMS The aim of the Rugby Canada Academy Programs will be:There is a longstanding tradition of elite Men’s rugby in Canada. Rugby Canada is proud of its accomplishments • To develop quality rugbyin developing our athletes from the youngest of age grades to the National Senior Men’s Team. Many of players with the skills,today’s World Cup stars have already been exposed to world level competition and continue to deliver at each disciplines, knowledge andprogressive stage of competition. Canadian teams continue to make significant strides in the global game and attitude to play on their agemany of our athletes have earned professional playing contracts as a result of these efforts. grade national teams, the Canadian Rugby Championship (CRC) andNational Senior Men’s 15s - National Senior Men’s 7s - Maple Leafs - U20 - U17 - Canadian Classics eventually the National Senior Teams. • To provide academyRugby Canada has developed one of the most influential women’s rugby programs in the world. These members withprograms include the Senior Women’s National 15s team, Senior Women’s 7s Team, Maple Leafs, Women’s career/educational supportUnder 20, Women’s Under 18, and the Canadian Classics. and guidance. • To provide academy members with appropriateNational Senior Women’s 15s - National Senior Women’s 7s - Maple Leafs - U20 - U18 - Canadian Classics life skills to develop into well-rounded individuals with the ability to succeed in life outside of rugby and to act as a good role modelOVERSEAS for all.Many of our top male and female National team players participate in the game overseas; men compete in theprofessional system, and women compete in the club system.
  14. 14. NATIONAL LEAGUES NATIONAL WOMEN’S LEAGUECANADIAN RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP The National Women’s League wasThe Canadian Rugby Championship is comprised of Canada’s created in response to the tremendousbest domestic athletes in senior men’s competition. Four sides growth in women’s rugby across theBC, The Wolfpack (representative of the Prairie Provinces), country. Launched in 2007, the leagueOntario Blues and the Rock (representative of the Atlantic provides a competitive structure,Provinces and Quebec) compete in the contest. exposing senior female athletes to top domestic competition across theIt is a High Performance Competition that has been described by veteran national team players as the country. The NWL improves andmost physical and intense domestic competition Canada has ever produced. increases the base for selections to the National programs and prospectiveThe purpose behind the competition is to put the best 120 domestically based athletes against each development teams, while alsoother representing their regions pitted head to head. This allows the national coaches to identify and increasing development opportunitiesselect future national team players. It also develops players, coaches, managers, administrators and for coaches, management and refereesmatch officials at the highest level. across the country. Any given year, 400 of the top female rugby athletes attendThe competition generally runs from late August through September and then the best athletes from and compete for National Championthis are identified by national coaches and form a Canadian Select Side that competes in America’s status. The competition has consistedRugby Championships against sides from the US, Argentina and South America. of both Senior Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels of competition, as well as the addition of the U20 bracket.
  15. 15. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FESTIVALEach August, provincial sides at the U16 (men) and U18 (men & women) level participate in Rugby Canada’sNational Championships Festival – an annual showcase of rugby at the grassroots level. The Nationals are theculmination of a season of intense competition and training sessions and for some players, represents thepinnacle of their young playing careers.This National Championships Festival is used for talent identification for the Under 16 and Under 18 NationalMen’s teams. Between 700-1000 competitors take part in this tournament each year.
  16. 16. DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT The Long Term Rugby Development (LTRD) program is a specific development strategy based on the required technical, tactical, mental and physiological requirements of rugby performance. Rugby Canada works in conjunction with its member provinces to facilitate necessary change in Canadian rugby, as well as continue the forward momentum that Rugby Canada has relative to other national sport organizations in Sport Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) process. COACHES Athletic success at all levels is under-pinned by knowledgeable, experienced and educated coaches. Our mission is to ensure that we maximize the development and performance level of coaches at all stages in the LTRD process. Rugby Canada provides professional development programs to all accredited coaches to ensure that they develop the sport within Canada and produce world class athletes.MINOR RUGBY REFEREEMinor Rugby is designed to introduce both boys and girls to thefundamental basics of the game of Rugby, in a safe and fun manner, in line Rugby Canada supports the development of all match officials acrosswith their physical developments and capabilities. the country who serve the sport in a variety of capacities as theyThe co-ed, non-contact nature of Minor Rugby eventually leads to gender- endeavour to ensure our athletes participate in a safe and enjoyablespecific Junior Rugby. With standardized rules at the National and environment.Provincial level, Minor Rugby is a great team game for boys and girls agedfive and up.The game promotes fitness, teamwork and participation in one of thefastest-growing team sports in the country, at a very early age.
  17. 17. COMMUNICATIONWWW.RUGBYCANADA.CA SOCIAL MEDIACanada’s number one online source for rugby news,statistics, schedules and events. In 2011, the number of fans on our Official NEW ERA HATS Fan Page grew by 400%; in 2012 the pageOur peak daily audience grew by over 200% between 2010 had over 8100 fans, with over 24,000 weeklyand 2011, with a peak audience of 12,967 in one day. We interactions. All Whitereceive 2,637,477 million hits annually.Advertising programs can be tailored to your target audience In 2012, the Rugby Canada Twitter page had Red withand can incorporate a number of elements such as banners, over 11,000 followers and still grows each White Brimbuttons, mini-sites, contests and promotions. day. All Red (Flat Brim Classic) White with Red Brim (Flat Brim Classic) *Numbers are accurate as of June 2012 OFFICIAL TEAM JERSEYS SUPPORTER SCARF
  18. 18. MEDIA & PROMOTIONSRugby Canada has developed strategic relationships with a variety of industry-leading mediapartners that promote mass exposure for their sponsors.Depending on the specific event or competition, Rugby Canada can utilize its partnerships tobuild a media plan that is specifically designed to meet a wide variety of goals and objectives,whether it is through television, radio, online or print.FIELD SIGNAGE EMAIL NEWSLETTEROne of Rugby Canada’s • Quarterly online distribution to over 40,000 readershighest-profile assets is • Vital source of information and “must-read” for Canadianthe opportunity to place rugby enthusiasts intent on reviewing the highlights ofyour company’s logo on the past season and insights into the current seasonany event field signage. • Designed to work as a service vehicle – it provides instruction, addresses rugby issues, offers expert commentary, and conveys basic information about event times, date, locations and contact information on a local, regional and national basis.
  19. 19. MATCH DAY PROGRAMS& PROMOTIONAL POSTERSAdvertise directly to the rugby demographic with any of ourmatch day programs *Prices subject to change
  20. 20. SPONSORSHIPUNIFORM SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES SPONSOR OPTIONSOne of Rugby Canada’s highest-profile assets is the opportunity • Sponsor Rugby Canadato place your company’s logo on any of our national team • Sponsor:uniforms. • The team • The season • The event/match • The uniform: jersey, shorts • Field Signage • LED • Static • Media Backdrop • Program Ads • Logo on Promotional Posters • PA Announcements • Video on Scoreboard • Volunteer Shirts • Display Booth in the Fun Zone • Exposure on Website • Hyperlinks in Team Articles • In-kind Support
  22. 22. FUNDRAISING PROGRAMSCentre of Excellence CampaignFundraising program to support the Centre of Excellence located in Langford, BC. This is the new training facility forCanada’s national men’s and women’s 15s and 7s teams. Fundraising is based on general donations and is supportedby fundraising events as well. There are six giving levels recognized through the program: • Founders Club (donations of $100,000 or more) • Olympic Club (donations of $25,000+) • World Cup Club (donations of $10,000+) • Player Patron Club (donations of $5,000+) • Supporters Club (donations of $1,000+) • Maple Leaf RFC (donations up to $999)Fundraising EventsRugby Canada hosts fundraising events throughout the year to support its programs. These events are held indifferent locations across Canada and include dinners as well as golf tournaments. We have also partnered with otherrugby unions to hold dinners and split proceeds. Most all of these events have a fundraising component consisting ofsponsorships, live auctions, silent auctions and 50/50 draws.Some examples include: •Legends of Rugby Dinners hosted in cities across the country •Rugby World Cup Send-off Dinners •The Langara Fishing Challenge
  23. 23. FUNDRAISING PROGRAMSAeroplan Program MAPLE LEAF RUGBY FOOTBALLThis non-cash donation program allows Aeroplan members the opportunity to transfer miles to Rugby Canada CLUB is an initiative of Rugbyduring a campaign period held in December each year. Miles are collected and used to help offset travel Canada; it is a Virtual Rugby Clubexpenses for players as well as RC staff. There is a tiered rewards program offered to those making donations that offers membership toof miles made up of RC merchandise, game tickets and trips to Langara and Alaska view lodge. supporters from around the world. The Maple Leaf RFC wasPlayer Sponsorship Program created to allow individuals andThis program was established to assist non-carded players participating in the Pay-to-Play model with a corporations to make donationsfundraising platform to help offset their costs to participate in tours, etc. Once a paper-based fundraising to support Canadian teams andprogram, Rugby Canada now offers an online fundraising platform that allows players a more efficient way to athletes. Donations to theraise funds. Maple Leaf RFC will help every level of Canadian representativeGift In Kind Donations rugby achieve their goals, and in the process will help raise theWe are always looking for support from donors to obtain gift in kind items to be used in live/silent auctions or profile of rugby at the provincialas prizes for events such as the golf tournaments. Donation of services in kind are also an option. and regional levels. Members of the Maple Leaf RFC also receive such benefits as discounts on tickets and merchandise and special invitations for events.
  24. 24. COMMUNITYCANADIAN RUGBY FOUNDATIONThe Canadian Rugby Foundation operates independently of, but cooperatively with, RugbyCanada. The Foundation is a non-profit organization governed by a Board consisting ofdirectors appointed by the Foundation from donating members, and from Rugby Canada.The Canadian Rugby Foundation is incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act,registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a public foundation. The Canadian RugbyFoundation is required by law to distribute a percentage of its assets annually.The Foundation provides grants for the development of the sport of rugby in Canada throughthe growth and stewardship of a permanent endowment fund.These grants shall be awarded to qualified recipients to support programs that improve the For more information please visitquality of, and expand the game of, rugby in Canada, while meeting the objectives of theFoundation. www.canadianrugbyfoundation.caThe Foundation has, through partnerships and clubs, created several scholarships, bursariesand club supporting funds. Donations may be made online through the Foundation website. or contact
  25. 25. NICK TAYLORDirector, Commercial Operations 30 East Beaver Creek Road Suite 110 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1J2 Tel: 905-707-8998 ext. 226