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Fast Lotus Notes Contact Conversion Tool is a one of the many specialties of Notes Address Book Converter. Also it migrates Lotus Notes Address Book Conversion therefore all these key features are well documented in the PDF so that user never feels any question unanswered. Demo is Free to TRY. For more pay us a visit at -

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Fast Lotus Notes Contact Conversion Tool

  1. 1. SysTools SoftwareNotes Address BookConverterContact ConverterAndrew Smith 2012
  2. 2. Notes Address Book ConverterSysTools Notes Address Book Converter Software is an effective Lotus NotesConversion tool to convert Lotus Notes Address Book to MS Outlook. SysTools NotesAddress Book Converter converts Lotus Notes address book or Lotus Notes database(names.nsf) to MS Outlook PST file.SysTools Notes Address Book Converter is versatile Lotus Notes Conversion softwarethat successfully exports Notes Address Book to MS Outlook PST file. The software letsusers to export or view Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook PST file. Export Lotus Notescontacts using Notes Address Book converter software as it exports all your notesaddress book information including Business, Personal, Briefcase, and Advance.The Advantages of Maintaining your Contacts in OutlookThere are many advantages to using Outlook for managing and maintaining yourcustomer/contact database and tracking interactions with these contacts.1. Contact Management FunctionalityOutlook already incorporates the basic components that make up any contactmanagement system. Trying to reproduce this functionality inside your SQL system maynot be a simple task:1. A mechanism to store and profile Contact information: The “Contacts” folder inOutlook already allows a comprehensive profile of any personal or business contact tobe maintained.
  3. 3. 2. A means to plan and organise appointments for those contacts: Outlook’scalendaring facilities provide these very effectively and when coupled with ExchangeServer incorporate a huge number of collaborative features.3. A means to schedule tasks and to-do’s for those contacts: Outlook’s taskmanagement facility is excellent for this.4. A mechanism to record any kind of interaction with a contact: The “Journal” facility ofOutlook contains the standard fields necessary to record phone calls, meeting, etc. withclients, and can even time such activities.Convert Lotus Notes Contacts into Excel Benefits1. To Have Alphabetically Arrangement: If you Convert Lotus Address Book to.xls files,you will alphabetical arrangement of contacts data. Excel provides you sort out option,using which you can find particular contact by just writing particular alphabet. Once youtype alphabet, all the contacts along with other crucial details appear before and youcan use them further. This way you will have ease and quickness with Excel.2. Find Option is Useful in Excel: Excel provides you Find option, so that while you aresearching for a specific contact by name or address, you do not have to search one byone to the whole contacts list. Just go the Find option, and write name or address youneed and us it further.3. Excel Sheets can be Carried While Travelling: Maintaining contacts in Lotus Notes isbeneficial but the problem arises when you need those contacts when you are
  4. 4. travelling. Lotus Notes being system specific, so you cannot carry contacts at yourimportant business trip. If you convert Lotus Notes contacts in Excel, you can carrythem using USB device and can use them. You can Access .nsf Contacts into .xls.Lotus Notes Contacts to Vcard Migration AdvantagesvCard (virtual information card) is an electronic business card standard being sponsoredby the Internet Mail Consortium. In contrast to ordinary business cards, which are paperor plastic cards with some text and graphics, vCards are files (with the extension .vcf)that contain contact information in rich multimedia format. A vCard file includes contactinformation in the form of text, URLs, images, logos, audio clips for pronunciation, etc.vCard aims to replace physical business cards. Using vCard will save time and effortrequired to take the information on physical business cards and enter it into a contactmanager or some personal information database. Besides saving time and effort, theresults will be accurate in that there will be no contact information transcription errors.Applications supporting vCards will provide a mechanism for importing and exportingvCard files.The vCard standard allows applications to exchange contact information automatically,provided they are running on devices that can communicate with each other, forexample, Bluetooth enabled phones and PDAs, PDAs with infrared links, etc. Someexamples of vCard-enabled applications are email, voice mail, Web browsers,telephony applications, call centers, video conferencing, PDAs, and PIMs (personalinformation managers).
  5. 5. vCards are media and protocol independent. When sent as part of the same datastream such as email, vCard content is delimited as follows: BEGIN:VCARD ... END:VCARDThe vCard standard provides facilities for specifying information such as: * Identification properties such as name, photograph, and birth date. * Addresses (home, work, international, postal, parcel, etc.) for delivery of letters andpackages. * Telecommunication information such as telephone numbers (mobile, work, home,etc.), email, fax numbers, etc. * Organizational information such as title, company name, company logo, informationabout an assistant, etc. * Sound files, for example, a greeting sound file. * Personal home page URL. * Security information such as a public key.Consider the following information in a contact manager:
  6. 6. Name: Colin Vegas E-Mail Address: Mobile: (908) 201-1234 Business Phone: (908) 212-1234 Company Name: University of Studies Street Address: 23 South Street City: Summit State: NJ Zip Code: 07901 Country: United States of AmericaThe vCard file (a text file) corresponding to the above information in the contactmanager has the following content: BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 N:Vegas;Colin FN:Colin Vegas ORG:University of Studies
  7. 7. TITLE:Professor TEL;WORK;VOICE:(908) 212-1234 TEL;CELL;VOICE:(908) 201-1234 ADR;WORK:;;23 South Street;Summit;NJ;07901;United States of America EMAIL;PREF; END:VCARD(.vcf file). A vCard file can be sent as an attachment or made the email signature. AvCard received via email can be easily added to an address book or to a contactmanager.What are Some Advantages of vCard? * vCards can be used to automate exchange of contact information between a varietyof devices with applications that support vCard. * The size of a vCard is typically small which means that vCards can be attached toemails. * When a vCard is received as part of an email, it takes very little effort to add thecontact information to the recipients address book * A vCard can be used to fill Web forms by just dragging and dropping the vCard onthe Web form. * vCard has broad industry support. Numerous companies are shipping vCardenabled products, for example, Microsoft, Netscape, Palm, and Nokia.
  8. 8. Then for what are you waiting????Just Try SysTools Notes Address Book Converter to get theseentire fruitful features in one pack at $69 ONLY~~ >Convert Notes Address Book in Outlook or Excel or Vcard as PER your choice.Contact Number – (863) 692 5057Email Id - support@systoolsgroup.comReference Website -