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Desmond yutu,


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Desmond yutu,

  1. 1. Desmond Mpilo TutuDesmond Mpilo TutuHe was born in October7th, 1931 in Klerksdorp,South AfricaHe married NomalizoLeah Shenxane and heacquired four childrenIn 1997 He diagnosedwith prostat cancer andunderwent to asuccessfulltreatment in the USA
  2. 2. After a decade of freedom for South Africa,Tutu was honoured with invitation to deliver theannual Nelson Mandela foundation lectureTutu koined the campaign Africa for womensrights launced by the international federationfor Human RightsIn 2000,he founded the Desmond Tutu peacecentre in Cape TownIn 2009 Tutu joined the project "Soldiers ofPeace", a movie against all wars and for aglobal peace.
  3. 3. Nobel Peace PrizeNobel Peace PrizeDesmond was thefirst man whoawarded with theNobel Peace Prizeafter the africannational CongressAlbert Lutuli,thenobel awarded tohim at Oslo in 1984
  4. 4. Palestians and CristiansPalestians and CristiansIn 2003, Tutu accepted the roleas patron of SabeelInternational, a Christianliberation theology organisationwhich supports the concerns ofthe Palestinian ChristiancommunityTutu was a member of theAdvisory Board for GlobalMarch to Jerusalem. TheGM2Js aim had been toorganise mass march at theIsraeli land borders fromJordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egyptand Palestinian-administeredterritories on 30 March 2012
  5. 5. Iraq WarIraq WarTutu has been a staunchopponent since the start ofthe Iraq War, saying that ithas “destabilised andpolarised the world to agreater extent than anyother conflict in history”.In September 2012, Tutucalled for George Bush andTony Blair to be tried fortheir role in the conflict bythe International CriminalCourt and that they shouldbe made to “answer for theiractions”.
  6. 6. Attacts on TutuAttacts on TutuThe head of theCongress of SouthAfrican Studentscondemned Tutu as a"loose cannon" and a"scandalous man"Tutu suffered racistslogans on his arrival inAmerica by localstudents
  7. 7. Aggelos GreeceAggelos Greece