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Czech jimi carter


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Czech jimi carter

  1. 1. „The holder of Nobel peace prize“Jimmy Carter
  2. 2. Biography He was born on 1st October 1924 in Georgia He is still alive and now he is 88 years old He was gifted student and he loved reading He was studying United States Naval Academy In 1946 he got married with Rosalynn Smiththeyand they have four children
  3. 3. Career He work on nuclear submarines for many years he resigned his commission he started running the familybusiness. In 1971 he became a governorof Georgia and he held this postfor one term until 1975
  4. 4. President of the USA In January 1976 he defeated Gerald Ford and hebecame a president of the USA He reformed the government and he protectedenvironment. He returned the Panama Canal Zone to Panama. He also had to deal with many problems. In 1981 he was defeated by Ronald Regan.
  5. 5. Nobel peace prize He got the Nobel peace prize in 2002 Carter tried to help with the problembetween Israel and Palestine He also tried to reach an agreement withthe USSR about nuclear weapons He helped Egypt and Israel sign the peace treaty,and they have not gone to war since this time.
  6. 6. Thank you for your attention.