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Sex or marriage: growing UXinto an organization


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A presentation of my adventures building UX competency at Play Telecom presented at the Intersection Conference 2014 in Paris.

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Sex or marriage: growing UXinto an organization

  1. 1. Sex or Marriage: growing User Experience into the organisation Aga Szóstek
  2. 2. setting the picture
  3. 3. 2011
  4. 4. exploiting curiosity
  5. 5. skeleton out of the closet
  6. 6. just get your first project
  7. 7. train, train, train
  8. 8. collaboration across the organisation and also outside of it
  9. 9. too early, too bold
  10. 10. first do, then apologise
  11. 11. make physical things
  12. 12. find friends to play with Market'Research' UX' Client'Intelligence'
  13. 13. your client is internal
  14. 14. growing your ambassadors
  15. 15. idealism vs realism
  16. 16. finding equilibrium
  17. 17. change is upon us
  18. 18. ain’t gonna be easy
  19. 19. courage to take up whatever challenge passes by respect for business needs and expertise sharing successes and failures keep in the back of your head that you don’t change products or services, you change culture
  20. 20. thank you