Right Fit for Suit


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We love our men suited. And here is a quick look at things to watch out for!

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Right Fit for Suit

  1. 1. How to wear a suit By Urbanista Image Consulting LLP
  2. 2. Tailoring your suit right Ensure that when you are standing in the jacket, a 1/4 inch of shirt collar is exposed above the suit collar. The jacket will ride up when you sit, and if the collar is too big, your shirt collar will disappear under it.
  3. 3. Measure the jacket sleeves so a 1/2 inch of your shirt cuff is exposed.
  4. 4. Look at the shoulder pads to make sure they are gently sloping downward. If you have big shoulders, you should have smaller shoulder pads than the average man.
  5. 5. Raise your arms over your head while wearing the jacket. If it rises up enough that it looks comical, you need to have the armholes adjusted.
  6. 6. Use a mirror to make sure that your jacket isn't too short. It should just cover the top of your rear end.
  7. 7. Check your pants. They should sit at your waist, not your hips. They should not be roomy in the crotch, but they should not be snug either.
  8. 8. Adjust the width of the pant legs so they hang without any bulges. Muscular men may need to have their pants specially made.
  9. 9. Hem the pant legs so they rest on the tops of the shoes with a small break in the crease.
  10. 10. Wearing Your Suit Never button the bottom button of your jacket. When you sit down, unbutton the jacket so it doesn't ride up.
  11. 11. Wear your suit with a quality dress shirt, belt, shoe and watch. Wear good socks that match the pants in color. If you're feeling brave, wear patterned socks such as argyle, but only if the other parts of your suit are conservative in color and style.
  12. 12. Tie your tie in a standard or Windsor knot and make sure it partially covers your belt buckle.
  13. 13. Add a pocket square. Fold it so it fits slimly in the pocket and just peeks out of the top.
  14. 14. Sheena Agarwal, Director of Urbanista Image Consulting, enables you to develop and represent your personal brand and create a mark in whatever you do. Sheena caters to students, executives, and entrepreneurs by conducting workshops and individual coaching in appearance, behavior, communication & presentation skills. Sheena closely involves her clients at workshops, enabling them to bring about major transformations in their appearance, attitude and behavior, paving their way to a new persona. Career at a glance • Early career at Goldman Sachs, promoted to Trade Management team, first "big” project within six months. • Post Grad from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, she specialized in Digital Media and Brand Management. • Certified Image and Professional Development Consultant - London Image Institute and Academy of Image Mastery. • Graduated in Human Resource @ Christ College, Bangalore • Attended Mayo College, Ajmer.
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