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Fabulae Syrae


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Bajo el subtítulo de 'Graecorum Romanorumque fabulae ad usum discipulorum Latine narratae', FABVLAE SYRAE nos presenta cuarenta y cinco mitos griegos y latinos, con textos adaptados de 'Las Metarmorfosis' de Ovidio y 'Ab urbe condita' de Livio.

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Fabulae Syrae

  1. 1. ‘FABVLAE SYRAE’ Textos Mitológicos para la enseñanza del Latín. VIII Jornada de Cultura Clásica de Sagunt
  2. 2. HACE CUATRO SIGLOS: Scriptores Latini ad usum Delphini
  3. 3. HACE UN SIGLO: • Ritchie’s FABULAE FACILES: A first Latin reader containing detached sentences and consecutive stories, with notes and a vocabulary (1905)
  4. 4. • DECEM FABVLAE Pueris puellisque agendae W. L. Paine & C. L. Mainwaring (1912) The plays are intended for the use of boys and girls in their first year of learning Latin on the Direct Method.
  5. 5. MÁS RECIENTEMENTE: • LATIN VIA OVID A first Latin reader. Norma Goldman & Jacob E. Nenhuis (1977, 2ª ed. 1982) A Latin textbook with readings from Ovid's Metamorphoses.
  6. 6. • LEARNING LATIN THROUGH MYTHOLOGY J.I. Hanlin & B. E. Lichtenstein (1991)
  7. 7. Y MÁS CONOCIDO: • LINGVA LATINA PER SE ILLVSTRATA: FAMILIA ROMANA Hans H. Orberg (1991 hasta 2007. ed. color 2009) Curso de Latín basado en el método inductivo-contextual.
  9. 9. QUE ENLAZA CON EL PRINCIPIO: • FABVLAE ANTIQVAE Alice M. Croft (1918) These stories were written for use in the first year of pupils beginning Latin at the age of twelve to thirteen years. The stories were used on Direct method lines. Each story was read to the class and new words explained without the aid of English wherever possible. Many of the stores ill be found suitable for class-room plays.
  10. 10. ATALANTA
  13. 13. TEXTOS: (Alice Croft: Fabulae Antiquae) OVIDIO, Metamorfosis LIVIO, Ab urbe condita VALERIO MÁXIMO, Dichos y hechos memorables IMÁGENES: Iohann Wilhelm BAUR Bellissimum Ovidii Theatrum seu: Pulcherrimae P. Ovidii Nasonis poetae admodum ingeniosi historiae. Ex ejus libris XV. (1682) ( 703/index.html)