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Animal kingdom: vertebrates


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Animal kingdom: vertebrates

  1. 1. Animal KingdomVertebrates and invertebrates
  3. 3. What is a vertebrate?• Vertebrates are animalsthat have a spinalcolumn and a skeletonformed from bones.• The skeleton holds upand protects the body.
  4. 4. THE FIVE GROUPS OFVERTEBRATES1. FISH• Fish live in water andbreather through gills.• Their skin is covered inscales and they havefins to swim.
  5. 5. THE FIVE GROUPS OFVERTEBRATES2. AMPHIBIANS• Can live in water or in land.• Their babies live in waterand breathe through gills.• The adults breathethrough lungs and throughtheir skin.FROG
  6. 6. THE FIVE GROUPS OFVERTEBRATES3. REPTILES• Live on land and some inwater.• They breath throughlungs.• Their skin is covered inscales and some have ashell.TORTOISESNAKE
  7. 7. THE FIVE GROUPS OFVERTEBRATES4. BIRDS• Live on land and in theair.• They breath throughlungs.• They have feathers andwings.EAGLEHUMMINBIRD
  8. 8. THE FIVE GROUPS OFVERTEBRATES5. MAMMALS• Live on land and some inwater.• They breath throughlungs.• Their body is covered inskin and fur.• Their babies feed on theirmother´s milk.BEARS
  9. 9. Activity 1Answer these questions:1. What is a vertebrate? What type of vertebrate is adog?2. What are the five groups of vertebrates?
  10. 10. Activity 2Match these word with different pictures:FISHAMPHIBIANSREPTILESMAMMALSBIRDS
  11. 11. Activity 3Write two or three characteristics of thefollowing animals: