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Why hire an interior designer


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Interior designers do more than just pick paint colors. When it comes to designing commercial spaces, we handle not only the aesthetic of the space, but also brand implementation and personality, function and accessibility, building codes and other requirements. See it in a hypothetical scenario described in the presentation.

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  • DC student here and I am still VERY available! I am a senior at the Art Institute of Washington, pursuing my BFA in Interior Design. I am currently doing home staging and styling on the side while I attend school, and would love to speak with you! I am immediately available to anyone in the DC metro area (Northern Virginia, Montgomery/PG County too). I'd prefer not to go as far as Baltimore or Richmond.

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Why hire an interior designer

  1. 1. Why should you hire a professional interior designer for your next commercial project?
  2. 2. Scenario: You are a new business owner, opening a hip marketing agency. You have located a retail space in a historic downtown area of (your city).Your brother in-law, who is a carpenter, offered to help buildout the space, and your wife is eager to help with finish selections (since she did such a great job in your newly built suburban home). Sounds like you have everything under control, UNTIL....
  3. 3. UNTIL.... • you realize you need building permits in order to begin any construction • you discover that only contract grade finishes and fixtures are allowed to be used in a commercial setting • you are made aware about ADA compliance requirements • you find out how hard it is to manage a construction process, and your opening deadline keeps being extended • you meet with a building inspector and he....holds your project until you fix all of the above.
  4. 4. You wish you could rewind time and start again. * you, pulling your hair out from frustration
  5. 5. However, this time ...... you don’t hesitate and hire a professional interior designer.
  6. 6. What can a professional interior designer do for you: • explain the process, draw out timeline and set expectations • put together a team of professionals best suited for the project • ensure all building codes and requirements are met • maximize space utilization, and/or plan for future growth/development • provide a comprehensive design solution, not just a nice looking space • manage orders, production lead times and installation AgaArtkaInteriorDesign,LLC
  7. 7. The process of designing and specifying the interior of a commercial space is not just about selecting finishes and paint colors.
  8. 8. Interior Designer’s job is to interpret the brand of your business and translate it into physical space.
  9. 9. When determining your brand’s characteristics, consider the following: • who your client is (age, gender, socio- economic status) • the service/product you offer and how it’s viewed by your client base • the feeling you want your clients to evoke when entering your space • company’s mission or strategic goals • future plans/company growth as it may impact current space AgaArtkaInteriorDesign,LLC
  10. 10. Back to the scenario: Let’s assume that you already knew how much help an interior designer can be.You contacted them before the lease on your retail space was sign, just to make sure that it was sufficient for what you had in mind. They did field measurements, and performed preliminary space planning, and approved of the location. From then, here is how the story would go:
  11. 11. Interior design process: • programming phase - identifying the objectives of the project • design concept - collaboration with creative team, and design solution presentation • documentation - construction documents preparation and distribution • specification - selecting and identifying appropriate finishes, fixtures and equipment that support the design concept • estimate collection and budget management - requesting and collecting of labor and product quotations per documentation and specification • manage orders, production lead times and installation • post-occupancy review and follow up AgaArtkaInteriorDesign,LLC
  12. 12. If all these steps were handled by an Interior Designer, can you imagine what you could do with your time?
  13. 13. AgaArtkaInteriorDesign,LLC Understanding the industry, being able to identify the trends, and implement new design solutions is what Aga Artka does best. Her Interior Design business can ensure that your next commercial project is well designed and managed, and clearly communicates your company’s brand and personality. Aga Artka Chief Designer/Owner of Milwaukee-based Interior Design Studio
  14. 14. Questions? Contact me to discuss your next commercial project. @agartka Artka Interior Design LLC