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T5 project


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T5 project

  1. 1. HispanicArtwork Aaron Gunning
  2. 2. Diego Rivera
  3. 3. • El hombre es fuera su casa.• Él es trabja el campos• Él usa caballos para arar.• Diego Rivera made large wall murals all over mexico. His works helped establish the mexican mural movement from 1922 to 1953 using mostly social realist styles. They also included european renaissance influences.
  4. 4. Emile Munier
  5. 5. • El Chica lava y seca los platos.• Munier created paintings on the subject of mythology, peasants, and religon during the late 1800. Religon was a very popular subject for art during this time and hundreds of years before.
  6. 6. • This painting is referred to as bodegon. Which is a form of spanish art work that depicts still life scences, with more than one individual, drinks, food, usually set in a kitchen or tavern.
  7. 7. Bless The Cook - Polivka
  8. 8. • El madre es lava la ropa en el lavendaría.• Ella tabla de plancha la ropa.• Botero is a columbian figurative artist.• Botero uses an unmistakible figurative style that depicts people, nature, historical events, and other various things with exaggerated and volumetry disproportions. Using irony and humor in his works
  9. 9. • El chica cocina cena en el cocina.• Polivka creates many paintings that create a very latin feel, or what the average american would assume hipsanic art would consist of. With features such as very bright colors and obvious texture.
  10. 10. fernando Botero
  11. 11. Pic Cites•