Flood In Pakistan


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Flood In Pakistan

  1. 1. Flood in PAKISTAN –2010 Floods have ravaged mountainous regions in the north-west Pakistan, destroying entire villages, reached the heart of the country. Rivers, coming from the banks, have already caused the death of 1500 people, while another 100,000 were victims spread the infection. Recent downpours in the north-west threaten the main dam. Saving 3.2 million people suspended due to washed-out roads, bridges and broken lines of communication, and survivors complain about the inaction of the government. Many countries have offered assistance to Pakistan, where for several years does not stop fighting with the Taliban. When the flood waters reached the province of Punjab, about 3000 people were trapped in the Côte d'Addu, after the water broken the safety barrier, forcing the evacuation of military boats and helicopters.
  2. 2. Spreading Pakistan floods affect 4m people, says UN "People say they are not getting help from the army or the government«  The worst flooding in Pakistan's history has now affected more than four million people and left at least 1,600 dead, says the UN. While floods in the north-west began to recede, the vast body of water has been moving down the country into new parts of Punjab and menacing Sindh province. All wells have been contaminated and water-borne diseases are spreading, officials say. The region is midway through monsoon season and more rain is forecast. The number of affected districts in Punjab has reached seven, while 350,000 people have been moved from neighbouring Sindh province, most of which is on high alert, the United Nations said. President scorned UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has sent a special envoy, Jean-Maurice Ripert, to Pakistan to help mobilise international support and aid flood victims. A boy sit on a bed in ruin on family home in Pabbi, north-west Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, on 5 August 2010 Victims have bitterly accused the authorities of failing to come to their aid The army has used boats and helicopters to evacuate stranded villagers to higher ground. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said about 100,000 people have been rescued. But government and civilian agencies have been struggling to get supplies to the worst affected areas. Victims have bitterly accused the authorities of failing to come to their rescue and provide sufficient relief. Particular scorn has been poured on President Asif Ali Zardari because he pressed ahead with a visit to Europe. Mr Zardari is due to launch his son's political career on Saturday in the British city of Birmingham. The disaster has piled yet more pressure on an administration struggling to contain Taliban violence and an economic crisis. Meanwhile, local Islamic charities with unconfirmed links to militant groups have reportedly been stepping into the breach to help flood victims. Source : BBC news
  3. 3. Flood-affected Pakistanis are waiting at the center of distribution of products on the outskirts of Peshawar on August 3. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  4. 4. Pakistanis are trying to get the food distributed by the charitable organization, on the outskirts of Peshawar on August 3. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  5. 5. Women are affected by the floods, show their identity cards on the outskirts of Peshawar. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  6. 6. Afghan refugees wait for food distribution in Peshawar. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  7. 7. Pakistani children and men came for the food in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Novshery August 2. (AFP / Getty Images / Behrouz Mehri)
  8. 8. Local residents fleeing to collect water bottles that they throw out Pakistani soldiers in the military Novshere. (Getty Images / Daniel Berehulak)
  9. 9. People stand in line at a field medical camps for flood victims in Risalpure August 3. (AP / Anjum Naveed)
  10. 10. Pakistani family carry their belongings on the bridge during the evacuation in Peshawar on August 3. (AFP / Getty Images / Hasham Ahmed)
  11. 11. People are waiting to cross the flooded road in Bannu. (AP / Ijaz Mohammad)
  12. 12. Evacuees from Novshery family waits in a traffic jam on the road. (Getty Images / Daniel Berehulak)
  13. 13. Afghan refugees were waiting to be resettled in a refugee camp in Peshawar. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  14. 14. Pakistan's family prepares for the evacuation of a truck after warning the authorities about the new floods in Peshawar. (AFP / Getty Images / Hasham Ahmed)
  15. 15. Pakistani girl stands outside his house, destroyed by flood in Peshawar. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  16. 16. The man leads his donkey harnessed to a cart with things in Peshawar. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  17. 17. Pakistani woman is in the rain back to camp for refugees in Novshere. (AFP / Getty Images / A Majeed)
  18. 18. Pakistanis rest on a hill near the railway in Novshere. (AFP / Getty Images / A Majeed)
  19. 19. Pakistani bear rug on the flooded region Novshery. (AFP / Getty Images / A Majeed)
  20. 20. People save what is left of their homes in the flooded area Novshery August 2. (AP / Mohammad Sajjad)
  21. 21. Flood victims has food on his head in a refugee camp in Charsadda district in the province Pakhtunkva. (AFP / Getty Images / A Majeed)
  22. 22. Pakistanis are under the destroyed bridge in Medeyne in Swat. (AFP / Getty Images / A Majeed)
  23. 23. Flood victims lined up at the destroyed bridge in Medeyne. (AFP / Getty Images / A Majeed)
  24. 24. Man assesses the damage to his house floods in Novshere. (Getty Images / Daniel Berehulak)
  25. 25. Dzhovhar Ali (right) stands among the ruins of his house, destroyed by flood in the village Mayyuku near Charsaddy. (AFP / Getty Images / Behrouz Mehri)
  26. 26. Pakistani examines the dirty things in Novshere. (AFP / Getty Images / Behrouz Mehri)
  27. 27. Pakistani collect their belongings from flooded homes in Novshere. (AFP / Getty Images / Behrouz Mehri)
  28. 28. A presentation by Nubia Nubia_group@yahoo.fr http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Nubia_group/ ttp://www.facebook.com/NubiaGroup http://Nubiagroup.blogspot.com/ Pakistani women pray at sunset on the river Rabbi in Lahore on August 2. (AFP / Getty Images / Arif Ali)