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Toyo project mgt


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totao analysis

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Toyo project mgt

  1. 1. 14 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” Final project Umer Ejaz 13130016 Tehseen Raza 13130008 Hamza Shamshad 13130021 Esha Humayon 11108191 Gohar Ali 13130020
  2. 2. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 2
  4. 4. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 4 REFERENCES___________________________________________________32 We starts our this project with the name of Allah who is most beneficent and who born us with the clot of blood and who gives us the ability, talent and potential to accomplish this task, and also gave us to make a command on this subject without Allah’s permission it’s impossible. Then we thank our parents who pay for our education, our necessities and our needs, and our teachers specially our more worthy and more respectable teacher Mr. Sajeel Butt, who gave us complete attention during whole semester and taught us their skills about management which is our subject and also keep helping in completing our Project and then he gave us a chance to apply in our daily life, we want to say thanks Mr. Sajeel Butt to share us their valuable experience of life. Then we are particularly thankful, grateful and pleasured to management of TOYO Company, especially Mr. Khawaja Zeeshan (The Corporate Manager of TOYO Company) who fully cooperated with us and provides opportunities to get required information.
  5. 5. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 5 We dedicate this project to our parents who always appreciate us in every step and to our teachers specially Mr. Sajeel Butt who always guided us in right direction and developed our personality as a useful citizen for the society and beyond them, to all of our friends from whom we learned much and complete our tasks.
  6. 6. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 6 "INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE COMPANY” TOYO group of Industries was set up in Gujranwala as a latest manufacturing unit of plastic furniture in 1995. It started its operations with manufacturing of plastic furniture. The company has speciality on the manufacturing of plastic furniture like chairs and tables at its initial stage. From 1995 to 1999, TOYO group of industries were working together but in 2000, one member of TOYO was separated and appeared as its competitor in the market with the brand name of “BOSS”. TOYO simply took it as a challenge, undeterred by the attendant initial difficulties. It is a pioneering achievement of Mr. Chaudary Iftikhar Ahmed, the founder and life time chairman of the Company that his determined efforts finally crowned with success. The TOYO project not took off under his dynamic policies but also registered a phase of rapid growth and expansion, capturing a major part in the country’s markets. President’s slogan is, “No compromise on quality”. So, Plastic products today are not only identical with ‘Top Quality’ products but also an identification symbol for TOYO group of Industries Ltd. Self dependently, a modern automatic Japanese Plant was installed in 2003. At this plant the Company manufactures high quality washing machines under the brand name of TOYO Washing Machines (Single and Double). In 2004, Company introduces TOYO Motor Bike and in 2007-08, it introduces TOYO Fans. The company
  7. 7. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 7 continually introduces new products. The remote controlled Air Coolers, Geysers and Water Dispensers two to three years are quite recent examples. A new model of Motorbike is launched before two or three weeks. These brands have captured the major share of market. The company has now its own facilities for accurate testing on the most modern and sensitive testing equipments. Every product of TOYO Industries is subjected to the most rigid test and leaves the factory only when it is finally passed by the experts. True to the Company’s progressive business philosophy, Ch Amman Ullah, the Managing Director of TOYO Industries is always lookout for world’s latest technologies to adopt and applied in the production of TOYO products. As a result of its innovative, excellence and ever growing technological processes, TOYO remains the No.1 choice both at home and abroad, including the Middle East. In the year 2008, TOYO Group of Industries achieved the “Brand of the year Award” due to its high quality manufacturing products.
  8. 8. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 8 The Interview: We took the interview from Mr. Khawaja Zeeshan who is the Corporate Manager and Human Resource Manager of TOYO Group of Industries and asked him about different management concepts. He told us about that it has different departments of every product. Then we met National Sales Manager named as Mr. Rashid Iqram and Import and Export Manager who is Chaudary Abdullah and gave us more brief information about their industry and its products. TOYO GROUP “COMPANY PROFILE” TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES CHAUDARY ENGINEERING COMPANY (PVT), LIMITED FINE INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC FURNITURE (PVT), LIMITED CONCERTO ENGINEERING COMPANY (PVT), LIMITED Head office: Address: Small Industrial Estate No 2, Near Khiali Bypass, Gujranwala, Pakistan Landmarks: G.T Road, Small Industrial Estate No 2, Wapda Town, Gujranwala. S.I.E # 2 Gujranwala, Pakistan
  9. 9. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 9 Ph: +92-55-4285053-54 Fax: +92-55-4283810 E-mail: & Website: U.A.N: +92-55-111-805-805 Corporate Office: 97-Main Feroz Pur Road Ichra, Lahore. PH: +92-42-37502009 Fax: +92-42-37502009 Online Support: Total Number of Employees: Head Office: 01 Distribution center: All Big Cities of Pakistan Employees 600 including managers
  10. 10. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 10 ORGANIZATIONAL HERO’S  Mr. Sheikh Zeeshan Marketing General Manager Provides great marketing strategies to the Company  Mr. Jamil Area Sales Executive Provides huge revenue to the Company  Mr. Noman Media Executive of Home Applainces Promoted lot of work  Khwaja Zeeshan Human Resource Manager Corporate Manager Marketing Manager
  11. 11. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 11 Products of TOYO Group of Industries Cooking Range Air Cooler TOYO Air Cooler TOYO Fans TOYO Water Dispenser
  12. 12. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 12 TOYO Gyser TOYO Motorbike TOYO Plastic Chairs TOYO Washing Machine & Dryers
  13. 13. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 13 Hierarchy in TOYO Company: All the works are done in Toyo Company in efficient manners. Everybody knows his duty and that’s why Toyo Company progress by leaps and bounds. The hierarchy in Toyo Company is. LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT: Top management: All the decisions are being made in Toyo Company by the top manager named. Ch. Iftikhar. Toyo Company progressed successfully due to innovative ideas of its top management. Middle management: Chairman CH. Iftikhar Account Manager M.Hassan Plant manager Allah Rakha Media Manager Usman Khan Trade Manager Ali Raza CEO Muhammad khalid Managing Director ch.Ammanullah
  14. 14. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 14 When the policies are being made, it’s important to deliver all the policies to the whole organization, middle management works under the top management, the middle management of Toyo Company CEO and Director. Front line manager: All the managers in the Toyo Company convey strategies and rules of the company in the form of meeting. Through these meetings all employees of the company work efficiently and effectively because everything is well defined to them. CUSTOMERS TYPE: TOYO is continually monitoring customer attitudes and requirements through market research. This involves setting up small focus on groups of customers who express their ideas and opinions about their needs and views on different products. Due to high quality and extreme standard, TOYO group of industries has a wide range of customers and dealers not only in Pakistan but also the products have high demand in the foreign market, e.g. Afghanistan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa and England. Mr. Chaudary Iftikhar Ahmed, the Chief Executive of TOYO Industries said that he is not just focusing on the local market alone he also understands the importance of exports as well. The
  15. 15. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 15 customer range of TOYO is more in Afghanistan and low in England as compared to Gulf and Middle East. “ACHIEVEMENT AND AWARDS OF TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES”
  16. 16. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 16 Capital Investment: Limited budget is invested annually to every part of TOYO industry, approved by the head office. TOYO group of industries capital investment is more than Rs. 3 to 4 billion which depends upon the present and the past market value of their products. If extra budget is required then that particular office put forward the request to the CEO of head office and CEO approves the budget according to the need and situation. The machines which they used for manufacturing products are more than Rs. 20 crore. MARKET SHARE: The market value of TOYO group of Industries was high in the years 2000-03 as compared to its competitor Super Asia and Citizen. But due to the separation of its one member named as “BOSS”, the market value of its share decreases and his competitors take benefit of it. But market condition of share increased in 2007 to till now.
  17. 17. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 17  STARATEGIC MANAGEMENT: Strategic management means what the managers do to developing the organizational actions and decisions that determines the long run performance of the organization. VISION: “Constantly improving the skills of organization’s members to become the market leader in every of our product, locally and regionally.” Since 1995, being the manufacturer of plastic furniture, we have solid plans to reproduce our best practices in every of our product across the region. It is the VISION that every top level employee of the organizational pyramid is clear about. The workforce will be the most efficient in industry through multiple skill learning, teamwork and the security of the safest work environment as possible as excellent citizen in the local and regional community through our financial and human resources support and our sensitivity to the environment. MISSION: “To continue to distinguish ourselves as the premier source for manufacturing unique and high quality products and the very best professional services.” Our mission is to recognized as premier supplier to the market. We serve by providing quality products to satisfy the needs of our customers. We will continue our tradition of honesty, fairness and integrity in relationship with our customers, associates, shareholders, community and stakeholders.
  18. 18. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 18 PLANS AND GOALS: Planning is an essential element for any activity to take place. The CEO of TOYO industries said that they plan every minute of their organization lives, covering all potential circumstances and situations. MANUFACTURING PLANS AND GOALS: TOYO group of Industries planned wisely and widely to cover all the aspects of the latest market to take the fight of competition in the manufacturing field. Ch. Iftikhar Ahmed, the CEO of TOYO group of Industries said that they want to expand the range and style of products of TOYO INDUSTRIES to fully compete with the international market. So they always keep in touch with their employees and gain up to date knowledge of market conditions. Toyo manufacturing department duty is to know the consumers demand and choice and gap of time so that they planned according to it and introduce new innovations in their products to satisfy the need of the consumers. Since from its beginning, TOYO group of Industries want to polish themselves in every product they design and manufacture and they do so by introducing new products time to time.
  19. 19. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 19 BCG Matrix The model compares each business units of a company against its competitor in terms of market growth and market share. To help businesses further analyze its assets, the matrix divides the business units or products into four categories, including: Stars: Furniture is considered in the star category and it is the Strategic Business Unit because it is having high market share and generate the most cash. This generally results in the same amount of money coming in that is going out. Stars can eventually become cash cows if they sustain their success until a time that the market growth rate declines.
  20. 20. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 20 Cash cows: Home appliance is considered as the cash cow of industry.Cash cows are the leader in the marketplace and generate more cash than they consume. These are business units or products that have a high market share, but a low growth prospects. It should invest the amount either in stars or question mark. Dogs: Business units or products that are dogs are those have both a low market share and low growth rate. They don't earn a lot of cash, nor do they consume a lot. Most likely these aspects of a business are making little, if any money. Dogs are generally considered cash traps because businesses have money tied up in them, even though they are bringing back basically nothing in return.. There strategic business unit of motorbike Questions marks: These parts of a business have high growth prospects, but a low market share. They are consuming a lot of cash, but bringing little back in return. However, since these business units are growing rapidly, they do have the potential to turn into a star. Fans INTERNAl AND EXTERNAL ANALYSIS: SWOT Analysis Strength:  Good Brand Image.  Pioneer in Plastic chairs.  Cover almost 60% of the total sale of plastic chairs in Pakistan.  Quality Products based on the best available raw materials.  A wide range of plastic chairs (main product) and other products.  Qualified and skilled labor in the region.
  21. 21. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 21  Adoption of new technology  Export their products  Premium quality and elegant services Weaknesses:  Weak corporate culture (lack of communication among the departments).  Employees are under stress by the management.  Non participative management.  Lack of fully functional and authorized HR department Opportunities:  Large domestic markets (lack of customers for Chinese products).  Company has good market image so they can add new product lines  Develop new products. Threats:  Low price competitors are the main threats for the company. (Toyo, Citizen and other local firms)  Threats from Chinese market due to low price products of same range  Change customer taste Critical analysis of the management patterns, weak areas that need to be improved:  Weak corporate culture (lack of communication among the departments)  Employees are under stress by the management.  Non participative management.  Lack of fully functional and authorized HR department
  22. 22. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 22 Hiring: The major elements in the process are: 1) The definition of the job itself, often a formal job description rendered on paper, an important aspect of which is determination of the compensation to be paid. 2) A process of recruitment. 3) Prospective employee interviews. 4) The job offer and related negotiations (if any) 5) Registration of the employee and related introductions and orientations. 6) Some kind of job training which may be minimal or may involve formal training programs. The hire may be a permanent or temporary employee; this status will also influence the process. Marketing Goals: The marketing department of Toyo Industries promotes their products to increase the reputation of their company in increasing rate. To achieve great progress in this regards, they promote their products using different sources like T.V, news papers, radio, banners, Flex sign boards etc. to increase in the awareness among the customers regarding the products, increase in sales revenue, increase in the repetitive clients, enhancing the export level across the world. They reserve a specific amount of money for marketing of their products. They overall planned to invest specific amount of money on a specific department. They focuses on the satisfaction of the customers to make them permanent so in this way their earning capacity can be increased enhance long run performance and increasing life of the business.
  23. 23. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 23 MAJOR COMPETITORS: TOYO group of industries are established in 1995 producing plastic furniture at that time. It worked for 5 years with his partner. But in year 2000, due to some reasons one part of TOYO separates from it and appears as competitor in the market with the brand name of “BOSS”. Super Asia and Citizen also the major competitors of TOYO industries. The CEO of TOYO said that they keep their margin level low in order to keep the customers in touch, establish the great position in the market continually and receive positive response from the customers. STRATEGIES AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION TOYO BOSS CITIZEN SUPER ASIA
  24. 24. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 24 ACTION PLAN: To achieve their mission, TOYO industries have planned to increase the number of their products. From the starting of the business to till now they had introduced approximately 5 products in market. But in 2011 and 2012, they will introduce there own Air Conditions, Microwave Oven, Cooking range. The cost and the expected profit are being estimated. The promotional activities are made through posters and pamphlets and introductory samples are represented. The staff hiring strategies and marketing strategies are planned. IMPLEMENTATION: After planning they organize the activities like which kind of people are required and the process that would be controlled by them under which situations are being handled. They are hiring more efficient staff and mangers for implementation of strategies they have planned. They build a new plant and install new imported machines for manufacturing of their latest products. EVALUATION OF THE STARTEGIES: TOYO now start working on its new project. They invest a specific amount of money on it and also they have imported the latest machinery in to their organization for manufacturing the products. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE AND DESIGN: The formal arrangement of jobs within the organization is called organization structure and change the organizational structure is called organizational design. WORK SPECIALIZATION:It refers to the degree to which tasks in the organization are subdivided into separate jobs. In TOYO, there are different departments at which different employees are located according to their skills and ability.
  25. 25. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 25 The entire job is broken down into steps, each step completed by a separate individual. For example in production department those people are working who are highly skilled and in sales department those people are working who are fully confident and have ability to handle sensitive situations regarding sales matters. Similarly many other workers’ jobs are divided in the organization in the same way according to their working skills and ability. Due to work division, TOYO make efficient use of employee’s skills and talent. DEPARTMENTALIZATION Departmentalization is the basis on which work or individuals are grouped together .Once jobs have been classified through work specialization, they are grouped so those common tasks can be coordinated. In TOYO there are five Departments. 1. Production Department 2. Marketing Department 3. Sales Department 4. Executive Body Department 5. Stores Department TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT MARKETING DEPARTMENT SALES DEPARTMENT HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT EXECUTIVE BODY DEPARTMENT
  26. 26. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 26 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: The purpose of this department is to examine the capacity and amount of production of products in the organization. The people in this department are high skilled and efficient who determine how a product is produce and how much it produce. It assemble all functions needed to make a particular product are placed under one executive. MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Marketing department sets the goals regarding the manufacturing of the products. The employees in marketing department are working under their head. The duty of this department is to analyze the market demand and report to their head according to it and also they promote of their products through media to the ordinary people. SALES DEPARTMENT: Sales department involves selling the products. It is divided according to the domestic and international level. The duty of this department is to selling the products to their clients and to the market to their customers or dealers. EXECUTIVE BODY DEPARTMENT: This department involves the employees who engaged in the preparation of the main structure of the products under the command of their head officer. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT: HRM is the department which determines the employee’s performance, their participation in the work, incentives allotment to employees and other employee’s related matters.
  27. 27. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 27 CHAIN OF COMMAND: The chain of command is line of authority extending from upper organizational levels to the lowest organization level, which clarifies who reports to whom. In TOYO, employees report to their senior officers or they can directly report to the top manager depending upon the nature of the report. SPAN OF CONTROL: The Span of Control in an organization is defined as the number of employees reporting directly to one supervisor. CEO EMPLOYEES SENIOR OFFICERS
  28. 28. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 28 PROCESS FOR CONTROL The control in TOYO Company is Direct. It means an employee directly reports to it supervisor. Financial Controls: An approach to organizational boundary-setting. According to the financial control approach, a company is responsible for an operation if it can direct the financial policies of the operation to derive economic benefit. Operational Controls: Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. Roles of Information System: It provides the information to the management, which is needed. LEADERSHIP STYLE CENTERALIZATION AND DECENTRALIZATION: In TOYO, mostly decisions are made by CEO along with the senior employees by holding meetings. All of employees have right to share their views on the matters then ending decisions are made by choosing best points.
  29. 29. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 29 FORMALIZATION: Formalization is the extent to which rules and procedures are followed in an organization. In TOYO, many rules have been made by the organization for their worker regarding their jobs that what to do and how to do. Workers follow these rules in order to contribute their efforts in achieving the organizational goals. These rules also show how employees were rewarded for their jobs. DEMOCRATIC STYLE: Democratic leadership, also known as participative leadership, is a type of leadership style in which members of the group take a more participative role in the decision-making process. In TOYO Leadership Style is democratic. ORGANIZATION CULTURE
  30. 30. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 30 TOYO has strong organizational culture because they have low rate of turnover. They are strong ethically because they give attention on their employee’s problem and make sure that the employees are fully satisfied. They are providing many extra benefits in the shape of funds to meet the expenditure like marriage, health and for the domestic purpose which is based on employee’s performance. Employees of the company are open and extremely co-operative. There is openness and flexibility in working style. The employees are fully engaged with their works and are involved in tasks which are given to them. Order of the day is result oriented attitude. well known about their company and they are also provided with proper uniform to all the employees those who are working in the production department as they said the focusing on quality is our main objective so while performing the hoar of any employee can be fall in to the product so that’s why they are being provided with caps during their work. Decision Making: Managers make consistent and value based decisions. Directors and mangers of the company make decisions rationally and logically. They have carefully defined the problem and identified all alternatives. In TOYO all the managers are rational and make logical decision to maximize the organizational interest. There are no structured problems as such but it sometime faces unstructured problems. And usually these problems are technical problems and to solve these problems company have technical persons. They adopt Behavioral decision making in operational decisions and apply analytical decision in the expansion.
  31. 31. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 31 Decision making is takes place at the upper level of the organization. Lower level employees carry out all the orders of the board of directors. In company usually decisions are made by upper level management. They follow the decision making model as we have studied in our management course. EMPLOYEES TRAINNING AND COMPENSATION: In order to achieve the desired organizational goals, TOYO group of industries provide opportunities to the newly hired persons that they prepare themselves for respective job through training programs for specific time period. The purpose of training is that the employees are stable to maintaining quality and productivity. They are provided skilled persons to do job with them and gain their experience of working. The senior workers continuously help the workers to meet the need of their work. In this way they can also learn that how a work can be perform efficiently. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS: Developing an effective and appropriate compensation system is an important part of the HRM department. TOYO group of industries attract and retain the competent employees who helps them in meeting the desired
  32. 32. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 32 organizational goals and mission. They grant specific incentive over salaries to their employees. Some bonuses are also provided to employees at some special events like i.e. Eid bonus. A specific amount of money also grant to the persons for the marriage of their children. The organization also provides scholarship to its employees for meeting the educational expenses of their children. HEALTH AND SAFETY OF EMPLOYEES: Nobody wants to happen anything wrong in his business. So, TOYO Industries also provides such an environment to the employees in the organization that protects them from any dangerous happening during the working hours. But we know risk is everywhere if anything happens wrong with employees then there is complete arrangement of providing first aid to the employees. But when the employee has serious accident during work he is hospitalized and all the expenses are beard by the company.
  33. 33. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 33 TOYO industry is well known industry in GUJRANWALA as well as in PAKISTAN, because of the diversity in their product line. TOYO Company is performing so well he captured the international market quite successfully in a very short time. Super Asia is a big competitor of TOYO Company however TOYO is competing with him quite efficiently, and progress by leaps and bounds day by day. Interest in joining the Organization: This organization is good in dealing with employees, provides almost all facilities to them. Then it gives any rewards-mostly in monetary terms, for encouraging the employees. I will also check the salary package, then type of work, after that I will be able to decide that whether I should join the organization or not.
  34. 34. June 7, 2014 “TOYO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES” 34 References   M. Usman Khan Media Manager 0300-8711136 0324-8708045  Mahiar Hassan Khan Asst. Customer Relationship Manager 0347-9290364  Adnan Ahmad Hashmi Customer Relationship Manager 0322-5604412  Other employees working over there