The Sophisticated Marketers Checklist for Linkedin (Infographic)


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The Sophisticated Marketers Checklist for Linkedin (Infographic)

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The Sophisticated Marketers Checklist for Linkedin (Infographic)

  1. 1. The Sophisticated Marketer’sChecklist for Download eBook Marketing Solutions The sophisticated marketer is someone who takes marketing techniques, both old and new, and executes them in an overall integrated marketing strategy. You’re grounded in timeless, Mad Men-era tactics, but know how to combine them with new, modern technology. Now, more than ever, professionals want to engage with companies that focus on sharing relevant content. Companies that inform and engage aren’t just selling—they’re building relationships on the world's largest professional platform. Use this checklist to make sure you’re leveraging all of the opportunities LinkedIn offers. Increase awareness, influence perception, generate leads, and get real results with your social media marketing. THE CHECKLIST: You’ve got all the tools in front of you and you've started your quest, you just have to clean up your look and put it all together. THE BILL? Do you Fit Check the items that apply to your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Tally your score and see how you stack up using the key below. Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a Sophisticated Marketer! HOW DID YOU SCORE? Marketing Maverick: When it comes to marketing sizzle you know all the tricks. A tweak here and an adjustment there and you’ll be a Sophisticated Marketer before you know it. Influencer Extrordinaire: You own this checklist...heck you could have written it yourself. Congratulations, you’re officially a Sophisticated Marketer! Sophisticated Marketer: SCORE 1-4 SCORE 5-11 SCORE 12-14 Boost visibility with embedded keywords, URLs, job titles and descriptions, and content links. BUILD A COMPANY PAGE Market your business to the LinkedIn community. Tell your company’s story Give customers and prospects a place to learn about you CREATE SHOWCASE PAGES Create a distinct platform and voice for each aspect of your business that has its own message to share with its own target audience. EXTEND REACH WITH SPONSORED UPDATES Deliver updates into the feeds of members beyond those already following your company. REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE WITH DISPLAY ADVERTISING Reach a high-quality professional audience seeking insights and information with LinkedIn Premium Display Advertising. Or drive new customers to your business with our easy-to-use, self-serve CPC LinkedIn Ads platform. DEEPEN ENGAGEMENT WITH LINKEDIN APIs Allow members to sign in using their LinkedIn login Tailor the member experience based on profile data Go viral by triggering updates about a user’s activities GET INSPIRED BY INFLUENCERS Unearth new ideas by following our network of Influencers for original content that is meant to make you a better marketer. See which Influencers and topics are driving the most interest Spark ideas of your own for a post or content asset Find out what the people in your network are reading and how they’re reacting SHARE COMPANY UPDATES Tailor your company status updates to your followers’ professional interests— communicating with your followers in a relevant and personal way. UTILIZE SLIDESHARE Establish your brand as a thought leader and authority around topics and keywords. EXPAND REACH WITH INMAIL Reach anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information. Get professional, credible outreach— with your LinkedIn profile attached. JOIN THE CONVERSATION WITH LINKEDIN GROUPS Establish thought leadership for your company Start the conversation with your company’s own LinkedIn Branded Communities Participate in discussions taking place in established LinkedIn Groups ATTRACT MORE FOLLOWERS WITH FOLLOW COMPANY ADS Deliver personalized messages on the homepages of your target audience, establishing relevance and building your follower audience. CREATE A FORUM WITH LINKEDIN BRANDED COMMUNITIES Establish expertise and build a lively community endorsing your brand Exclusive ad positions share company, brand and product messages Drive engagement with weekly emails to Community Members Use community management tools to stay involved in the conversation UNLOCK THE POWER OF LINKEDIN’S PARTNER PROGRAMS LinkedIn’s platform can significantly increase your consumer engagement beyond by developing anything from entertaining promotions to targeted multi-channel messages. OPTIMIZE PROFILES FOR YOUR COMPANY AND EMPLOYEES