S appendix 5 @xp - organizational benefits


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S appendix 5 @xp - organizational benefits

  1. 1. The new AIESEC Experience
  2. 2. Session objectives 1. Confront our understanding with each other 2. Increase alignement of our vision for „ideal end-state” If you have not read preparation docs: - Try to use this session to catch up... - ...but allow those who have read it, to have more advanced discussions
  3. 3. What is @XP What is AIESEC Experience: - ... for an individual entering it - ... for AIESEC in general - ... for an Exchange manager - ... for a TN taker
  4. 4. What is @XP... for an individual Introduction to AIESEC Leadership Taking Role Responsibility Heading for the Future! Exchange!
  5. 5. What is @XP... For an individual it is.... - A clear, complete and simple message about Introduction to AIESEC opportunities - Ability to plan and Heading for the Future! Leadership Role Taking Responsibility walk the path best for you (supported by Exchange! mentoring) - A coherent program to empower you to formulate and drive your life ambition - ........
  6. 6. What is @XP... for AIESEC in general... ... It’s our Core Work “AIESEC facilitates international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences for our trainees and that facilitate the learning of our members and other stakeholders.”
  7. 7. What is @XP... for AIESEC it’s: - The process for Activating Leadership (Change Agents) - Our strategy for growth in numbers and impact on people - Our ability to synergise goals of our members with goals of AIESEC - Our new packaging, branding and external positioning builds on @XP ideas - ....
  8. 8. What is @XP... for an Exchanger... ... it’s what you always wanted...
  9. 9. What is @XP... for an Exchanger it’s: - SNs that will be your agents abroad (almost like CEEDers) - Incoming trainees that will be your agents in the company (and will re-raise better than you) - Learning Networks – supporting PBOXes and raising campaigns - ......
  10. 10. What is @XP... for a TN-taker... ... It’s getting high potential leaders on board!
  11. 11. What is @XP... for a TN-taker it’s: - Trainee with leadership experience - Access to networks of trainees and organizations - Better servicing from AIESEC - New opportunities to get involved - ....
  12. 12. @XP (AIESEC Experience)It’s a Global Solution, developed during the “Core Work Design” –during which a specific team of people analyzed AIESEC todescribe the ideal flow of experience a person can get in AIESEC –in order to develop Change Agent characteristics.For some time it was called Cork Work Design Output (for obviousreasons), but since it does not mean much to most of people – westarted calling it “AIESEC Experience” – shortly: @XP.@XP is aiming at achieving:- Increased volume of exchanges (through making ourprocesses more efficient)- Increased impact on every person that gets into AIESEC(through suggesting a carefully designed and flexible experiencepeople can take)
  13. 13. Key Features and BenefitsMore of our trainees will have been actively involved inAIESEC. - leading to greater capacity, better understanding andexpectation setting, trainees acting as stronger ambassadors ofAIESECMore of our leadership goes on an AIESEC exchange(before or after leadership) – leadership becomes a stonger partof the talent base we promise; transfer of AIESEC knowledgeOur members have identified their personal goals and seehow they link to organisation goals – greater commitment frommembership; stronger link between people’s learning goals and thecontribution they make to AIESECOur members, alumni and partners have opportunities toconnect to each over common interests – greater interactionbetween partners and members; alumni connected to AIESEC basedon current interests; increased competence in the students we sendabroad