BRINGING THE EMPLOYER BRAND TO LIFE (Workshop Toolkit) by Unilever


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BRINGING THE EMPLOYER BRAND TO LIFE (Workshop Toolkit) by Unilever

  1. 1. Bringing the employer brand to life Your role
  2. 2. Your role You have both an internal and an external role. Internal • Gain commitment and support from senior leaders to deliver the new brand. • Define with the business the most appropriate recruitment strategy. • Brief campus ambassadors and selectors so that they can deliver the right messages and activate the brand in relevant and interesting ways. • Make sure everyone who comes into contact with potential recruits understands the key messages and develops their own stories to support them, and uses the brand to inform all recruitment decisions. Most of this can be delivered through a workshop (workshop plans are given overleaf). External • Create local brand activation ideas based on ‘adding vitality to business life’ and the ‘Could it be U’ challenge. • Plan and create campaigns for recruitment for countries and regions. • Use the brand for ad-hoc recruitment. • Share and benefit from best practice from your colleagues. • Help set up external relationships that will improve Unilever’s profile in the long-term.
  3. 3. Workshop toolkit Your toolkit contains: • a session planning guide to help you plan workshops • an invitation to encourage people to attend • presentations with speaker notes for you to give to participants • exercises to deepen understanding • a leaflet, ‘Adding vitality to the employer brand’ as a reminder for participants • a pocket-sized summary card • a commitment postcard. This toolkit will help you mobilise the support of all your colleagues and roll out the new brand in your market. The best way to spread the word is to run a session with everyone involved in recruitment.
  4. 4. Workshop planning guide Before your workshop – Familiarise yourself with the contents of the pack, including the presentation, the exercise brief (both available on the CD Rom included), the ‘Adding vitality to the employer brand’ leaflet and the summary card. – Schedule at least 3 hours for the session, allowing yourself extra time to deal with late arrivals or extended questions and answers. – Invite all members of your extended recruitment team (HR, sponsors, champions, ambassadors, selectors etc) to attend, using the draft invitation message provided on the CD Rom included in the briefing pack. In order to get the most out of your session, try to keep the numbers to a maximum of 24 people. If appropriate, ask participants to prepare some homework before the workshop. – Book a suitable room for the workshop with LCD projector, screen and flipchart. – Ensure the room has both light (daylight if possible) and space, so that the participants can be both relaxed and stimulated. If there are more than 12 people in your session, you may need a breakout room for the exercises. – Prepare the support materials necessary to facilitate the main exercise (full details of what this should be are available on the CD Rom included). – Prepare an agenda for your session, based on the draft agenda in the presentation, and ensure you have enough copies of the ‘Adding vitality to the employer brand’ leaflet for each participant to take away with them at the end. The workshop is designed to take less than three hours and takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation with exercises. You may choose to add additional material to suit your audience’s needs.
  5. 5. During the workshop Welcome – Welcome participants and, using the opening slides of the presentation, introduce the session agenda and objectives. Warm-up exercise – Set a warm-up exercise (outlined in more detail on the CD Rom included) to get the participants involved and engaged. Session 1: Brand key – To develop people’s understanding of the brand key you need to allow for discussion. Go through the PowerPoint presentation provided, stopping where indicated. – Discussion and exercises are integrated into the presentation and described in more detail in the presentation speaker notes. Break – optional Session 2: Unveiling the employer campaign – Unveil the new advertising and activation campaign to help teams formulate the right message when they meet our target audience. – Go through the PowerPoint presentation provided. Wrap-up and thanks – Thank participants for their input and give out the ‘Adding vitality to the employer brand’ leaflet, explaining the contents. – Ask the participants to fill in the commitment postcard and hand it in to you at the end. Suggested timings for the workshop are included in the slides. After the workshop – Share your findings and feedback with your local recruitment team, and follow up on specific actions and requests from participants. – About 2 weeks after the workshop send back the postcard to participants as a reminder of their commitment.