ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDEric RozenbergDate of Birth: 21st of September...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDDr. Albert KaltenthalerDate of Birth: January, 192...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDDr. Arno MorenzDate of Birth: 23rd of October, 193...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDFulvio OgnibeneDate of Birth: 29th of October, 193...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDHaruo José KanoDate of Birth: 19th of March, 1949H...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDNihat GokyigitDate of Birth: 6th of August, 1925Ho...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDOscar Ivan ZuluagaDate of Birth: 17th of March, 19...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDVittorio TanziDate of Birth: 1st of November, 1933...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDThe Hon. Larry Anthony MPDate of Birth: 17th of De...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDMarco VillaDate of Birth: 30th of December, 1971Ho...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDNikolai TsekhomskyDate of Birth: 21st of April, 19...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDRainer KirchhoferDate of Birth: October, 1953Home ...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDReginald LaryeaDate of Birth: 30th of December, 19...
ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDSilvio VelasquezDate of Birth: 19th of August, 195...
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Aiesec alumni hall of fame (alumni contribution award) 2004 posters


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Aiesec alumni hall of fame (alumni contribution award) 2004 posters

  1. 1. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDEric RozenbergDate of Birth: 21st of September, 1966Home Country: BelgiumAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee Campus Recruitment Responsible, AIESEC Warocqué, Belgium, 1987-88Local Committee President, AIESEC Warocqué, Belgium, 1988-89National Committee Responsible - Marketing & PR, AIESEC in Belgium, 1989-90International Trainer 1990-1991National Committee President, AIESEC in Belgium, 1991-1992ACHIEVEMENTSDuring Eric’s year as LCP, membership grew from 7 to about 40 members, thanks to the collective efforts of his team:Joël Croquet, Myriam Delhaye, Jean-Eric Roland, Laurent & Dominique Nemery.His innovation was evident when he helped organize the first “Suitcase Party” as an initiative to motivate themembership of AIESEC in Belgium.In IC 1992 in Argentina, Eric, then NCP and his team received the international award for co-operation for the A-B-C(Argentina Belgium Co-operation) plan together with then NCP Argentina Maria Sarjanovich and her team.One of his best memories/achievements in AIESEC was when he chaired the “New Theme” Working Group at IC 92where they had to find a new theme for the GTP (Global Theme Program) for the next two years. “Education TowardsInternational and Cultural Understanding” was accepted unanimously by standing ovation and the Theme was laterextended for another one or two years.Eric chaired several conferences including: • American National Conference (Indianapolis) 1992 • Mediterranean Congress (Bordeaux) 1992 • French and Swiss National Conferences (Paris, Lausanne) 1992 • European Congress (Estonia) 1993He also attended more than 50 congresses including 6 International Congresses between 1988 and 1993.Eric founded Ince & Tive sa/nv, an Events and Projects Management company, in 1996. He started the companytogether with Philippe Buck, a friend and AIESEC Alumni, who, since the beginning acted as his personal mentorbefore joining him full time last October.Ince & Tive looks at the use of meetings, congresses and incentives as a strategic tool to achieve a company strategy -very few companies in this field look at meetings from that perspective.It is clear that the values of the company are highly linked to those of AIESEC.Eric teaches in the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising at the Solvay Business School in Brussels and gives ayearly seminar at the Haute Ecole Galilée on Incentive Travels & Meetings.He is currently President of MPI European Council ( and member of its International Boardof Directors 2004-2005.
  2. 2. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDDr. Albert KaltenthalerDate of Birth: January, 1926Home Country: GermanyAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee President, AIESEC Nuremberg, 1951/52National Committee President, AIESEC in Germany, 1952/53Presiding Country Committee President (PCCP), 1952/53ACHIEVEMENTSAlbert Kaltenthaler was the founder of the very first LC in West Germany, LC Nuremberg in 1951 and also foundedthe National Committee of AIESEC in Germany in 1952, which was introduced to the organization at the 4th IC inStockholm on March 19, 1952.He was the Chairperson of the 5th International Congress in Nuremberg, March 15-23, 1953 as Presiding CountryCommittee President 1952/53.After returning from war captivity in France, Albert Kaltenthaler founded a Local Committee at his university inNuremberg, and the idea of AIESEC spread out to other universities in the same year (Cologne, Hamburg, Mannheimand Munich).During his term as LCP, his growth of realized SNs and TNs soared: from 14 to 78 in 1951 and 18 to 89 in 1952 forSNs and TNs respectively.At the end of his term as NCP (1952/53) and on the 3rd General Assembly of AIESEC in West Germany in Nuremberg,9 more LCs were introduced to AIESEC in Germany: Berlin (Technical University), Bonn, Braunschweig, Erlangen,Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Muenster and Tuebingen.Dr. Albert Kaltenthaler has been an active member of the German National Board of Advisors for more than 20 years,since 1983.Through introducing AIESEC to German universities, Dr. Kaltenthaler added a very important and effective communitydevelopment: offering students opportunities for international exposure and cooperation as a valuable learningexperience.An extraordinary and worthy experience, especially for students who experienced World War II themselves.“He is a real historical figure of AIESEC through the difficult early days of a vision coming alive. Very few personsdeserve this kind of recognition”. — Jean Choplin via fax (March 8, 2004)
  3. 3. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDDr. Arno MorenzDate of Birth: 23rd of October, 1939Home Country: GermanyAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee President, AIESEC Saarbruecken, Germany, 1958/59National Committee President, AIESEC in Germany, 1960Advisory Counsellor (A.C.) at IC 1961 in Marseille, FranceInternational Senior Member at IC 1962 in Berlin, GermanyUndertook Traineeships at Svea Nornan, Goteborg, Sweden in 1960; Richardson-Merrel, New York, USA in 1961;Azur Plastic, Marseille, France in 1961ACHIEVEMENTSDr. Morenz has held various Management Board positions and his management and other functions have been writtenabout in Business Week, FT, Handelsblatt, FAZ and other publications.He was the Chairman of the Plenary Session at IC 1968 in Istanbul. He realised a total number of 371 SNs in 1959and up to 413 in 1960. He also realised a total number of 350 TNs in 1959 and up to 477 in 1960.Dr. Morenz started the Banking and Insurance Seminar Program of AIESEC Germany, which had been continued verysuccessfully for over 20 years.In 1960, Arno Morenz was the second NCP to run the newly established central NC office in Germany after thegeneral assembly decided to set up a permanent office and stop the rotating presidency of LCPs as NCP in 1959.He introduced the Berlin Excursions and secured funding base for all AIESEC trainees in Germany and this wascontinued until the German reunification.Dr. Morenz became Executive Board member of the AKD - Alumni Kreis Deutschland (German AIESEC AlumniAssociation) in 1978.Currently, Dr. Morenz acts as a Chairman of the Board of a high tech company in Berlin which he helped to found. Healso serves as a Board Member of Fidelity Funds, Salzgitter AG and others.Dr. Morenz has been using his network actively for establishing new partners for AIESEC in Germany. With his help,many companies joined the National Sponsors Group since the 1980s as well as new Board of Advisors members,who joined on his initiative.Dr. Morenz has been a very active member of the National Board of Advisors for almost 25 years, activelycommunicating with its members to keep them closely together.He has been the speaker of the Board of Advisors for 20 years and helped AIESEC in Germany passionately not onlyby contacting potential new sponsor group members and new characters for the enhancement of the National Boardof Advisors, but also through mentoring and advising especially the MCPs.Currently, for IC 2004, Dr. Morenz is actively supporting the CC in IC fundraising, which is the latest example of hisdedication and valuable contribution to AIESEC in Germany.He started an initiative to activate the network he still has from his work in Hannover for fundraising purposes, servingas a ‘door-opener’ and promoter.
  4. 4. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDFulvio OgnibeneDate of Birth: 29th of October, 1936Home Country: ItalyAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee Member, AIESEC Milano Bocconi, Italy, 1957Local Committee President, AIESEC Milano Bocconi, Italy, 1958 and 1959National Committee President, AIESEC in Italy, 1960Undertook three traineeships in Sweden (1957), United Kingdom (1959) and USA (1961)ACHIEVEMENTSFulvio was elected as a member of International Advisory Group at IC in Marseilles, France in 1961. He was namedan International Senior Member in 1962.He founded eight AIESEC Local Committees in Italy: LC Parma, LC Verona, LC Pisa, LC Firenze, LC Perugia, LCNapoli, LC Messina, and LC Cagliari.130 traineeship exchanges were achieved in the years 1959 and 1960.During his term, he also chaired an international seminar in Venice.Fulvio was part of the Board of Advisors for several years.He was awarded a different contribution award by AIESEC in Italy.His professional experience includes working for: • 3 years as Export Sales Manager of a plastic laminates producer, part of one of the largest Italian companies • 18 years as General Manager of one of the largest Italian tour operator (owned by a major Swiss conglomerate) • 12 years as Secretary General (and founder) of the Italian tour operators association.“He is a very inspiring person and he participates in all our national conferences.” — Antonio Fasano AIESEC in Italy
  5. 5. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDHaruo José KanoDate of Birth: 19th of March, 1949Home Country: MéxicoAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee, AIESEC in UNAM, México, 1969-1971Member Committee, AIESEC in México, 1971-1973Latin-America Coordinator (OCAL)Undertook a Traineeship in Les Combustibles de L’Ouest, HEC-Nantes, France in 1970ACHIEVEMENTSHaruo is one of the staunchest supporters of AIESEC as during the last 30 years, there has not been any moment inwhich he has not supported AIESEC; he has been a motivational speaker in many AIESEC events, has written papers,and through the corporations in which he has worked, has always provided useful material to the various localcommittees and the National Committee.During his participation in the National Committee of AIESEC in México, he travelled all over México and succeededin bringing in at least 5 new local committees. He is a founding member of the Office of the Coordinator for LatinAmerica.He was chair for The First Latin American Congress in Medellin, Colombia 1971. He also attended the Social Role ofManagement, a conference organized by the Pan American Council of Social Organizations in 1971 and 1972.He was hired in 1974 to become the Far East Delegate for the Mexican National Shipping line (TransportaciónMarítima Mexicana –TMM-), based in Tokyo until 1980, then transferred to London where he headed the samecompany European Office until 1982 and returned to the Head Office to become the Worldwide Group ChiefFinancial Officer. In 1989, he started his own shipping company, Grupo Naviero Kano (GNK) - became the first Mexican shipping company to obtain the ISO 9000 certification. In 1996 to 1998 he was alsothe Chairman of the largest video stores company in México (Videovisa).He is a Permanent Member of the AIESEC in México Alumni Board; he mentors the National Committee almost ona day by day basis. One of his biggest achievements in AIESEC has been to provide continuity to the development ofAIESEC in México by providing permanent office space and facilities for AIESEC, as well as meals and some utilities.Apart from the thankful notes he receives from time to time, AIESEC in México also awarded him the “AlumnusDestacado” (Outstanding Alumnus) in the Mexican Alumni Newsletter, December 2003.Mr. Haruo Kano, has shown that AIESEC can truly make a difference, that we can really change our future andcontribute to our community afterwards, and his motto is “You will have truly succeeded in life if you have helpedothers in building solid institutions like AIESEC for the benefit of future generations.”
  6. 6. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDNihat GokyigitDate of Birth: 6th of August, 1925Home Country: TurkeyAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee President, AIESEC Istanbul, Turkey, 1958/59ACHIEVEMENTSNihat was awarded the Best AIESECer Award at the 20th Year Anniversary of AIESEC in Turkey and later bagged theAlumni Contribution Award at the 35th Year Anniversary of AIESEC in Turkey.He is the president of the AIESEC in Turkey Board of Advisors Group. He has been donating US$ 10,000 every year tothe Member Committee of AIESEC in Turkey for the past 30 years.In 1992, he gave US$ 4,000 to the National Committee of AIESEC in Turkey to buy its own office. He also supportedthem in the opening of AIESEC in Georgia and has provided the LC with references for contacts to companies inGeorgia.He has neither chaired any AIESEC conferences nor gone on any AIESEC traineeships, but he chaired lots of meetingsand conferences besides AIESEC.Since he worked in AIESEC in the late 60s, it is not very possible to track the results of his performance, but he wasworking more on Raising TNs.He is an Executive Board member of the biggest afforesting organization in Turkey. He supports this organization interms of funding and volunteering. He has also supported some activities about the custom union that was done byAIESEC in Turkey.He has been involved in all the meetings of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Foreign Economic Relations Boardmeetings, Turkish Industrial lists and Businessmen Association Meetings and HABITAT II.His leadership style is value-based. You can also understand this from his achievements till now. He had worked orvolunteered in international business, entrepreneurship and culture.His company was the main sponsor of the New Horizons in South Anatolia Project, donating US$ 20,000 and alsosupported the IPM 2000 in Istanbul with a donation of US$ 10,000.He donated US$ 5,000 for the 50th Year Anniversary as the sponsor of the Official Dinner. He has also beencontributing different amounts of money for the attendance of AIESEC in Turkey in International Conferences everyterm.He is still very active in all AIESEC activities as a trainer and advisor. He attends the national and internationalconferences that are organized in Turkey, manages all the board of advisors meeting and facilitates Alumni Talks withthe current MC Members to share his experiences.“If we want to meet with one of the companies for BOA Membership, he has to approve it and talk with that companymanager first before we hold an interview with the new company. As he has been working in Istanbul more than 50years, we can claim that he is a well known person, so we take his opinions first and a reference letter from him foreach company that we are going to meet for the first time.” — Tuna Bektas AIESEC in Turkey
  7. 7. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDOscar Ivan ZuluagaDate of Birth: 17th of March, 1957Home Country: ColombiaAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee President, AIESEC Javeriana, Colombia, 1978National Committee Vice President Marketing, AIESEC in Colombia, 1979National Committee President, AIESEC in Colombia, 1980Organizing Committee President, World Energy Conference, 1981ACHIEVEMENTSOscar Zuluaga helped re-found AIESEC in Cesa, Colombia.Oscar was chosen as the ‘Best Delegate’ of the Latin American Leadership Development Seminar in 1978.He chaired several of AIESEC in Colombia events during the 80’s. During his period as NCP (1979-1980), AIESEC inColombia realized 40 exchanges.His degree thesis in investment portfolios was awarded and published in 1983.In 1990, he was elected Mayor of his hometown Pensilvania, Caldas, Colombia.He was appointed CEO of ACESCO ( in 1992-2002 and was named in the Top Ten of the Colombianexecutives in 2003.Oscar was the mentor of most of the AIESEC in Colombia leaders during the 80’s. As President of AIESEC in Colombia,he was invited to be trainer and facilitator of conferences on many occasions.At the end of the 70’s and beginning of the 80’s, Oscar was one of the most outstanding members of AIESEC inColombia; his leadership was visible in many aspects. He looked for the best students, to invite them to join AIESEC,and he was always ready to help them in their personal training.Oscar supported AIESEC in Colombia financially and legally when, due to its internal disorder, was in chaos.During his time as LCP, AIESEC Javeriana was an example for the rest of the local committees due mainly to its clearand transparent management.Since his AIESEC retirement in 1980, Oscar has been involved with AIESEC in Colombia in many ways; he attendedevents as a trainer or speaker; advised the LC executives; facilitated contacts with third parties for taking oftraineeships; and shared his experiences with other alumni.Oscar always arranged to listen and to advise members of AIESEC in Colombia, from his different roles as Mayor, CEOor Congressman and his influence with key people and organizations has enabled AIESEC in Colombia to raise newtraineeships.In his personal activities, he has made numerous outstanding contributions to Colombia. As CEO, ACESCO becamerecognized at national and international level for the quality of its products and its leadership in the sector.
  8. 8. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI HALL OF FAME AWARDVittorio TanziDate of Birth: 1st of November, 1933Home Country: ItalyAIESEC RECORDSFounder, AIESEC in Milano Bocconi, ItalyEstablished AIESEC in Italy, 1954National Committee President, AIESEC in Italy, 1954 and 1955Presiding Country Committee President (now President of AIESEC International), 1956-57Advisory Country Committee during the Austrian PCC year (1957-58)ACHIEVEMENTSVittorio chaired the International Congress in Italy in 1957 and the Italian Study Tour in 1956. He achieved 18exchanges in the first year of activity (1955). The exchanges in Italy rose to 60 in 1956 and reached 80-85 in 1957.During his term as PCCP (PAI), he founded AIESEC in Greece and Yugoslavia. He tried to establish AIESEC in Turkey, inSwitzerland and in Spain, without success.Turkey could not be admitted due to the strong refusal of Greece to be member of an organization where Turkey wasalso participating. Switzerland was not very enthusiastic, but sent an observer to the Italian PCC Congress in 1957. Asfor Spain, they would have accepted if membership was granted to the Youth Falangist Organization (the fascists werethen ruling Spain, and all relationships with Foreign Associations had to be channelled through them). Wanting topreserve the non-political structure of AIESEC, their candidature was unanimously refused under those conditions.During the Advisory Country year, he promoted expansion of AIESEC in Latin America (Colombia and Venezuela).Contacts were established in both countries, but without practical results at the time.As Advisory Counsellor to the MC, he provides company contacts, personal donations and support to AIESEC in Italy.He worked for about 35 years in Olivetti-Bull and General Electric (Computers & Punched Cards Equipment) withSales & Marketing responsibilities in the USA, Italy and Europe.When he retired in 1991, he founded Imago Italia, a company that now has 40 people active in developing softwaresolutions for Document and Content Management.“He comes to our National Conferences and for us it is great to have the one who founded our organization in Italy.” — Antonio Fasano AIESEC in Italy
  9. 9. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDThe Hon. Larry Anthony MPDate of Birth: 17th of December, 1961Home Country: AustraliaAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee President, AIESEC University of New South Wales, Australia, Early 1980sACHIEVEMENTSMinister Larry Anthony has been a supporter of AIESEC since 1999. He has worked with the National Committee since1999 providing advice on how to develop and expand partnerships with the federal government in Australia.He liased with Lauren Evans, the MCVP Business Development on the MC team 2003-2004 and is responsiblefor the federal government partnerships. Minister Anthony advised Lauren on whom to contact in the governmentdepartments. He has also assisted the MCVPs responsible for the federal government partnerships in previous years.Minister Anthony has referred AIESEC in Australia to the people that he works with in the federal government andendorsed AIESEC. With his support and encouragement, they have signed partnerships with the Department of Familyand Community Services, Centrelink, Department of Workplace and Employment Relations, Department of Education,Science and Training, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Department of Defence and AUSTRADE.The Department of Family and Community Services provided $5,000 cash sponsorship in 2001 for the “Give and GetReturn” learning project for the International Year of Volunteers that was a global Good Case Practice.In the past 5 years, with Minister Anthony’s referrals and endorsements, AIESEC in Australia has raised and realisedover 20 traineeships and over $25,000 (in Australian dollars) cash sponsorship.All the above couldn’t have been achieved without the support of Minister Anthony with his time, effort andcommitment to making AIESEC Australia successful as an AIESEC alumnus.Larry Anthony is a known and recognised alumnus of AIESEC Australia and is respected for his contribution to AIESECand beyond.He was appointed Minister for Community Services in 1999 and Australia’s first Minister for Children and Youth Affairsfollowing the 2001 election.“He is a proud AIESEC alumnus that has supported us since 1999, working with the MCs on developing andexpanding our federal government partnerships. As 2004 is the 40th anniversary of AIESEC Australia, we’re going to becelebrating it! He will be writing an endorsement letter for us when we finalise our plan for the events.” — Lilian Chu AIESEC in Australia
  10. 10. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDMarco VillaDate of Birth: 30th of December, 1971Home Country: ItalyAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee Member, AIESEC in Milano Cattolica, Italy, 1990/91Local Committee Exchange Controller, AIESEC in Milano Cattolica, Italy, 1991/92Local Committee President, AIESEC in Milano Cattolica, Italy, 1992/93National Training Team, AIESEC in Italy, 1993/94National Committee Vice President NCVPI, AIESEC in Italy, 1994/95AIESEC International Support Team in 1997/98Undertook a traineeship with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United Kingdom in 1999/2000ACHIEVEMENTSMarco has chaired various AIESEC conferences and programmes in the past. Some of these are: IPM 1998 in Slovakia,National Post-Conference in 1997 and more than 5 National Conferences between 1997 and 2002.While Marco was the LCP in Milano Cattolica, the LC realised more traineeships with a total of about 20 and whileat the NC, the number of realised traineeships went up to about 300. He coordinated the PRODERE programme incooperation with the United Nations, a Global Theme Programme (GTP) - related exchange programme that won theaward for Best Project world-wide in 1995.He was the Global Meeting of Generations (GMG) Co-ordinator for AIESEC International and participated at the UNWSSD conference as well as being a participant at UNESCO Meetings. Marco demonstrated outstanding leadershipin leading the country as an MC member in a year of outstanding growth. He has been constantly supporting AIESECin Italy and AIESEC International since he left AIESEC.During his traineeship and throughout his time in London, Marco was a key player in the design and management ofthe partnership between AI and PwC, and has since played a fundamental role in re-creating a partnership betweenPwC and AIESEC Italy as well as being a key promoter of CSR and leadership development within PwC. He wasthe initiator and manager of the Ulysses Programme, a Global Leadership Development programme based on theassignment of PwC’s top partners in developing countries.Marco financially supported the Expro 2004 Organising Committee and he is very active in the group of most recentNational Senior Members of AIESEC in Italy.Marco has been a constant mentor and supporter of AIESEC in Italy since he terminated his mandate in 1995. He hasconstantly made himself available for chairing conferences as well as a facilitator and trainer. He has been very closeto all the MC teams and organised trips to London for two MC teams to meet with inspiring people and organisations.Marco has also been a constant supporter of AI, by delivering sessions at conferences and for AI in Rotterdam as wellas chairing part of IPM. He participated in 10 ICs in total as a delegate, facilitator and external guest. He has alsobeen a source of contacts and relationships with the UN and the Italian government. Marco is now a member of AISupervisory Group.“He is the most active alumnus we have had in the last few years. He is always available to support the MC. He is alsocontributing to AIESEC in Italy with advice, working with some task forces and providing training to the MC members.” — Antonio Fasano AIESEC in Italy
  11. 11. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDNikolai TsekhomskyDate of Birth: 21st of April, 1974Home Country: RussiaAIESEC RECORDSChair of 1st AIESEC Alumni Congress in RussiaAIESEC Alumni Coordination Committee Member, Russia 1998-2000Local Committee Member in AIESEC Engec-GAAP, Russia, 1992-1993Local Committee Vice President People and Projects, AIESEC Engec-GAAP, Russia, 1993-1994Local Committee President AIESEC Engec-GAAP, Russia in 1994-1995National Committee Trainer, Russia in 1994ACHIEVEMENTSNikolai helped by playing a key role in supporting AIESEC in Russia. He coordinated the AIESEC partnership withMobile TeleSystems, the company he works for, for them to become the main National Partners, contributingUS$10,000. Two traineeships were also signed by the same company.Being a young alumnus, he provides mentoring support for LC members and also with consultancy services to the MCas a member of the Board of Advisors.He was a member of the National Board of Advisors in 2003/2004 and is Chair of the National Board of Advisors for2004/2006.He is currently Vice-President and CFO of OJSC Mobile TeleSystems, Russia – the largest Telecom operator in Russia.He also worked as CFO of Renaissance Capital, Russia (1999-2002); as Financial Controller of Brunswick UBSWarburg, Russia (1998-1999); and 4 years in Ernst & Young, Russia and UK (1995-1998).
  12. 12. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDRainer KirchhoferDate of Birth: October, 1953Home Country: SwitzerlandAIESEC RECORDS1987-1996: Member of the National Support Group (NSG), AIESEC in Switzerland1993-1994: President, National Support Group (NSG), AIESEC in SwitzerlandFrom 1997: Advisory Council member, AIESEC in SwitzerlandFrom 2003: Member of AIESEC Supervisory Group (SG), AIESEC InternationalACHIEVEMENTSRainer always supported AIESEC by using his personal network in order to introduce AIESEC to individuals and otherSwiss or international organisations. Often times these contacts would result in partnerships for AIESEC in Switzerlandor AIESEC International.Rainer is currently Managing Director with UBS, at Group Human Resources, responsible for Group HRCommunications Management. His involvements with AIESEC date back to 1987 when Rainer became company’scontact/support person at the Local Committee of Basel.Although Rainer has never been in AIESEC, the leadership and the commitment he has been showing over the last17 years has truly been outstanding. There has been a long story of financial support from UBS/SBC (Swiss BankCorporation) to AIESEC globally as well as in Switzerland which is strongly influenced by Rainer’s involvement. Hewas originator of many sponsorships, e.g. in 1997, UBS was main sponsor of AIESEC’s Global Theme Conference atBasel and provider of the conference facilities and in 2003 he encouraged UBS to sponsor AIESEC’s Branding initiativeand redesigning of AIESEC’s online presence.Also mainly due to Rainer’s initiative and commitment, UBS has been twice awarded with the Company ExcellenceAward.It is also a fact that since Strasbourg 1989, he has attended every IC apart from two. Not only has he been there to giveout financial awards, but also more importantly held many keynote addresses and workshops. In the role of Advisorymember, he has been an invaluable source of knowledge and support for every Member Committee. It often occurredthat he knew more about AIESEC’s recent history than any MCP. Similarly, he brings in such a valuable historicalperspective in his work in the AI Supervisory Group.Caroline Gertsch, President of AIESEC in Switzerland (2003-2005) is convinced that even though Rainer Kirchhoferhad not the chance to be involved in AIESEC during his time at the University, he still can be considered a trueAIESECer!“He has shown so much support and commitment to AIESEC over the last 17 years as only few other individuals Iknow! He continued to believe in the idea of AIESEC and the people in AIESEC, although he would have had manytimes a reason to give up. He stood to AIESEC in Switzerland also in the not so good times”, Caroline added.
  13. 13. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDReginald LaryeaDate of Birth: 30th of December, 1953Home Country: GhanaAIESEC RECORDSLocal Committee Executive Board, AIESEC Legon, Ghana, 1973-74Undertook an AIESEC traineeship in Ticara Odasi, Turkey in 1974National Committee Executive Board, AIESEC in Ghana, 1974-76 (after losing National Committee PresidentialElections)ACHIEVEMENTSReginald was chosen as the Alumni of the Year 2003 in Ghana. During his time in AIESEC, he raised and realised 46outgoing exchanges and 11 incoming exchanges.He donated his huge sums towards the hosting of the African Exchange Conference and Leadership DevelopmentSeminar in 2004 and has on several occasions bailed the MC out of financial crises from his own personal money.He and his company have always been involved in the MC stakeholders’ events and purchased tickets at AIESEC inGhana Annual Stakeholders Dinner.He is behind the partnership deal between MMRS Ogilvy and AIESEC in Ghana, a two-year renewable financialpartnership.This is a clear indication that Reginald has always been very passionate about AIESEC and also an ardent supporter ofthe exchange programme.Together with the Board of Advisors, he has been a major mentor and supporter for the MC, even in the past yearswhen AIESEC in Ghana was going through a rough patch.He has been a member of the AIESEC in Ghana MC National Board of Advisors since 2000.Reginald, besides being a member of the AIESEC Board of Advisors in Ghana, is a member of the Ghana NationalMedia Commission. He is also an Executive Council Member of the Advertising Association of Ghana and a memberof the University of Ghana Alumni Association.Finally, Reginald is the CEO/Managing Director of MMRS-Ogilvy the Ghanaian affiliate of Ogilvy & MatherWorldwide Advertising.
  14. 14. ALUMNI HALL OF FAME CEREMONY27th of August 2004ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION AWARDSilvio VelasquezDate of Birth: 19th of August, 1950Home Country: ColombiaAIESEC RECORDSFounded AIESEC UNIVALLE, Colombia, 1970Local Committee President, AIESEC Cali, Colombia, 1972National Committee Vice President, AIESEC in Colombia, 1975Organizing Committee President, LDSSTP (Leadership Development Seminar & Seminar Traineeship Program) AgroIndustry and Development - Cali, Colombia, 1976Undertook an AIESEC traineeship to Ten Doesschate B.V., AIESEC Groningen, The Netherlands, 1974ACHIEVEMENTSAs the founder and current president of the AIESEC Alumni Colombia organization, Silvio has, for many years,managed its accounting and its legal representation, paid its taxes, and kept it active, even in periods of total inactivity.He was the chair of AIESEC Colombia National Conference in 1982 and is now an honorary member of AIESEC inColombia and AIESEC Cali, Colombia.During Silvio’s term as LCP of AIESEC in Cali Colombia, the LC realized 22 exchanges, and while he was NCVP,AIESEC in Colombia realized 50 exchanges.Silvio was an outstanding member of AIESEC in Colombia during the 1970s. He was known for his strong leadershipinitiative that was mainly focused on AIESEC in Colombia’s organizational development and marketing strategy.Since he left AIESEC in 1978, he has been in touch with all the members of the national executive boards and withsome members of the local boards.He was a member of several boards of advisors. His good memory and an outstanding ability to become good friendsof all the members, irrespective of age differences, endeared him to many.The people who worked with him, remember him as a great motivator; hard worker, strict, frank and very informal. Inmany instances, he has had to ask people who were not performing to leave the organization.Although he has not supported the organization directly, he has facilitated various contacts with people andcompanies that have sponsored local and national events, and trips of several of the members of AIESEC Colombia tointernational congresses.Silvio has also assisted the MC to revive comatose partnerships and relationships, facilitated and shares personalcontacts and experiences as well as also being involved in the mentoring and personal development of MC members.“It is a pleasure to be able to nominate this person, who has made an outstanding contribution to the organizationfor so many years. He is a ‘living book of contacts’ and the amount of people that he knows and the way he inspiresthem, have helped AIESEC in Colombia to keep active, and thanks to his great efforts the organization will never die inColombia.” — Henao Giraldo Alumni Director of AIESEC in Colombia