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this powerpoint is part of a synchronous lesson teaching students how to create a wordle

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Synchronous lesson

  1. 1. Creating a Wordle With Mrs. Thompson
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaLearn how to create a Wordle, or word cloudCreate a Wordle about anything you wouldlike--your favorite ice cream, movies, Batmanvillains, dream vacations, etc.Why are we doing this?Wordles are not only fun to create, but they’re agreat tool to visually organize our thoughts!Plus, you’ll need to know how to create one onyour own about Eleanor Roosevelt for our nextunit.
  3. 3. What is a Wordle?“Wordle is a toy for generating ‘word clouds’ from text that you provide.”
  4. 4. How do I make one?Type in your URL barClick on Create to create your own Wordle
  5. 5. Making your WordleType text into the word bankThe more frequently you type a word, the biggerit will appear in your WordleAfter you’re finished typing words into the workbank, click “Go” to create your Wordle.
  6. 6. Customizing your WordleAfter you’ve created your Wordle, you can customize itsshape, font, and color.To do this, use themenu items on the topleft of the Wordle, oryou can hit the“Randomize” button onthe bottom.
  7. 7. Saving Your WordleAfter you’ve fine-tuned your Wordle and it’s just theway you want it, click the “Save to Public Gallery”button on the bottom right of the Wordle.You will be asked to provide a title for your Wordleand a username. Since we don’t have Wordleaccounts yet, leave the username as anonymous.
  8. 8. Accessing your WordleYou have several options available for sharingyour Wordle: print, blog it, or open it in a newwindow.The easiest way to save it for future accesswould be to take a screen shot of thecompleted Wordle.
  9. 9. Taking a Screen ShotTo take a screen shot, press and hold thecommand + shift + 4 keys simultaneously.This will allow you to click and drag your cursor overthe area you’d like to take a picture of.The screen shot will automatically save to yourDesktopDon’t worry! We’ll do it together!
  10. 10. I do, WE do, YOU doWatch me create a Wordle on Screen ShareLog on to Wordle at and we’llcreate one togetherThen you’ll create one on your ownAnd finally, you’ll share your finished Wordlewith me using SlideShare on Google Hangout.Let’s get started!