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The Tarvok Patriarchacy - Chapter 5


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The Tarvok Patriarchacy - Chapter 5

  1. 1. Hey ya’ll, and welcome back to the Tarvok Patriarchacy! Last time around, Archie was born andhad a birthday, Jason got old, and Jon got a truck. That’s pretty much it.No, this is not the nanny’s van.
  2. 2. Of course, instead of telling you what it is right away, I’m doing this.Hey, Jon, guess what!“What?”It was almost unanimous; you’re the 1st generation heir!“Yes!”You’re excited to work, have kids, get old, and die?“Family sim, remember?”
  3. 3. I’m not too evil, though, so here’s what that van was there for.Everyone, meet Anthony Tarvok! Jason’s LTW was to marry off 6 kids, but Christy was too old foranother one (I waited too long between De & Sy and Sy & Archie) so I had him adopt.And, thanks to a townie name replacement mod I have, he has a normal name! A quick visit tothe mirror and…
  4. 4. …H-harry Potter???Instead of Tony, we’re calling him Annie.“Joy.”Annie is a 5-8-6-3-3 Aries. A bit of a breather from the 9s and the 8 in the nice pointdepartment, hm?
  5. 5. Jon, ever the Family sim, rolled wants about Annie, and I tried to oblige. Annie had troublegetting along with his siblings, though.
  6. 6. Life continued as usual in a legacy household. Children got A+s…
  7. 7. …portraits were painted…
  8. 8. …and painted…
  9. 9. …toddlers were taught how to talk…
  10. 10. …and toddlers were taught how to use the potty.
  11. 11. I also bought the Tarvoks another table so they could all eat at it at the same time.
  12. 12. Don’t you think Bev looks spiffy in her work clothes? I think Bev looks spiffy in her work clothes.
  13. 13. Annie found a friend in Sheeri Faith, who seems to come home with everybody.
  14. 14. Headmaster: *LURK*
  15. 15. Christy tried to Schmooze him, but it didn’t work. (silly me)
  16. 16. NO, CHRISTY. JUST NO.
  17. 17. La dee da, dinner… (where are the parents? No idea…)
  18. 18. I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea. I’m really not.
  19. 19. Whee, birthday time for Archie!
  20. 20. Meanwhile, I somehow managed to not notice Jon’s Bladder need dropping. Um… oops?
  21. 21. Archie does manage to grow up – in green, too!
  22. 22. As I’m sure you guessed, Sy was the other one with a birthday.
  23. 23. Sy: “Jon! I look just like you!”Jon: “Hmph.”I left Sy’s turn-ons/turn-offs where they were, at +fitness +formal wear/-glasses. He rolled Family, although I don’tremember what his LTW is. It’s inconsequential anyways, seeing as he’s a spare.Sybok was the firstborn son of the Vulcan diplomat Sarek and a Vulcan princess, and was the elder half-brother of Starfleetofficer Spock. A revolutionary, Sybok sought experience and knowledge which were forbidden by Vulcan belief.(thank you Memory Alpha)
  24. 24. I really, really, really, really don’t know why I thought this was a good idea.(Because of the delay between Archie blowing out the candles, Jason setting Archie down, andArchie actually growing up, Sy aged before Archie, even though Archie blew out the candlesfirst.)Somehow we managed to get in to private school, though.
  25. 25. I really don’t… what?Absolutely no idea why she’s furious at Jon. Perhaps because he wet his pants? He’s not furiousat her, so maybe that’s it… I don’t know.
  26. 26. The boys are all in terrible moods with their needs dropping, so the girls do their homework.Girl power…?
  27. 27. After I sent the girls to bed, the nursery was transformed into a skilling room of sorts.
  28. 28. Yup…
  29. 29. And here’s an overview of the Tarvok house. (I believe that’s Christy’s carpool out there?)Clockwise from the blue room in the middle left, working in a spiral:Master bathroom, skilling room, master bedroom, entryway, kitchen, girls’ bedroom, bathroom,boys’ bedroom, living room-ish thing.
  30. 30. The next morning, when I sent Sy to the mirror to get a makeover, I encountered a bit of aproblem.That’s Sy all right, but that’s definitely not Sy’s face.
  31. 31. Sy is henceforth known as GlitchMonster.
  32. 32. Then I sent Jason off to the store to get him, Christy, and the kids some new clothes.
  33. 33. Clothes weren’t the only reason I sent him out, though.
  34. 34. This is T’Lena Trek, and she will be Jon’s wife. Yes, she’s legacy legal – made in CAS and thentownie-fied.
  35. 35. While Jon and T’Lena are getting acquainted, this happens. Although I’m not exactly sure what“this” is.Because of Daniel Pleasant fretting in the background there, I’m guessing it had something to dowith Angela Pleasant, who Don Lothario is living with. (I didn’t know about Don’s past! Sorry!) Ilooked on SimPE at the memories of all three of them, and they gave no clue about whathappened.
  36. 36. No, Dirk. I don’t care if I made a better, more attractive version of this girl to use as a legacyspouse. You are married with three children. You can’t have Cali Shaw.
  37. 37. Later, back at home…LAKSJDLKASdkslajdl screw you Jon and your neediness.
  39. 39. REALLY, REALLY NOT HELPING.I think the only person Annie got off on a good start with was Christy.
  41. 41. I had seen Christy’s birthday notice, but forgot about it, so her aspiration was in the red whenshe aged. GREAT.I blame GlitchMonster for her brown hair.
  42. 42. Lovely. Just lovely.Christy: “HURR DURR”
  43. 43. GlitchMonster manages to get himself a little out of hated zone by autonomously making dinner
  44. 44. Making everything even worse, I picked the wrong choice on the chance card, causing Christy tonot just get demoted, but get fired.Joy.
  45. 45. Attempts to raise Christy’s aspiration…Christy: “Hey, did you hear about Jon?”hm I wonder where this is going
  46. 46. Christy: “He wet his pants in front of the headmaster!”GlitchMonster: “LOLOLOL”
  47. 47. …okay, fine. GlitchMonster, because you have gotten your mother back to a reasonableaspiration level, you can have your name back.Sy: “Yay!”
  48. 48. Later, I saw someone run by and had Bev run out and meet him.As some of you may recognize, that’s Mr. Spock. And as some of you may have guessed if youwere paying attention to the beginning of chapter one, he’s going to be Bev’s husband. Sayhello, Bev! :Dcredits for Spock go to MistyBlue on MTS. All the information about his CC can be found on hisdownload page here.
  49. 49. Not to be beaten by his twin sister, Jon had his father call up T’Lena and invite her over.
  50. 50. Jason: “And I’ve heard of a world where there’s magic and everything! Can you imagine it?”T’Lena: “yawnnonlogicalsubjectyawnboring”
  51. 51. Well, the first steps towards your LTW are taking place, Jason.“Ommmmmmm.”Good to know.
  52. 52. That night…Annamarie Faith, what the heck are you doing here?I don’t know if someone autonomously invited her in or if she just decided to come by and eatour spaghetti… okay then!
  53. 53. Annamarie Faith: “This is quite good spaghetti.”
  54. 54. That making out sequence was actually part of a date that floundered because Christy andJason’s needs crashed. Yay…But, hey! I’ve managed to get all the Tarvoks in bed at the same time! I’m getting better at this.
  55. 55. Because Annie is a jerk, Jon’s aspiration is still pretty low, so I had him try to flirt with TifaSimSelf over here.
  56. 56. They were having a perfectly civil conversation. Tifa just doesn’t have very many nice points andlooked like that through the whole chat.
  57. 57. Hello there, Annamarie SimSelf! (She’s SimSelf 2.0)Annamarie SimSelf: “You keep your hands off my best friend’s daughter, bro!”Tifa: *sigh* “Nana!”The family relationship between Annamarie SimSelf and Tifa is weird.
  58. 58. I told you Sheeri Faith came home with everybody!
  59. 59. I have now decided that Archie will be marrying Sheeri.Perhaps their odd noses will mesh into a better-looking one. Their childrens’ lips will certainly bevery thin, though.
  60. 60. What the –We don’t even know you!
  61. 61. Later that day, it was time for a double birthday!
  62. 62. Aaand because I like torturing myself, I made it a party. With only one guest, though. This guy.
  63. 63. Not sure what she’s making that face about, but horray! Bev and Spock are best friends!
  64. 64. Eek. I quickly dressed Annie in some clothes I’d bought so that he could be in green, but they donot go with him.
  65. 65. Some arbitrary shuffling around so that everyone can get in the right spot to cheer.
  66. 66. Finally, everyone found a spot.Jon was asleep when I sent Archie to the cake and, despite the fact that I woke him up, didn’t gointo the kitchen for the birthday.
  67. 67. Yeah. He’s still Harry Potter.I don’t think those glasses are supposed to be available for anyone other than children, but this is aglitch I’m perfectly okay with.Oh yeah, and I’ve now decided who every Tarvok child in this generation is going to marry.I don’t remember or feel like looking up what his turn-ons and turn-offs are, but he rolled Pleasureand his LTW is to reach the top of the Slacker career.
  68. 68. Of course, it was also Bev’s turn to grow up.Awkward juxtaposition of Christy and JasonActually I guess it’s not awkward because they’re married
  69. 69. Oh gosh.Well, I suppose there are worse clothing options to grow up into.Bev, I think the table is eating your leg. You might wanna be careful. Those carnivorous tablescan be pretty dangerous.
  70. 70. Not the best shot of her face, but here Bev is as an adult. Not too much of a difference, actually.
  71. 71. After the party was over (it sucked, and I blame Spock because after the cake he just sat on thecouch and watched TV the rest of the time) I popped over to Spock’s house and had him inviteBev over.
  72. 72. With the help of Make Me Friendly With Everyone, they had a quick engagement…
  73. 73. …and an equally quick marriage. Neither of them are Family sims (Bev’s Fortune, if you’veforgotten, and Spock’s Knowledge), thankfully, so I didn’t have to throw a party to fulfill anywants.
  74. 74. With the help of my good friend the Tombstone of L & D, the first gen 2 baby, Nadia, was born.Nadia was just a random name I thought of.
  75. 75. Here she is as a toddler…
  76. 76. …a child…(she’s in that “oddly cute” zone, methinks)
  77. 77. …and a 10-10-9-0-1 Knowledge teen. Her nice point and active points have no correlation witheither of her parents.I’ve decided, for no particular reason, that the colors for gen 2 kids are yellow for girls and blackfor boys.
  78. 78. This picture amused me because I didn’t even notice Angela Pleasant running by until shepanicked over Bev being in labor again.
  79. 79. Despite the fact that Bev has custom eyes, her next kids – twin boys – managed to have theexact same genetics as their father and older sister. Their names are Gerald and Andrew.Near me were an article of which one of the authors was named Andrew D. Mellinger and a CDof choir music of which the composer was Gerald Kemner.
  80. 80. I believe this is Gerald as a toddler.
  81. 81. If it is, then this is Andrew as a toddler.
  82. 82. This is Gerald as a child, with Andrew in the background.
  83. 83. Here they are as teens, with Gerald on the left and Andrew on the right.You can’t really tell, but I do believe there are slight differences in their faces.Gerald is 8-10-10-2-4 and Andrew is 6-6-7-0-6. A big thanks to Jo on the BoolProp forums(joandsarah77) for telling me how to escape First-Born Syndrome :D
  84. 84. I was amused that they were brought home from school the next day at the main household.
  85. 85. …lol.
  86. 86. I’m sure you were wondering why I had Bev age up, but not Jon. The reason is because I keephaving brain farts about how the aging system works on TS2. I keep thinking you can age up simsat the 2-day mark, and I thought I would be able to have a triple birthday with Jon, De, andArchie. Even if you could age up at the 2-day mark, that wouldn’t have worked anyways becauseJon would’ve already automatically aged up at 6… whatever.
  87. 87. You know, Jon doesn’t make a bad-looking adult.
  88. 88. Actually, he makes a pretty good-looking adult, if you ask me.
  89. 89. The Score So Far Legacy: 1.5 Money: 0 Family Friends: 3.5 Impossible Wants: 0 Platinum Graves: 0 Ghosts: 0 Collections: 0 Master: 0Handicaps: 0 (two handicaps being used) Overflow: 0 Penalties: 0 Total: 5