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ptv internship report


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ptv internship report

  1. 1. Internship report On Pakistan Television (PTV) Headquarter, Islamabad. 1
  2. 2. DEDICATION I dedicate this whole effort to the martyrs of Burma who are struggling in getting their peaceful existence. This whole effort was achieved with a kind support and continuous guidance of my family, teachers and my friends who throughout my life encouraged and rectified my mistakes. Especially this whole achievement was impossible without my parent’s prayers and their guidance. 2
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This internship report is completed after attending six weeks internship program at Pakistan Television Headquarter Islamabad. The aim of internship was to observe application of theoretical knowledge into practical form. As per policy I am submitting my internship report. First of all I would like to thank Almighty Allah who gave me an opportunity to learn and then it was the prayers of my parents who always took me out of difficulties and troubles. Actually internship itself was a great opportunity for we students and that opportunity will always be remembered as first step of professional working experience. This all was really impossible without the proper guidance provided by our departmental internship supervisor and most important was the throughout support and cooperation provided by PTV employees. During my 6week stay at PTV I never felt strange or new comer even for a single moment It would be injustice to not name Personals like Mr. Shujaat (controller Finance) who helped me a lot in deployment in Audit department, Mr. Nazir (Assistant 3
  4. 4. Controller Audit) Who supervised and always supported, motivated me and helped me in grooming my personality, Mr. Ashar (Auditor) whom with I worked during my Internship, under his supervision I never felt Auditing as difficult profession he always motivated me to solve the cases of audit from which I gained a lot. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The objective of internship was to observe financial working of PTV, which may help me to implement theoretical concepts into practicality. Throughout my Internship period I observed that those organizations who receive Govt. grants also brings with it Govt. control in the financial matters along with administrative and political interference which may set the pattern of organizations financial autonomy. It is very important that the finance department of any organization must be independent. In case of PTV so far in hierarchal structure PTV is independent but unfortunately it comes under the Ministry of Information and broadcasting which directly or indirectly affects the authenticity of the working. Overall Environment of PTV was good for a new entrant because employees 4
  5. 5. were cooperative from a peon level to officer rank, but there are very few opportunities for an internee or even for an employee to learn things. Because there were more focus of employees on unions and employee gatherings due to over staffing. A better way was seek by dedicated officers to avoid discrepancies in the accounting process. They created process of formalizing the things this made things lengthier but formalization process was adopted to make sure the transparency in accounting process. To make PTV more efficient there is need of some Top level actions which are identified in recommendations section. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS PTC-----------------Pakistan Television Corporation PTV-----------------Pakistan Television RASG--------------- Riaz Ahmed, Saqib, Gohar and Company(chartered accountants) DF------------------Director Finance CF------------------Controller Finance APS-----------------Annual Physical stock taking CSO-----------------Central Sales Office 5
  6. 6. D.C.F----------------Director controller Finance Table of Contents Chapter Page No Chapter-1 a) INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------------------------------------1 1.1. Purpose of Internship---------------------------------------------------------------1 1.2. Aim of Internship--------------------------------------------------------------------1 1.3. Limitations----------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Summary b) Insight PTV--------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-9 6
  7. 7. 1. B.1.Inception-----------------------------------------------------------------------------2 1. b.2.Different Departments at PTV--------------------------------------------------3 1. b.3.Finance Division-------------------------------------------------------------------3 1.b.4.Organizational Structure of Pakistan Television----------------------------4 1.b.5.Finance Department---------------------------------------------------------------4 1.b.5.I.Objectives--------------------------------------------------------------------------4 3b.5.II.Activities of Finance Department---------------------------------------------5 1.b.6.Hierarchy of Finance Department----------------------------------------------5 1.b.7.Achievements and Hallmarks of Finance Department---------------------6 1.b.8.Audit Department of PTV--------------------------------------------------------7 1.b.9.Working of Audit Department--------------------------------------------------8-9 Summary Chapter-2 Personal Learning and working at PTV---------------------------------------------10-17 2.1Personal Learning-----------------------------------------------------------------------10-11 2.2. Experience at PTV------------------------------------------------------------------12 2.2.1. Ledger Section---------------------------------------------------------------------12 2.2.2. Bills Section-------------------------------------------------------------------------13 7
  8. 8. 2.2.2. a.Purchases--------------------------------------------------------------------------14 2.2.2. purchase Procedures--------------------------------------------------------------14 2. 2.2.c.Staff Payments-------------------------------------------------------------------15 2.2.2 d.Utility Bills Payments-----------------------------------------------------------16 2.2.3. Audit Section-----------------------------------------------------------------------16-17 Chapter-3 SWOT Analysis--------------------------------------------------------------------------18-22 3.1.Strengths--------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 3.2.Weaknesses-----------------------------------------------------------------------------19 3.3.Opportunities--------------------------------------------------------------------------20 3.4.Threats----------------------------------------------------------------------------------21-22 Summary Chapte-3 Recommendations & conclusion-----------------------------------------23-25 ANNEXURE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------26-28 1.b.4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26 1.b.6-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27 1.b.9.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------28 8
  9. 9. References-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------29 Chapter-1 a) INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose of Internship As per the policy of department I completed my Internship at PTV Headquarter Islamabad for 06 weeks. Now after Internship we have to submit our Internship reports in department for Evaluation. This Internship report is about Finance department of PTV in which major focus is on Audit department. 1.2 Aim of Internship • To work in an organization and compare the theory and interpersonal skills, communication skills, decision making and analytical skills practically. • To observe the practices followed by PTV which are making it different from other public organizations. • To study the strengths and weaknesses of Finance department of PTV • To get knowledge of opportunities and threats while entering into an organization 9
  10. 10. • To collect data, analyze and find results. • To plan for future and to learn how to adjust in an organization. • To learn other than theoretical aspects of the subject. 1.3 Limitations • Due to sensitive nature of records and Public organization, access to most of the information was inaccessible. • Limitations of short time i.e. 06 weeks were insufficient time to understand working of Finance department. Summary This chapter describes the purpose of Internship and its aim despite of all limitations due to public nature of organization and sensitive nature of information to which access was impossible there were lot things for learning. b) INSIGHT PTV 1.b.1 Inception Pakistan Television Corporation limited (PTV) is a public limited company, all its shares are held by Govt. of Pakistan. Its transmission was first beamed in Black & White with 10
  11. 11. effect from 26 November, 1964 from a small pilot TV station established at Lahore. Television centers were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in1967 and in Peshawar and in Quetta in 1974. PTV satellite transmission is round the clock and the transmission includes ETV and PTV news transmission. 1. b.2 Different departments at PTV PTV is a national organization whose major stakeholder is public so to improve the working conditions and to attain maximum viewership and Quality programs for viewers it has different departments which ensure the efficient performance. Departments on which PTV is consisting are Admin, Engineering, Revenue, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology. These departments are headed by their Directors. 1. b.3 Finance Division Finance Division is headed by the Director Finance. At HQRs. Office , Controller Finance, Controller Finance(Planning & Development), Controller Revenue(Accounts), Controller Revenue (Customer Service) and Controller Audit are under the direct supervision of him. For the purpose of running the affairs of PTV and strict financial control, every unit of PTV is a self accounting unit. Executive Manager Finance and Finance Manager are reporting directly to the unit heads. Success of Finance department of PTV is the result of scattering the power this statement was given by Mr. Malik Muhammad Awan (Sr. Accounts officer Audit). He further said: 11
  12. 12. “Accounting system of PTV is one of the best in Pakistan because power is not in the hands of Finance department but it is being used by Administration. Best policy is to scatter the power by formalizing the things by means of involving no. of official approvals from officers which will ultimately eradicate chances of fraud. Another best thing in PTV is that it deals with monthly PLS account, Income statement and balance sheet which reduce chances for taking advantage of discrepancies.” 1. b.4 Organizational Structure of Pakistan Television Head of each department is supposed to facilitate and provide workable conditions to PTV employees and achieve desirable results of the organization. Each department is headed by director of that particular department who is responsible to obey all the directives sent by Managing Director PTV. During my 6week internship at PTV I worked at Finance department of PTV headquarter Islamabad In which I worked at Purchase and Billing section and Audit department. Both departments were under the control of Controller Finance.( as shown in annexure 01-2-4) 1.b.5 Finance department PTV is a Public Limited Company with an authorized capital of Rs.5,000,000 million. Entire paid up share capital of Rs. 1,529,350 is held by the Government. Total Assets (W.D.V) of the corporation, as on 30th June 2008, amounting to Rs.1,913,081 million which is financed by Government investment and self-generated profit as well as grant-in- aid is amounting to Rs.24,279 million. 1. b.5.I Objectives 12
  13. 13. The key objectives of Finance department are; • To regulate financial discipline. • To ensure and regulate the recording of accounting transactions all over the units/offices. • To present periodical financial reports to the Managing Director. • Budgetary provision by the Government for the air time used for Government Programs • Budgetary Provision by the Government for the deficit of no-viable projects. 1. b.5.II Activities of Finance department • The main activities of Finance department are; • Preparation of Budget i.e. Revenue and Capital. • Budgetary Control. • Disbursement of remittances and accounting of all income and expenditure. • Queries of Audit. • Preparation of Feasibility reports. • Coordination with the Government regarding the budgetary allocation, both in local and foreign exchange. 13
  14. 14. • TO manage the collection of TV license Fee from PEPCO. 1.b.6 Hierarchy of Finance Department There are four controllers and one customer service officer who work under Director finance which is the head of the finance department. In duties Director finance is responsible to make policies and set rules and regulations and monitor the working of Finance department. (Annexure 01-2-6) reveals the further structure of hierarchy of finance department. 1. b.7 Achievements and Hallmarks of Finance Department PTV Home is the major earning channel. Viable projects earned a profit during the years covered/absorbed the losses on commercially non-viable projects. PTV earned its revenue, mainly, through two sources i.e. advertising and license fee by contributing 42% and 58% respectively during the year ended 30th June 2008. It is worth-mentioning that in the year 2004-2005 conversion of collection of TV License fee from Public Sector to WAPDA billing is a major achievement and Landmark in PTV’s history. Collection of TV License Fee impact rose from Rs.617.141 million to Rs.2892.986 million. Finance department is handling Annual Revenue Budget of Rs.5240.468 million. In addition to that PSDP allocation for the year 2007-08 amount to Rs.479.567 million is being managed. Finance Division is successfully handling this financial involvement. There is a unit, headed by controller Finance (Planning & Development) at the level of Headquarter office, to operate PSDP funds. A monthly financial reports covering the 14
  15. 15. financial aspects in term of profit/Loss of the corporation, is prepared for the use of Management. Timely Finalization of accounts has also been ensured. As a result of Audit i.e. commercial, internal and External, Serious audit observations referred to the management for further action as well to enforce the Audit procedure more compatible to International accounting Standard. 1. b.8 Audit Department of PTV Audit department of PTV is working under Finance department, it works under Director Finance. It works on records received from finance department. Here it is mandatory for finance department to fully cooperate and provide relevant and required details whichever is required in the audit process. Specially this department is to help and rectify accounting errors and problems that may rise during auditing process so that they can be timely corrected. PTV board of directors in its 184th meeting held on 23rd April 2009 has appointed RASG (Riaz Ahmed, Saqib, Gohar & Co. Chartered Accountants) as internal auditors of PTV for the internal audit for the month of April 2009 and onwards. RASG is performing its functions of audit at 12 centers and PTV headquarter. Centers of which RASG is conducting audit are listed below; 1. PTV Head Quarter 2. PTV Academy 3. PTV Home 15
  16. 16. 4. PTV News Islamabad 5. PTV Peshawar 6. PTV Lahore Center 7. PTV Multan Center 8. CSO (Central Sales Office) 9. PTV National 10. KTV – PTV National Karachi 11. PTV News 12. PTV Quetta Center 13. PTV Baluchistan Zone-I 1. b.9 Working Of Audit Department of PTV There are three major types of audit are in practice at PTV namely: 1. Administrative 2. Financial 3. Assets( Physical Stock-Checking) Under my internship I worked in Assets audit that is APS or Annual Physical Stock Checking which in routine starts on 30th April and ends on 30th June. Along with this 16
  17. 17. auditors can also randomly start Physical Stock Checking of PTV assets.( Annexure 01-2- 9) further shows the hierarchy of Audit department. Summary From the Inception PTV has been passing through different developments and it has since acquired many changes in its working ability and lot of improvement in infrastructure. Organizational setup of PTV is one of the thing that distinguishes it from other public nature of organizations. PTV is going profitable with highest viewership in rural areas of Pakistan which is the achievement of dedicated employees. In rural areas PTV program area encouraged fact based and reality based programs are designed where simplicity of its programs is encouraged not only within the national territory but also most of the programs are liked typically in south Asian countries. 17
  18. 18. Chapter-02 PERSONAL LEARNING AND WORKING AT PTV 2.1 Personal Learning During my Internship I was given some tasks to perform, Good thing was that I was just asked to attempt the task, not to get the results. It gave me confidence and in response I got good results in those tasks. In PTV an Internee will work under specific supervision which will be head of that department or the section and will report to him/her about work. That supervisor will make a report about the internee behavior towards the work and his personal opinion about the internee and send that report at the end to the top management then they will decide the letter should be issued to that internee or not. The supervisor will allocate the work and duty and will also guide how to perform certain tasks and will share his/her experience for more understanding. Good and co-operative supervisor plan is an important role in the learning process. I worked for six weeks in different sections of Finance Division in PTV Headquarters, Islamabad. During my internship in PTV, I have gained much knowledge and practical experience. I have also done practical work in the form of analyzing the Annual Physical 18
  19. 19. Stock of Corporations Assets, preparation of purchases and utility bills in bills section, the preparation and recording of different vouchers in the books. In PTV I got not only practical knowledge but also theoretical knowledge. Lot of questions was in my mind before joining the PTV which answers I got after joining the corporation. For example • How the Assets are maintained • What steps are involved in the initiation of any project? • How payments are made to suppliers? • How to invite tenders from different suppliers? • How the different bills are prepared and approved by the different authorities? • What is the purchase procedure of corporation? • How assets are maintained in books of accounts? • What is financial division of the corporation? But after completing my internship in the PTV Corporation, I become fully aware of all these matter. Most of the procedures in different corporations are same for example developing and starting of any project, procedure of purchase and maintenance of organizations assets etc. so it will help me in future because it gave me lot of confidence and how to work practically. PTV is a big public corporation and has many departments for different functions. So it is very difficult to work in every department within the time limit of 6-8 weeks. 19
  20. 20. Most of the time, the employees do not have time for internees due to their busy schedule of job. Although being a finance student my area was finance division, but this also required a long time period to go through all sub-sections of finance. I tried my level best to get more and more knowledge from the theoretical and practical work and also through discussion, the environment in the corporation was very friendly so I enjoyed my learning process. One thing which is very important for me is that although there is much overstaffing in the PTV, the factor of jealousy not exists between the employees. All the employees are co- operative supporting, having professional attitude and courteous behavior. 2.2 Experiences at PTV FinanceDepartment Thefinancedepartmentof PTVdealswithactivitiesthatareconcernedwithrecording,analyzingand evaluatingofalltransactionthataredonewithmoney.Thisdepartmentkeepstherecordsandprovides all theinformationaboutthefinancetoconcernwithpartiesandotherrelatedepartment.Itpreparesthe financialstatementandmaintainsstore&ledger,payrolletc.Alltheaccountspreparedunderhistoricalcost convention.Thefinancedepartmenthasaworktosetbudgets.Thebasicworkoffinancedepartmentisat headquartersastheincomeisonlygeneratedthere.Atcentersonlyexpensesaredonewhicharetobe recordedbythefinancedepartment. My internship was comprises of three sections of finance which are mentioned below where I worked 20
  21. 21. • Ledger section • Bills section • Audit section 2.2.1 LEDGER SECTION This section of corporation deals in recording the bank and cash payment vouchers, credit vouchers made journal vouchers that had earlier been processed by bank sections, bills, payroll in the general journal and ledger accounts. Cash and bank payments are reconciled with the cash and bankbook balances. They also record Journal vouchers processed by Ledger, Advances and Stores section. Journal vouchers are initially recorded in the General Journal and then they are transferred to the Ledger Accounts. All cash and bank payment vouchers, ledgers, General Journal and Journal vouchers are kept with them for reference and record purpose, process that I observed in ledger section is listed below but unfortunately I was not provided any opportunity to work on it. Through observation I learned that Ledger section works on following: • Preparation of annual schedules • Assets & liabilities ledger maintenance • Maintenance of General Journal & posting of JV’s in it • Income & expenditure ledger is maintained 21
  22. 22. • Settlement of Debit notes issued to various centers and received from various centers and their reconciliation • To keep the record of all Journals Vouchers (JV’s), cash Vouchers & books of accounts This section works on monthly bases on following activities: • Trial Balance • Cash & Bank Statements • Budget Variance Analysis • Detail of Advances • Private Ledger Balance (PLB) • Pending Bills Detail • List of Account Receivable • List of Account Payable • Budget Variance Report 2.2.2 Bills section In this section in-charge mostly gave me assignments like photocopying, Cleaning shelves, arrange files, opened accounts for them on gmail and Hotmail, ordered for tea in cafeteria 22
  23. 23. during this whole process and chatting with employees I learned that Bills section works on following things: • Medical • Purchases • Staff Payments • General Sales Tax • Utility Bills Payment (Telephone, Water, Gas) Practically In the last days in-charge gave me chance to work only on purchases part it includes: 2.2.2.a Purchases Purchase section deals with the purchase of everything ranges from machinery to daily use stationary. Purchase section made voucher for purchase and send it to bank section after approval of authority and bank will pay that party for purchase. Purchase section work on purchase procedure. 2.2.2-b Purchase procedure Process in which from the purchase request to its bills payment is called purchase procedure. 23
  24. 24. Bills section Purchase Department Receives bills of purchase from Administration department, Engineering department and Revenue department. Following are the requirements of Purchase process • Purchase Requisition • Invoice Bill • Good Received Note • Store issue Requisition • Purchase Letter • Bill payment from Bank Purchase procedure contain following conditions: 1. APM can give financial approval within limit of RS. 1 to 5000 2. Purchase Rs. 5000 to 20,000 will be approved by CAP, above amount approve by DE/DAP. 3. Purchase can be made from registered suppliers for registered supplies of Rs.300, 000. Up to Rs. 300,000 open tender and will publish in paper. 2.2.2.c Staff payments Staff payments also made in this section. Billing Section check the basic salary and allowances given to that employee and from different receipts and vouchers check the 24
  25. 25. expenses done by that employee and then make a payment voucher with the name of that employee and send to bank section for payment after verification of authorities. 2.2.2.d Utility Bills payment Bills section also deals with the payment of utility bills like water, gas, telephone. This section collects all utility bills from employees and pays it on their behalf. Bills section first check the utility allowance of that employee, if the bill is under the given allowance then it will adjust, if it exceed then excess amount will cut from his/her salary. PTV also provides a TV license free reduction to its employees. 2.2.3 Audit Section My internship period was good at Audit section because here I learned some new things and I was made busy by giving assignments here on Physical stock taking. There are two major types of audit that are in practice in PTV, one is Internal Audit and other is External audit. For Internal audit there is only department of audit of PTV which is located in PTV headquarter situated in Islamabad. It works under Finance division. External audit is done by Chartard accountant firms. Currently Riaz Ahmed, Saqib, Gohar and Co. are contracted with PTV for external audit. In internal audit again it is subdivided into: • Internal audit • Commercial audit 25
  26. 26. • In internal audit three types of auditing reports are made by PTV audit department which are given below: • Annual audit • Monthly audit • Annual Physical Stock taking of corporations assets In annual Physical stocks taking different departmental teams are made to whom officer rank individuals supervise. This process of Physical Stock taking starts on 30th April and ends on 30th June of the year. Chapter-03 26
  27. 27. SWOT Analysis 3.1 Strengths PTV is public limited organization and it has major stakeholders in the market providing employment to thousands of families and providing the nation first-hand information about the local and international issues. It is one of the few public organizations who are running profitable. A positive turn came when in 21st centuries first decade’s mid a strategy was adopted about the collection of license fee from TV users through WAPDA. Major resources of PTV now are advertisements and License fee. A comparatively supporting environment may be the key to success for PTV because employees of PTV are always found relaxed on the other hand private channels employees always remain under pressure which also effects on their health, Following are strengths of PTV: • PTV is a family entertainment channel. All family members can easily watch and enjoy all Programs of it. • A strong hold on electronic media due to its major stakeholders. • Whatever financial conditions remain but PTV is always working without being effected from environmental affects • It is majorly watched in rural areas where there is no access of other channels, so providing services to neglected portion of the society. • Representing the cultural values in different dramas from different centers 27
  28. 28. • Religious information and education for students to study even at their homes with the help of education Programs of virtual trying in this way to eradicate complexity of poor’s. • Promoting the country as an Islamic state by providing Islamic Programs • Covering all the major events like Pakistan day, Ramadan, EID, president and prime minister’s speech and address to the nation • Merit and objectivity are being maintained as a hallmark of PTV news items. 3.2 Weaknesses • Due to being public nature of Organization Political involvement is increasing hurdles in making the accounting system of Finance department of PTV transparent. Other issues are Political influence and Unionization and improper check and balance is a big resistance in high class performance of PTV. Below are further weaknesses which were observed and are listed below: • Most of the rules of accounting are not followed in practice. Violations of accounting standards are creating problems to make the financial resources transparent. • Strict rules are made but no follow up. • During Annual Physical Stock taking many corrections were observed, without authentication ledgers and accounts were approved. 28
  29. 29. • Authentic information about the problems especially which are not in favor of Govt. are not aired. • Monotonous Programs are presented to the public, ultimately which results in low satisfaction level of the viewers so viewers prefer private TV channels for authentic news. • Ministry of information and Broadcasting governs PTV and it works for the cause of government. So there is a lot of political involvement in it. • Restricted to make independent decisions due to government involvement during recruitment and other decision making. • Not fair in mass communication. • Biased selection of employees. • Female employees were found were rarely in, result is that overall environment of PTV was not competitive. Most of the employees were just passing their time. • Over employment causing burden over the financial resources of PTV. 3.3 Opportunities There are lots of opportunities to get sponsorship and advertisements from Govt. and private marketers only there is need of proper management of financial records and good 29
  30. 30. forecasting and accurate planning can help in generating maximum finance for the PTV. Here are listed below further opportunities that can be helpful in future: • The need of the hour is that newly skilled people should be appointed in Pakistan Television Corporation. In most of the departments, people are working for many years and their education is not as much as required by the new generation. • PTV should implement International Standards of Accounting. • Improves its news and current affair Programs • PTV must improve specially its news because it is not fair in giving information and other updates, which other channels easily provide • As PTV is Govt. institute so it can utilize its huge resources in investing huge amount on latest equipment so that it would make sure high class performance and result. • To bring overall increased efficiency, thus triggering increase in high quality of services. 3.4 Threats As discussed earlier due to political influence many financial mishaps are happening which ultimately affecting on the performance of the organization. It is very important to erase all kind of influences from finance department so that it can fight with its competitors of 21st 30
  31. 31. century who are very sharp and a step ahead in their actions. Following are threats that are currently PTV is facing are: • The great threat for PTV is delay in Digital Technology application. • Cable system is main threat to PTV as they have many channels and latest updated information. So people prefer it. • GEO TV and DAWN news is another threat to PTV. GEO and DAWN news are news Channels, these channels are always updating about current affairs and other issues. Also the information provided by these channels is considered more reliable than PTV. • Major threat – international satellite channels. Summary It is very important to for PTV to maintain its place in the hearts of people because still PTV channel is the one who majorly viewed no doubt now some portion of this is diverting to on-time news providers who also provide news without the political influence. On the other hand these private channels are threat for PTV by providing Challenging threats of different programs that become identity of that channel. 31
  32. 32. Chapter-04 RECOMMENDATIONS & CONCLUSION After completing my internship period though it was very short time to understand but I tried my level best to aware myself about the practical things. I made some observations by keeping in view the theoretical aspects and working practically I came to the following recommendations: • Mostly in corporations Taxation department works separately, so in PTV separate department of Taxation will ensure transparency in the taxation process and will work efficiently • Financial records of PTV were found openly at tables most of the time, these documents are important so must be kept in separate stores or there should be record keeper whose prior duty will be to maintain Financial records. • Latest Integrated system for all departments must be adopted which will make sure that when one section passes the entry it must be entered automatically in ledger 32
  33. 33. • If PTV issues its shares in open market it will increase its net worth • To develop internets in order to measure speedy and accurate flow of information • Evaluation of employees must be based on performance. • Information Provided to Viewers should be authentic and without any political influence so that viewership confidence must increase • PTV must be independent body in its decision making, because under ministry of Information and broadcasting there is lot of political pressure on employees • Timely monitoring of marketing strategies should be applied and keeping in view the changing scenario should adopt latest techniques and methodologies to make sure survival in market. • As most of the employees are aged and less equipped with technical skills and are less aware about latest researches and developments occurring in the globe, employees must be provided with self-Development plans. Conclusion After completing my internship I came to know that PTV is the nation represent channel of Pakistan. It is a channel of present countless opportunities of programs and its production. TV represents the culture of Pakistan to whole world. PTV is a very idea of channel that defends the cultural norms, values of our country. It is rapidly moving towards growth and is the market leader currently. In view of the importance of the media since from the very 33
  34. 34. inception of Pakistan the need of highly develop and advance media was greatly felt. Thus state owned media in the shape of PTV was introduced in Pakistan. This has achieved the National Objectives, even in the presence of hazardous situation faced by Pakistan from time to time. As the media in the whole world play vital role to create awareness in the masses. Considering the importance of the media, PTV Corporation was formed. The willingness, dedication and dynamic approach of PTV staff has enabled it to play a due role in the country and contributed to help in the rapid socio-economic uplift. It has welfare scheme for its staff i.e. Provident Fund, Gratuity, Pension and advances with reserved recoveries. The Financial department is one of the most important departments in the PTV for formulating and implementing the financial policies like all other organizations. Financial position of the PTV is stable. The short-term liquidity position of the corporation seems to be strong because current assets and working capital both are increasing. The stability analysis shows that the owners’ have a reasonable share in total assets; this gives a confidence to the creditor as well. The overall financial position of the Pakistan Television Corporation Limited is satisfactory but as a universal truth there are certain loopholes which have to be filled up to make the corporation more stronger, more prosper and more viable. 34
  35. 35. ANNEXURES 1.b.4 35
  36. 36. 36 MD PTV Administration Engineering Revenue Finance Marketing Information Technology
  37. 37. 1.b.6 37 Director Finance C.F P&D Controller Finance Controller Revenue Customer Service D.C.F.HQ D.C.F RBC’S (BOOSTER) D.C.F Centre Assistant Controller Account Officer Bill Account Officer Bank Controller Audit
  38. 38. 1.b.9 38
  39. 39. 39 Controller Audit Mr. MATLOOB Deputy Controller (Deals with Govt. Auditors) Deputy Controller (Deals with internal and annual audit) Mr. Nazir Internal Commercial Annual Audit Monthly Audit Physical Stock Checking (Annual)
  40. 40. REFERENCES 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- PTV Library 6- Audit reports of RASGS 7- 40