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classification of some lab apparatus

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Lab Equipment Para Web 2.0

  1. 1. LAB EQUIPMENT Science
  2. 2. LAB EQUIPMENT There are many apparatus that are used in a laboratory, which are organized in seven different groups: Glassware Heating Measuring Observing Holding and Grabbing Cutting Filtering
  3. 3. Glassware Although these objects have different uses, they are all made from the same material: Glass. Conical Flask Beaker Thermometer Test Tube TestTube with stopper Dropper or teat pipette Measuring cylinder Funnel Mortar and pestle
  4. 4. Glassware Watch Glass Crystalizer Magnifying Glass Slide with coverslip Stirring Rod Petri dish Pipettes Round-Bottomed flask Boiling Tube Back to Menu
  5. 5. Heating These objects are all used in the process of heating, but each one has a different function. Bunsen Burner Wire gauze Tripod stand Boiling Tube Back to Menu
  6. 6. Measuring We use these materials to measure different measurements such as mass, volume, time and temperature. Stopwatch Pipettes Thermometer Balance Back to Menu Scales
  7. 7. Observing The observing equipment allows you to have a look at substances and different materials. Microscope Watch Glass Slide with coverslip Petri Dish Back to Menu Magnifying Glass
  8. 8. Holding And Grabbing The items in this group keep things in the right position, so as to be used. Test Tube Rack Spatula Retort stand with clamps Wire gauze Back to Menu Tripod Tweezers Tongs
  9. 9. Cutting These two objects have a sharp edge which can penetrate or divide things. Dissecting Scissors Back to Menu Scalpel
  10. 10. Filtering Through these materials, a fluid is passed to separate out matter in suspension. Filter Paper Funnel Back to Menu
  11. 11. LAB EQUIPMENT Classification: Glassware Heating Measuring Observing Holding and Grabbing Cutting Filtering
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