Baobab suite overview january 2013 v3 (slideshare)


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Afrozaar's Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Baobab Suite is the first of its kind for the publishing industry.

Baobab Suite has been built on solid technologies and is readily scalable to meet the publishing and content distribution needs of the worlds leading newspaper publishing houses.

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Baobab suite overview january 2013 v3 (slideshare)

  1. 1. Baobab SuiteContent redistribution platform and app development framework for Newspaper Publishers. brought to you by
  2. 2. Baobab Suite 360°• The Team• The Problems• Baobab Suite overview• How we help• What we offer
  3. 3. Baobab Suite Team • is the software and consulting firm behind the Baobab Suite product • Team structure of 20 designers, analysts, developers, testers, delivery managers • Average of more than 10 years experience per team member • Specialists in Java cloud solutions, Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8 “native” and HTML5 app development. • Experienced digital publishing solution delivery across all major app platforms for the past 3 years (currently as of December 2012)
  4. 4. Executive Team Dirk le Roux Rich Cheary Marco TheartManaging Director Marketing and Sales Technical Director Director
  5. 5. The Problems • Print revenues will continue to decrease • Unable to predict what the future of curated content looks like • Enabling rapid innovation with a secure, stable and scalable system • Need to respond to readers and find a new path to increasing revenues • Expense and complexity of distributing media content securely to millions of users on different mobile devices • Unable to respond quickly to change and experiment cost effectively
  6. 6. Baobab Suite overview • Baobab Suite is a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) for publishers – “MBaaS is a model for providing web and mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud storage” - Wikipedia • Solves the solution architecture challenges of having multiple sources of content, needing to be secured and distributed to many people using lots of different devices and platforms. • Baobab Suite is the result of technical and mobile publishing lessons learned and applied by Afrozaar and one of London’s most traditional and profitable newspaper media groups • Baobab Suite is built on Java Enterprise standards and can either be hosted in a public cloud or in a private data center
  7. 7. Baobab Suite overview
  8. 8. Baobab Suite provides • Freedom of choice of app development partner • Automated aggregation of multiple content sources • Ability to make downloaded content changes retrospectively across native app platforms at runtime • Ability to change native app layouts at runtime • Previewing of unpublished content on actual production apps directly from the store • Integration with existing CMS, subscription, billing & advert systems • Communication to users via push notifications • Quick tactical go-to-market app strategy with no lock-in • Flexibility around pay-walling and metering of content at a granular level, per platform, device and within geographic regions
  9. 9. Baobab Suite overview has detail descriptions
  10. 10. Anytime, anywhere on any device
  11. 11. How we help • Consistent single source of content • Ability to experiment $ • Monetization • Vendor freedom • We solve some tricky Technology problems
  12. 12. How we help • Consistent single source of content – Single server serving content to all mediums – No chance that content is out of sync on different devices – Track usage across mediums (metering) • Ability to experiment – Across multiple digital mediums – Metering – Payment gateways – Tactical go-to-market (White label app prior to custom differentiating app) • Monetization – Payment gateways – Ads integration – Metering – Sponsorship $
  13. 13. How we help • Vendor freedom – No medium lock-in – No app vendor lock-in • We solve some tricky Technology problems – Content sourcing – Content versioning – App versioning – Protocol versioning – Subscription management & integration – Caching & edge routing
  14. 14. What we offer • CORE Server • SDK • Apps • Templates • Metering
  15. 15. What we offer • CORE Server – Content Ingestors – Transformers – Exporters – Push notification – Entitlement • Software Development Kits (SDKs) – Platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Win 8, Social, Web, System to System) – No app vendor lock-in – Common standards and services used – Best practice implementations on all platforms – Security – Platform Services (e.g. store integrations, push notifications, on-device storage and security)
  16. 16. What we offer • Apps – White label ready – Native mobile apps – Customizable (e.g. 3rd party integration) – Template driven – No lock-in • Templates – Layouts can change at runtime – Custom views if needed – Possibilities to differentiate
  17. 17. What we offer • Metering – As granular as needed – Changes done at runtime – Decision referred to server – Decision base • Cross platform count • Geo-location • Device type / model • Section based • Sponsorship – Can be tracked across platforms – Pay-walls
  18. 18. The Implementation Process • Aim is to keep it simple • Afrozaar team to perform a Baobab Initial Assessment (BIA) – Assess content sources for import – Assess current app landscape – Discuss short term vs. long-term strategy – Define an implementation project plan • Setup and configure – Baobab CORE Server (MBaaS in cloud or private data center) – Content imports – White label or custom apps • Operational pilot run – Training and end to end run through (import, preview, publish) • Post implementation – Determine the support and service levels
  19. 19. The Process
  20. 20. “We look forward to building mutually beneficial relationships with innovative publishing houses that could benefit from Baobab Suite.”Contact: Richard Cheary @afrozaar