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Afro tech profile

  1. 1. Short Brief AfroTech AfroTech Is leading provider company in the field of IP Video surveillance, Early alarm, Smart building, Tracking system, E- money and E-medicine solutions which was founded in 2007 as “Future Solution LTD For Security Systems” with a paid up capital 1.000.000 $ (one million USD), as Ashraf Group subsidiary. In 2011 Future solutions expanded its solutions offering by diversifying into Sudan’s markets to cater for increasingly demanding client requirements in the fields of E-money and E-payment then AfroTech was born.As competition increases, AfroTech still supports, installation and distribution partners all over the Sudan andhas become a valuable ally in the design and supply of key components for infrastructures projects and generaldistribution. Harnessing cutting edge technologies, AfroTech has delivered complex and integrated solutions toCorporate, Military and Government clients. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 1 of 42
  2. 2. Objective AfroTechTo deliver competitive advantagethrough innovative, cost-effective ITsolutions that meets the uniquebusiness and technical goals. AtAfroTech, we believe that qualityshould be an integral part of thetechnology service industry.Our mission is to provide ourcostumer with latest, professional andhigh quality Technologies. Technologymight be new, but our philosophy isthat economic principles must alwaysbe respected. That is why we do notconfuse "new technology" with"New Economy". Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 2 of 42
  3. 3. Company Chart AfroTech Board of directors General Legal Secretary Manager Counsel TechnicalAdministrative Affairs Marketing & Sales Manager Security Tracking E-Medicine E-Money Systems System Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 3 of 42
  4. 4. Afrotech Security Systems You can’t be everywhere at once .. But Security System can!! Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 4 of 42
  5. 5. Security Systems AfroTechSecuring home & organizationfacilities against attacks and criminalactivities necessitates the firm fixingof several security loops, bothexternal and internal, both within andaround the facility.Failing to secure even one (or more)of these loops may result in thebreaching of the overall securitylayout, owing to the inability of theremaining loops to prevent andcounter the attack. AfroTech security system layout isalert and fully functional around theclock, at all times. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 5 of 42
  6. 6. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Video Surveillance Security ServicesWe provide professional video surveillancesolutions for proof, and deterrence of theftand other misdemeanors. We tailorsuperior-quality security packages accordingto your budget and your needs. We’respecialized in BWA IP security surveillancenetworks offering long range ordinary andthermal imaging solutions. We provide youwith regular LAN/WAN networks and also(BWA) network equipments for bothtopologies (PtP & PtMP). It offers a mix ofbroadband-ready network’s video, voiceand data services. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 6 of 42
  7. 7. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Video Conference System Security ServicesAfroTech provide advanced VideoConferencing System that can helpyou to meet face to face everywhereat any time, its help you to: Reducing the cost of travel, accommodation and time taken to travel. A meeting can be held by many participants at one time and documents can also be passed around. Fast, Secure & Effective. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 7 of 42
  8. 8. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Alarm System Security ServicesHome Security Systems and monitoring foryour home or business; offering you thebest in security and peace of mind.AfroTech Home Alarm System is arevolutionary wire/wireless service thatenables you to always know whatshappening at your home or business.Always be alerted on your cell phone or bylocal alarm sounds & lights; With alertnotifications and state of the art securityservices & Sensors such as (MotionDetectors, Fire Alarm, Glass Break Detectorsand CCTV). Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 8 of 42
  9. 9. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Fire Alarm System Security ServicesAfroTech is a leader in design, supplying,installing and commissioning of state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm systems.The systems are designed to: Protect life and property in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Alert the suitable persons immediately after the fire being detected through several ways. Let you take action & contain the damages by alerted you immediately when there’s indication about fire. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 9 of 42
  10. 10. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Intrusion detection System Security ServicesAfroTech offer leading perimeterprotection solution currently available.In general, taut wire systems measurethe mechanical disturbance of atensioned barbed wire fence. Theytypically measure the force balance inthe structure and determinealterations when any structuraldisturbance occurs. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 10 of 42
  11. 11. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Access Control System Security ServicesAccess Control System is designed for areaswhere need for security is crucial. It protectshuman life, property and information andprovides safe and comfortable environment bylimiting unnecessary access to essential areas. Bydeploying RF/Smart Card, Biometric recognition(fingerprint/face) devices and central controlunits into an access control system.AfroTech provides a wide range of access control systems, the system has a networkcapability and sophisticated software applications to allow control from theadministrator’s desk, even in large buildings or multi-access sites, providing aninstant, auditable record of access control. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 11 of 42
  12. 12. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Time Attendance System Security ServicesTime & Attendance Systems is designed tomanage attendance of employees by lateness,early leave, overtime work, outside duty,absence, holiday work and more. AfroTechprovides optimized interoperating system withvarious business management solutions suitablefor all types and sizes of businesses usingBiometric recognition (face/fingerprint) orRFID/Smart card system.Moreover, integration of fingerprint and video recording system, it prevents anypossible deceiving of employees. Keep track of employee time and attendance andother human resource management with AfroTech sophisticated T/A solution. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 12 of 42
  13. 13. Security Systems - Services AfroTech Smart Building System Security ServicesTo build a Total Integrated System thatProvides and manages Security, Facility &Total Building Automation by seamlesslyintegrating synergistic technologiesthrough a standard open architecture witha powerful features like Building Utility,Management Solutions, Integrated TotalSecurity, Solutions, IntegratedCommunication Systems and ConvergingHome Automation. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 13 of 42
  14. 14. Security Business Partners AfroTech Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 14 of 42
  15. 15. Afrotech E-Money solutions Bridge That Gap with E-Money SolutionS…!! Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 15 of 42
  16. 16. E-Money Solutions AfroTechIn AfroTech we’re looking forward totransfer the banking environment to afull automated banking environmentby providing the latest technology &solutions in the fields of banking andE-Payment services. Our products arefrom suppliers and partners who havegood and long experience in bankingautomation & E-payment solutions.We believe in AfroTech thattechnologies can always save money,effort & time. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 16 of 42
  17. 17. E-Money Solutions - Services AfroTech Full Function ATMs E-Money ServicesWe provide multifunction ATM machines thatoffer a wide range of services (cash-in/cash-out, check deposit, cash recycling, cashdispenser…etc.).- Interior multifunction ATMs for indoorinstallations offers a broad range offunctionality on a compact footprint.- Exterior multifunction ATMs for outdoorinstallations.- Drive Up –through the car- multifunctionATM, quick and convenient ATM machines thatextend your business reach far beyond thebranch, from the comfort of your car. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 17 of 42
  18. 18. E-Money Solutions - Services AfroTech Cash Processing E-Money Services- Cash counters, increase accuracy and save time,with different counting speed.- Cash sorters, an ideal machine for cash handling forsorting/counting single-currency/multi-currency.Cash sorters can be Single pocket / two pocketdiscriminator.- Cash Recycling, a safety, convenience andaccountability use of the cash received during yournormal course of business, while accounting for allreceipts and maintaining the integrity of eachdeposit.- Cash dispenser is ideal for locations with limitedspace. It comes in different sizes. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 18 of 42
  19. 19. E-Money Solutions - Services AfroTech Retail Systems E-Money Services- POS Systems that suits your needsand its peripherals that suits yourPOS from (displays, printers,scanners, keyboards, and otherinput/output devices/…etc.).- Self Checkout Solutions or thecustomer-specific realization ofautomated checkout processesincludes a scalable system, throughcash payment and/or electronicpayment. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 19 of 42
  20. 20. E-Money Solutions - Services AfroTech Intelligent Deposit Systems & Terminals E-Money Services- We can solve your businessproblems, providing you with a PayIn Machine solution that suits yourbusiness (bills, electricity, …etc.).- We provide information &multifunction transaction terminalsfor various application areas in touchscreen and/or keypad. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 20 of 42
  21. 21. E-Money Solutions - Services AfroTech E-Payments Solutions E-Money ServicesAfroTech E-payment provides a unique, dual-network capability for e-payables, offering theflexibility of both one-time use Debit Cardaccount numbers and straight-throughpayment processing with the AfroTechnetwork. This adjustable approach will meetthe needs of any supplier and deliver greaterelectronic payment acceptance for yourorganization. Process payments safely and securely. Automate the payment and reconciliation  Integrate seamlessly with most financial systems. process.  Reduce processing costs associated with Earn rebates while maintaining standard traditional check payments. supplier settlement terms.  Utilize comprehensive vendor support. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 21 of 42
  22. 22. E-Money Solutions - Services AfroTech Mobile Payments Solutions: E-Money ServicesFor Customers: Your phone is now your wallet!!Make payments at real world stores with yourmobile phone. Payment and loyalty cards arestored virtually through your smart phone. Carddata is never stored on your phone or shared withmerchants, it is stored securely by our bankingpartner.For Merchants: MobilePay works with anymerchant POS without requiring any newhardware, software, use of bar codes or NFC Tech.Mobile payments using bank or gift cards. Createand distribute loyalty offers, coupons and dailydeals. Say goodbye to PCI compliance. Card data isnever shared at POS or on the mobile phone. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 22 of 42
  23. 23. E-Money Business Partners AfroTech http://www.rototypeintl.com Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 23 of 42
  24. 24. Afrotech Tracking system Afrotrack … more Than just tracking system!! Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 24 of 42
  25. 25. Tracking System AfroTechAfroTrack provides you anintergraded Tracking Systemhardware and softwaresolutions, that allow you tomonitor transport, cargo &fleet (Location, Speed,Direction) Control and Manageremotely and conveniently.We provide you with satellite,vector & raster maps with highresolution up to 60 cm!! Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 25 of 42
  26. 26. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Vehicle Tracking System: Tracking Services Vehicle tracking is certainly a growingtechnology both in the corporate andconsumer world. The Vehicle Trackingdevice utilizes GPS technology, which inturn uses satellites that orbit the earthto help pinpoint the exact location ofthe vehicle at any given transmission. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 26 of 42
  27. 27. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Assets Tracking: Tracking Services Asset inventory and tracking systems are anessential part of maintaining control of anorganizations assets, it documents ownershipand helps provide accountability for the publicfunds that have been entrusted to the district. With efficient asset tracking systems it ispossible to secure your business assets andequipment, not only can this give you real timeinformation on the whereabouts of an assetbut in the event of theft it means that theasset, through GPS tracking can be found ingood time and returned to its rightful owner. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 27 of 42
  28. 28. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Personal Tracking: Tracking Services Anyone who goes off the beaten patheither on foot or some sort ofmechanized vehicle may from time totime find themselves in need ofemergency help, personal injury (anymedical emergency) and to find no cellphone connectivity. AfroTrack PersonalTracker will alert the necessary personneland get the help you need as quickly aspossible. Emergency personnel will beable to locate you within 20 feet and doso without spending days and thousandsof dollars attempting to find you. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 28 of 42
  29. 29. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Animal Tracking: Tracking Services Animal tracking system is needed tomeet quickly evolving demands ofecological research, range and naturalresource management. The real-timemonitoring provided by this systemenables researchers to accuratelyexamine animal distribution andactivity responses to acute, short-term disturbances relative to longerterm behavioral patterns. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 29 of 42
  30. 30. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Navigation Systems: Tracking Services Auto navigation systems supplysensible choices to widespread travelrelated difficulties. They will not haveall the answers all the time but are aoutstanding aid most of the time. You can always find the spot where you parked your car by marking it. Track your route no matter where you go. The voice command feature allows you to keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 30 of 42
  31. 31. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Automation & Telemetry System Tracking ServicesAutomation is the use of machines,control systems and informationtechnologies to optimize productivity inthe production of goods and delivery ofservices.AfroTrack provides a wide range ofAutomation & Telemetry Solutions such as(Fuel Automation, Control of Oil & Waterflow and Meters Monitoring). Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 31 of 42
  32. 32. Tracking System - Services AfroTech Automation & Telemetry System Tracking ServicesAfroTrack provides end-to-end solutionsfor the fuel retail market and the fleetmanagement sector. AfroTrack is a leaderin automated refueling and paymentsystems based on Vehicle Identification.AfroTrack Fuel Automation solutionsimprove tracking and control and integrateadvanced marketing tools to increaseservice station revenue and profit. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 32 of 43
  33. 33. AfroTrack Business Partners AfroTech Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 33 of 43
  34. 34. Afrotech E-MEDICINE We help you … to save lives!! Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 34 of 43
  35. 35. E-Medicine AfroTechAfroTech E-Medicine solutions is allabout using of information andcommunication technologies toprovide specialized health careconsultation to patients in remotelocations, facilitate video-conferencing among health careexperts for better treatment &care,& provide opportunities forcontinuing education of healthcare personnel. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 35 of 43
  36. 36. E-Medicine – Services: AfroTech Medical Care Equipment: E-Medicine Services AfroTech provides variety of medical care equipment which covers all medicine branches and other allied health profession starting from primary care ranging on the intensive care, surgical theatres across special medical units up to delivery and patients recovery care. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 36 of 43
  37. 37. E-Medicine – Services: AfroTech Medical imaging apparatus: E-Medicine Services AfroTech provides highly sophisticated technology apparatus which are tomography. angiography ultrasound scanning, resonance imaging and conventional x-ray followed with updated technique and technology to satisfy the criteria of medical imaging. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 37 of 43
  38. 38. E-Medicine – Services: AfroTech Biomedical devices: E-Medicine Services providing very soft, smart, helpful, practice and well protected biomedical devices, to keep the diagnostic accurate, active and reliable include Avery rare unique package. Sympathetic group of sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, measuring device, medical laboratories analytical and graphical devices are on hand. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 38 of 43
  39. 39. E-Medicine – Services: AfroTech Tele-medicine technology: E-Medicine Services AfroTech provides advanced telecommunication technologies to be applied live to allow users and medical care society to interactive truly with medical wide world organization, diagnostic centers, consultants, medicine physicians through our selective high-tech to covered tele-treatment, Tele- diagnostic, tele-consultation as optimum as possible. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 39 of 43
  40. 40. E-Medicine – Services: AfroTech Tele-medicine equipment and products: E-Medicine Services We provide precious and valuable tele-medicine equipment and products to demonstrate tele- medicine technology. Selective telemedicine work station, tele- medicine smart cards and sensitive package of software special programmes synchronize with required medical equipment and products. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 40 of 43
  41. 41. E-Medicine – Services: AfroTech Technical supports: E-Medicine ServicesAfroTeck provides rapid professionaland quick maintaining services forwide range of medical equipmentand tele-medicine equipment andtechnology from special workshopdesigned and prepared to satisfy therequirement of preventivemaintenance, routine maintenance,and emergency maintenance topresent high quality control andquality assurance for the equipmentand systems. Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 41 of 43
  42. 42. E-Medicine Business Partners AfroTech http://www.medical.toshibahttp://www.gehealthcare. .com http://www.fleischhackermfg. com m Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 42 of 43
  43. 43. AfroTechHead Quarter:Ashraf Tower, Khartoum 2,Khartoum, Sudan.Showroom & Alsteen branch:Ahsrafcom Showroom, BashirElnefadi street (Alsteen),Khartoum.Tel. +249 183 795744Fax. +249 183 795744Mob. +249 9 Security • E-Medicine • E-Money • Tracking System 43 of 43