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Results from survey.


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Results from survey.

  1. 1. <ul><li>Do you enjoy music of the rock genre?
  2. 2. Can you think of any artists that may be part of this genre?</li></ul>BandPeople that said itNirvanna1Paramore230 Seconds to Mars2A Day to Remember5Metallica3Pantera1Avenged Sevenfold1Atreyu1Framing Hanley1Shinedown1Queen1We are the Ocean2Nickleback1You Me at Six1All Time Low4Killswitch Engage2Asking Alexandria1August Burns Red1The Devil Wears Prada1Suicide Silence1Enter Shikari2AC/DC2<br />3. What clothing and accessories do you expect to see a female artist of this genre <br />wearing?<br />4. Which type of music video do you prefer?<br />5. Do you feel female artists could still look visually attractive while wearing trademark make-up?<br />6. Do you enjoy seeing a narrative run throughout a music video?<br />7. When watching a music video, what do you prefer to see...<br />Mix of narrative and performance11All performance.2All narrative.1<br />8. When watching music videos, which of the following camera shots do you enjoy seeing most and why? <br />9. Are there any particular features you expect to see in a rock video?<br />Features people expect to see; <br />Jumping.<br />Head banging.<br />Band logo.<br />Concert Footage.<br />Narrative.<br />Flashes// crazy lighting.<br />Guitar solo.<br />